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GSA Awards


How to Nominate Colleagues for the E.S. Hills Medal, Joe Harms Medal, S.W. Carey Medal or W.R. Browne Medal or A.E. Ringwood Medal:

1. Complete the nomination form.


E-mail nomination form and appropriate supporting documents to or mail to:
Geological Society of Australia
Attn: Awards Committee
Suite 8, Level 2, Front Office,
141 Peats Ferry Road
Hornsby NSW 2077

Specific award requirements (in addition to the nomination form) are outlined below.

Nominations for the 2016 awards must be received at the GSA business office by 22 January 2016.

Questions? Please contact: Laurie Hutton, Chair, GSA Awards Committee.

Required Information

PDF nomination form

Curriculum Vitae
Required for all awards (Note that the FL Stillwell and DI Groves awards are awarded by the Editor).

Nomination Letter
Summary of scientific contributions to geology and to the Society. 300 words or less.

Selected Bibliography
SW Carey Medal, David I Groves Award: 20 titles or less.
WR Browne Award and Joe Harms Medal & E.S.Hills: bibliography not required.

Letters of support
Nominations must be supported by two signed letters (or electronic signatures) from two GSA Members IN ADDITION to the person making the nomination. Supporting letters must discuss candidates qualifications with regard to the specific criteria listed for the medal or award.

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