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GSA Awards
S.W. Carey Medal

A medal awarded at the Australian Geological Convention to a person distinguished in the field of tectonics (sensu lato).

Nominate a colleague for the S.W. Carey Medal.
Read about Samuel Carey and his contributions to the scientific communtity.

2014 Mike Sandiford. Presented at the 21st AGC/AESC, 2014

2012 Richard Glen
. Presented at the 34th IGC, 2012

2010 Bill Collins. Presented at the 20th ACG, 2010

2008: Prof. Gordon Lister. Presented at the 19th ACG, 2008

2004: Dietmar Müller. Presented at the 17th ACG, 2004.

2002: Peter Cawood. Presented at the 16th AGC, 2002.

2000: Russell Korsch. Presented at the 15th AGC, 2000.

1998: David Gray. Presented at the 14th AGC, 1998.

1996: Evan Leitch. Presented at the 13th AGC, 1996.

1994: Erwin Scheibner. Presented at the 12th AGC, 1994.

1992: John Veevers (first recipient). Presented at the S.W. Carey Symposium Dinner, 1992.

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