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National Convenor
For more information about geological heritage, please contact:

Margaret Brocx
PO Box 477
Greenwood Western Australia

Protocol designed to connect Australian geoscientists with the Australian National Landscapes Program
Submission from the Geological Society of Australia, Geoheritage and Geotourism
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Australian Heritage Strategy
To view the Geological Society of Australia Inc. submission to the Australian Heritage Strategy Project Team June 2012
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The Australian Geologist Geoheritage column: Heritage Matters
To view the Geoheritage column: Heritage Matters as published in The Australian Geologist (TAG), follow the links:
Published in 2013, issue #166
Published in 2012, issues #162 - 165
Published in 2011, issues #158 - 161
Published in 2010, issues #154 - 157

Victorian Division Heritage Subcommittee:

Click here for the Geoheritage Policy

Click here to access the Geotourism page

As at the 18th of November 2014, all Standing Committee Terms of Reference are being currently reviewed by the Governing Council.

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