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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Volume 63/2

Review: T. P. Mernagh, E. N. Bastrakov, S. Jaireth, P. de Caritat, P. M. English, and J. D. A. Clarke
Australian salt lakes and associated mineral systems.

N. Kharazizadeh, W.P. Schellart, J.C. Duarte and M. Hall
The variation of crustal stretching and different modes of rifting along the Australian southern continental margin.

E. L. Matchan, E. B. Joyce, and D. Phillips
A new 40Ar/39Ar eruption age for the Mount Widderin volcano, Newer Volcanic Province, Australia,
with implications for eruption frequency in the region.

J. D. Clemens and M. A. Elburg

Possible spatial variability in the Selwyn Block of central Victoria: evidence from Late Devonian felsic igneous rocks.

J. L. Awange, B. Palancz, R. Lewis, T. Lovas, B. Heck and Y. Fukuda

An algebraic solution of maximum likelihood function in case of Gaussian mixture distribution.

L. Zhou, X. Pang, L. Wu, L. Kuang, F. Jiang, H. Pang, J. Peng and R. Yu

Critical conditions for tight oil charging and delineation of effective oil source rocks in Lucaogou Formation,
Jimusar Sag, Junggar Basin, northwest China.

F-L. Li and W-S. Li

Controlling factors for dawsonite diagenesis: A case study of the Binnan Region in Dongying Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, China.

Volume 63/1

M. Rajabi, M. Tingay and O. Heidbach
The present-day stress field of New South Wales, Australia.

R. A. Duncan, P. G. Quilty, J. Barling and J. M. Fox
Geologic development of Heard Island, Central Kerguelen Plateau.

I. McDougall

Remarkable Cave, Tasmania.

S. Dunstan, G. Rosenbaum and A. Babaahmadi

Structure and kinematics of the Louth-Eumarra Shear Zone (north-central New South Wales, Australia) and
implications for the Paleozoic plate tectonic evolution of eastern Australia.

A. Glikson, A. Hickman and R. Crossley

Evidence for a shock-metamorphic breccia and a buried impact crater, Lake Raeside, Yilgarn Craton WA.

L. Zhao and I. Graham

Origin of the alkali tonsteins from southwest China: Implications for alkaline magmatism from the Emeishan Large Igneous Province.

A. Mann, P. De Caritat and G. Sylvester

Degree of Geochemical Similarity (DOGS): a simple statistical method to quantify and map affinity between samples
from multi-element geochemical data sets.


Volume 62/1

D. H. Moore, P. G. Betts and M. Hall
Fragmented Tasmania: the transition from Rodinia to Gondwana.
Supplementary Papers

N. Stokes, C. L. Fergusson and R.
Offler Backarc basin and ocean island basalts in the Narooma Accretionary Complex, Australia:
setting, geochemistry and tectonics.

K. Lane, E. Jagodzinski, A. Reid, M. Hand and R. Dutch
Age constraints on the timing of iron ore mineralisation in the southeastern Gawler Craton.

E. Swierczek, G. Backe, S. P. Holford, E. Thentorey and A. Mitchell
3D seismic analysis of complex faulting patterns above the Snapper Field, Gippsland Basin:
implications for CO2 storage.

G. R. Holdgate and R. H. Grapes
Wairau Basin and fault connections across Cook Strait, New Zealand.
Seismic and geological evidence.

D. I. Cendón, C. E. Hughes, J. J. Harrison, S. I. Hankin, M. P. Johansen, T. E. Payne,
H. Wong, B. Rowling, M. Vine, K. Wilsher, A. Guinea and S. Thiruvoth

Identification of sources and processes in a low-level radioactive waste site adjacent to landfills:
groundwater hydrogeochemistry and isotopes.
Supplementary Papers

Volume 62/2

S. Schmidt and P. De Deckker
Present-day sedimentation rates on the southern and southeastern Australian continental margins.
Supplementary Papers

A. G. Blakemore, C. V. Murray-Wallace, K. E. Westaway and T. J. Lachlan
Aminostratigraphy and sea-level history of the Pleistocene Bridgewater Formation,
Mount Gambier region, southern Australia.
Supplementary Papers

T. C. W. Landgrebe and R. D. Müller
Uncovering the relationship between subducting bathymetric ridges and volcanic chains
with significant earthquakes using geophysical data mining.
Supplementary Papers

T. Rushmer, N. A. Dixon and S. M. Clark
High pressure, down under: the first Australian high-pressure synchrotron facility
for geoscience research.

