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GSA Awards

The Geological Society of Australia awards its best and brightest at each GSA convention.

National Awards:
F.L. Stillwell Award
W.R. Browne Award
S.W. Carey Medal
Joe Harms Medal
David I Groves Award
E.S. Hills Medal
AE Ringwood Medal

State Awards

Specialist Group Awards

Nominations for National Awards

We seek nominations from all GSA members for consideration for:

  • W.R. Browne Medal, for distinguished contributions to the geological sciences in Australia,
  • S.W. Carey Medal, for a person distinguished in the field of tectonics (sensu lato), and
  • Joe Harms Medal, for excellence in mineral exploration and contributions to the discovery of ore deposits in Australia.
  • E.S. Hills Medal, for outstanding contribution(s) to any branch of the geological sciences by a young Australian geologist.
  • A.E. Ringwood Medal, for exceptional research advances in the knowledge of fundamental Earth processes, especially through studies involving petrology and geochemistry and who is recognized internationally for the stature of that contribution.

The nomination should include a brief summary of the most significant contributions of the nominee. Nominations should be received by the committee chair before 22 January 2016. For further advice on awards, click on Policy Statement.  
Nominations can be made online: Online Nominations Link

Laurie Hutton
Chair, GSA Awards Standing Committee

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