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The Geological Society of Australia can provide contacts for interviews as well as background information and connections for a variety of topics. We can help journalists find geoscientists to comment on breaking news, people to provide expert scientific comment on topical issues and sources of information as background information for geoscience stories.

For all enquiries, contact the GSA.
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Powering Sydney into the Future: the science of Alternative Energy
A GSA Public Forum


Listen to the Public Forum (this is a large file)

Monday, 17 August 2015
Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney
This event was part of the Sydney Science Festival held during National Science Week 2015.

14 August 2015: GSA asks Sydney if it is ready

12 August 2015: Transformative transport key to Sydney’s sustainability

11 August 2015:
Underground reactors part of energy solution

7 August 2015: Good policy must drive uptake of renewable energy

5 August 2015: How will Sydney Power itself into the future


34th International Geological Congress
Unearthing our Past and Future
5-10 August 2012

2 August 2012: Rock stars head for Brisbane
2 August 2012: 34th International Geological Congress Plenary Program
27 July 2012
: Top Geologists on their Way, writes Anthony Marx

Earth Science Showcase

The Geological Society of Australia is seeking to promote Earth Science and careers in Earth Science to the Australian public and most importantly students.
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Please assist us by mentioning in any interviews or articles that this story is part of the Geological Society of Australia's Earth Science Showcase.
Please also mention that the Society's website,, is a good source of information on Earth Science.

Earth Science Showcase Media Releases

Monday 20th July 2009
Australians urged to size up local graveyards in global project to track pollution and climate change

Monday 22nd June 2009
No end in sight as devastating volcano continues spewing scalding mud into drowning suburbs, says Australian Earth Scientist involved in international disaster response

Tuesday 9th June 2009
E.F. Pigot 'the priest who knew about earthquakes'

Monday 18th May 2009
Australian scientists—and tamper-proof fingerprint—at centre of global food crime fight

Sunday 3rd May 2009
Termites could help mining sector strike it lucky, new research reveals

Sunday 3rd May 2009
New national showcase aims to hook more people on Earth Science careers

Media Releases

2012 Media Releases

Shortage of geologists

Laurie Hutton discusses the shortage of geologists with Karyn Wilson, ABC Radio, Western Queensland.
Click here to listen.

2010 Media Releases

Australian Earth Sciences Convention 2010: Earth Systems: change, sustainabilty, vulnerability

Monday 5 July 2010
Australian researchers give earthquake science a shake up

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Thousand year old stalagmites provide rainfall patterns for SE Australia
Moon water raises hope of further lunar exploration: NASA scientist

Wednesday 7 July 2010
Sea levels to rise at double expected rate: evidence mounts

Thursday 8 July 2010

"Remarkable rock art" defies nature and heavy industry
Teen enthusiasm drives EES education revolution
Let there be rock…and plenty of it!

2009 Media Releases

Wednesday 23 September 2009
Selwyn Symposium 2009 and free public lecture, Thursday 24 September 2009, University of Melbourne
Is Mt Kosciuszko a geological teenager having a multi-million year growth spurt…or is it half the mountain it used to be?
Getting the answer right could save some species from extinction.

Monday 21 September 2009
Geological Society of Australia (Victoria Division) Selwyn Medal 2009

Australian authorities must better prepare for 'overdue'volcano risk, medal recipient urges

Thursday 7th August 2009
3.5 billion year old fossil—and marine fossils from a time when central Queensland was under the ocean—to lure visitors in Earth Science recruitment drive at EKKA

Tuesday 7th July 2009
Joint Media Statement:
Welcome major focus on Earth and Environmental Science in new national curriculum for Australian schools

Sunday 19 April 2009
Global crises must make Earth and Environmental Science a major focus of National Science Curriculum

2008 Media Releases

26 September 2008
Australia not as geologically stable as many think, medal recipient's research shows: Geological Society of Australia (Victoria Division) Selwyn Medal 2008

25 September 2008
What's in store for Earth's final 5 billion years? Leading scientists to talk extreme climate change at groundbreaking national symposium today

