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Geoscience Awards

Other scientific organisations have a variety of 'recognition mediums' which are given to individuals for excellence in their field of work. These take the form of medals, awards, scholarships, etc. Some of these are listed below.

International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE)

In December 2007, Geoscience Australia and the Geological Society of Australia jointly selected and sponsored a winner of the student contest to participate in the Global launch of IYPE in Paris in February 2008. The winner was Lachlan O'Brien from Sydney University for his multimedia submission called Rondosymbiosis (on Evolution of Earth and Life).
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Australian Academy of Science

Mawson Medal and Lecture

The Mawson Medal and Lecture recognise outstanding contributions to earth science in Australia and are made biennially at the Australian Geological Convention or Australian Earth Science Convention of the Geological Society of Australia.

Jaeger Medal

The Jaeger Medal for investigations into the solid earth or its oceans carried out in Australia, or having some connection with Australian Earth science, is usually awarded biennially.

Haddon Forrester King Medal

The Haddon Forrester King Medal for mineral exploration is usually awarded biennially. Nominations are requested from the Specialist Group in Economic Geology of the GSA.

Ian Wark Medal and Lecture

The Ian Wark Medal and Lecture for applied science are usually made biennially.

Frederick White Prize

The Frederick White Prize for physical, terrestrial and planetary sciences research mainly conducted in Australia is awarded annually with preference given to young scientists.

Royal Society of Victoria

Research Medal

The Royal Society of Victoria Medal for Scientific Research is awarded annually for research carried out in Australia, with preference for work done in Victoria, or on Victoria. It recognises work in a number of categories including Earth Sciences.

Research Grants

The Royal Society of Victoria awards Post-Graduate Student Prizes for Biological, Earth and Physical Science.

Royal Society of New South Wales

Edgeworth David Medal

The Edgeworth David Medal is awarded annually to young scientists (under the age of 35) for distinguished contributions to Australian science.

Clarke Medal

The Clarke Medal is awarded annually for distinguished work in the Natural Sciences (geology, botany and zoology) done in, or on, Australia.

Walter Burfitt Prize

The Walter Burfitt Prize is awarded every three years to a resident of Australia or New Zealand, for distinguished work in pure or applied science.

Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy

The AusIMM awards a number of scholarships, awards and prizes.

Australian Institute of Geoscientists

The AIG has a bursary program for its student members.

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