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State Awards

The Society encourages and recognises excellence in the Earth Sciences through awards for outstanding scientific contributions.

Australian Capital Territory

Ken Campbell Award
This award is presented annually to the student with the best results in ANU First Year subjects 'ENVS1004 - Australia's Environment' and 'EMSC1006 - The Blue Planet' (or equivalent) and who intends to proceed further in courses offered by the ANU Research School of Earth Sciences. The winner receives a cash sum, book prize and one-year GSA membership.

New South Wales

A.H. Voisey Medal


Dorothy Hill Medal
Awarded to individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge on Queensland geology.
Neville Stevens Medal
Awarded to anybody who has distinguished themselves through public education of geology and increasing geological awareness of the general public.

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South Australia

Bruce Webb Medal
Awarded for leadership that has advanced the Earth Sciences and/or for contributions to the advance of knowledge in the Earth Sciences, either within South Australia or from a South Australian base.
Walter Howchin Medal
Awarded to a researcher (35 years or younger) in the early stage of their career and distinguished by their significant published research work in the Earth Sciences within South Australia or from a South Australian base.

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W.H. Twelvetrees Medal

to recognize either:
• important contributions to the Earth Sciences with Tasmania (including Macquarie Island); or

•outstanding contributions to Earth Sciences while resident in Tasmania.

In the spirit of W. H. Twelvetrees, contributions shall be considered to include meritorious feats of geological exploration in Tasmania or elsewhere; significant published works; or meritorious service to the Earth Sciences.

S.W. Carey Prize
F for the best B.Sc. Honours thesis in the geological sciences at the University of Tasmania (annual)

Max Banks Prize
For the best 2nd year Geology student at the University of Tasmania (annual)


Selwyn Medal
Awarded to recognise significant ongoing or former contributions of high calibre to any field of Victorian geology.

Frank Canavan Award
A cash sum for the purchase of geological textbooks, awarded to the most promising student who has finished second year geology at a Victorian university, as judged by the student's academic performance.

D.E. Thomas Medal
For the best geological map produced by a Victorian Honours level student in Victoria. Submissions are sought by the selection committee from Geology or Earth Science Departments of Victorian universities.

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Western Australia

Gibb Maitland Medal
Awarded for substantial contributions to geoscience in Western Australia, with particular consideration given to contributions that relate to the occurrence or discovery of mineral resources.

Talbot Medal
Awarded to the geology student completing the best BSc Honours thesis at The University of Western Australia with a significant fieldwork component.
GSA Medal (of the WA Division)
Awarded to the outstanding student completing the BSc (Applied Geology) degree at Curtin University of Technology

TEE Prize
Awarded to the student with the highest mark in the Geology Tertiary Entrance Examination

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