24 September 2008
Global expenditure on clean energy R&D "should be increased tenfold": Harvard professor

23 September 2008

Australian scientists in major international discovery: ancient giant underwater reef found in outback Australia

18 September 2008
Tropical Australia – once an icy wasteland? International experts to talk extreme climate change at groundbreaking symposium

21 August 2008

Revise high school curriculums to show students that geoscience "is more than just digging up dirt with a shovel"

18 August 2008
National Geoscience Expert Panel needed as high-level "early warning system" on environmental disasters
Canberra…under the ocean? Yes, it once was, new Guide shows.
Launch at ACT Legislative Assembly, Monday 18th August 2008 12:30pm

15 August 2008
Launch of A Geological Guide to Canberra Region and Namadgi National Park, guidebook, map and interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) CD

23 July 2008
Australian Earth Sciences Convention Highlights day 4 - Thursday
Living on Mars "a distinct possiblity" within 25 years, says expert

22 July 2008
Australian Earth Sciences Convention Highlights day 3 - Wednesday
Australia's tsunami risk unveiled

21 July 2008
Australian Earth Sciences Convention Highlights day 2 - Tuesday

21 July 2008
Australian Earth Sciences Convention Highlights day 1 - Monday

21 July 2008
Fossil fuels will dominate the world's energy mix for "at least the next 20 years": expert
Perth students to dig up crucial information at geoscience careers expo
"Substantially more funding" needed for critical geoscience research, new President warns governments
Experts gather at global mega-conference to consider everything from tsunami risk and salinity to climate change and future energy generation

20 July 2008
Australian Earth Sciences mega-conference begins today

14 July 2008
Australian Earth Sciences mega-conference begins next week

11 July 2008
Australian Earth Sciences Convention - general media - selected media talent and topics
Australian Earth Sciences Convention - expanded list - selected media talent and topics

29 June 2008

Strong interest from resources sector in Earth Sciences mega-conference

26 June 2008
Mars, asteroids and 3.5 billion year old fossils to feature in conference mega-program

24 June 2008
Combating oil and resources crisis key issue at Earth Sciences mega-conference

14 June 2008
Earth Sciences mega-conference a 'must attend' for planetary scientists

13 June 2008

Mega-conference on Earth Sciences - a must attend for resources sector

12 June 2008
Australian Earth Sciences Convention - a must attend for all geoscientists!

9 June 2008
Mars, asteroid impacts, mass extinctions and 3.5 billion year old fossils among key topics at mega-conference

29 May 2008
Resources sector to feature strongly at mega-conference on Earth Sciences

20 May 2008
Mega conference to consider everything from tsunami risk and water exploration to climate change

15 May 2008
Australian Earth Sciences Convention - Overview of Topics

2007 Media Releases

16 August 2007
GSA South Australian Division awards Bruce Webb and Walter Howchin Medals for outstanding research and leadership
Media Release

15 January 2007
Naturally occurring asbestos - an Australian health hazard

A new study begins this month, aiming to map naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) in Australia and investigates the health risks posed by the cancercausing substance. Read More (TAG#141, December 2006)
Media Releases
NSW | South Australia | Tasmania | Victoria | Western Australia

2006 Stories

9 October 2006
Rock energy looks hot for the future
Australia's hot rocks look set to be a significant contributor to our future energy needs, with some of the world's best resources on our doorstep. Read more

News releases from the Australian Earth Sciences Convention 2006

29 June
The Australian Earth Sciences Convention gets underway
Action in minerals industry on the agenda

3 July
Tim Flannery says climate cycle puts us in the hot seat
International researchers to discuss the environmental and geological hazards facing Australasia
Today's Story - Overview of Themes and Presentations
Chunk of Australia lost at sea

4 July
Learning curve on volcanic effects
Australia 's top geologists honoured
Mineral exploration taken to a new level

5 July
Salinity study uncovers uranium anomalies in WA wheatbelt
Airborne geophysics to help reduce Murray River salinity
Minerals industry suffers under pessimism
Tomorrows exploration challenges for today's megaminers
Australia's geophysicists honoured
New technology draws in chemistry for mineral explorers

6 July
Climate Change, oil, gas and minerals - the big questions
Hot rock energy gathering steam

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