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David I Groves Award

A medal award for the best paper published in the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences by a young author, who must be the senior author: the eligibility criterion is that the senior author, at the time of submission, must have had a first degree in any relevant science for less than six years (i.e. the emphasis is on 'young' in experience, rather than young in age). The award may be made annually.

Year Recipient Paper AJES
2011 Katherine Howard U-Pb zircon, zircon Hf and whole rock Sm-Nd isotopic constraints on the evolution of Paleoproterozoic rocks in the northern Gawler Craton V 58/6, August 2011
2010 Cara Danis

Gunnedah Basin 3D architecture and upper crustal temperatures

V57/4, June 2010


JA Giddings


Interglacial carbonates of the Cryogenian Umberatana Group, northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia

V 56/7, July 2008
2008 JL Payne


Temporal constraints on the timing of high-grade metamorphism in the northern Gawler Craton: implications for assembly of the Australian Proterozoic.

V 55/5, July 2008 623-640



I Vos, W Potma,
F Bierlein and H Sheldon

Numerical modelling of the western Hodgkinson Province, northeast Queensland: implications
for gold mineralisation

V. 54/1, February 2007, 27-47



M.C Quigley, M.L Cupper
and M Sandiford


Quaternary faults of south-central Australia: palaeoseismicity, slip rates and origin


V. 53/2, April 2006, 285-301


2005 C. Heine & R.D Muller Late Jurassic rifting along the Australian
North West Shelf: margin geometry and
spreading ridge configuration
V. 52/1, February 2005, 27-39
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