P. C. Hayman, S. E. Hull, R. A. F. Cas, E. Summerhayes, Y. Amelin, T. Ivanic & D. Price
A new period of volcanogenic massive sulfide formation in the Yilgarn: a volcanological study
of the ca 2.76 Ga Hollandaire VMS deposit, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia.

G. Nabatian, E. Rastad, F. Neubauer, and M. Honarmand
Iron and Fe–Mn mineralisation in Iran: Implications for Tethyan metallogeny.

G. E. Williams and P. W. Schmidt
Low paleolatitude for the late Cryogenian interglacial succession, South Australia:
paleomagnetism of the Angepena Formation, Adelaide Geosyncline.

I. Jones and C. Verdel
Basalt distribution and volume estimates of Cenozoic volcanism in the Bowen Basin
region of eastern Australia: Implications for a waning mantle plume.

Volume 62/3

M. J. Van Kranendonk, W. Altermann & R. Mazumder
A squall by the seashore ca 2.3 billion years ago: Raindrop imprints in a
Paleoproterozoic tidal flat deposit, Kungarra Formation, Western Australia.

C. Heine, L. G. Yeo and R. D. Müller
Evaluating global paleoshoreline models for the Cretaceous and Cenozoic.

H. K. H. Olierook, N. E. Timms, R. E. Merle, F. Jourdan and P. G. Wilkes

Paleo-drainage and fault development in the southern Perth Basin, Western Australia
during and after the breakup of Gondwana from 3D modelling of the Bunbury Basalt.
Supplementary Papers

M. Kh. Khalifa, B. G. Jones and O. Hlal
Sedimentary facies analysis and paleogeographic significance of the latest Silurian
to Early Devonian Winduck Interval in the Darling Basin, Western New South Wales, Australia.

R. F. Berry
Late Mesozoic strike-slip faulting In Tasmania.
Supplementary Papers

G. Taylor and R. A. Eggleton

Bauxites of the NSW Southern Highlands.

S. H. Xu, Y. M. Wang, G. Q. Xu, G. D. Zeng, C. L. Gong,
C. E. Cai, W. Guo, W. Tang, H. T. Zhuo & H. Q. Wan

Linking shelf delta to deep-marine deposition in reservoir dispersal of the upper Oligocene
strata in the Baiyun Sag, the northern South China Sea.


Volume 62/4

J. J. Veevers
Beach sand of SE Australia traced by zircon ages through Ordovician turbidites
and S-type granites of the Lachlan Orogen to Africa/Antarctica―a review

G. Rosenbaum, I. T. Uysal and A. Babaahmadi
The Red Rock Fault Zone (northeast New South Wales): Kinematics,
timing of deformation and relationships to the New England oroclines

S. Brooke-Barnett and G. Rosenbaum
Structure of the Texas Orocline beneath the sedimentary cover
(southeast Queensland, Australia)

H. Olierook, N. E. Timms, J. F. Wellmann, S. Corbel and P. G. Wilkes
3D structural and stratigraphic model of the Perth Basin, Western Australia:
Implications for sub-basin evolution
Supplementary Papers

Additional supplementary data

M. C. Garthwaite, M. Hazelwood, S. Nancarrow, A. Hislop and J. H. Dawson
A regional geodetic network to monitor ground surface response to resource
extraction in the northern Surat Basin, Queensland
Supplementary Papers

N. Folcher, B. Sevin, F. Quesnel, V. Lignier, M. Allenbach, P. Maurizot and D. Cluzel
Neogene terrestrial sediments: a record of the post-obduction history of New Caledonia

W. Shen, X. Pang, Y. Wang, B. Zhang, F. Jiang, Z. Huo and T. Hu
Predicting potential exploration targets based on key factors controlling
hydrocarbon accumulation — a case study from the Lower Ordovician
Yingshan Formation in the Tazhong area, Tarim basin, NW China

C. E. Cai, Z. Liu, N. S. Qiu, J. L. He and S. H. Xu
Hydrocarbon accumulation in the Northwest Chaluhe Fault Depression,
Yitong Basin, North China


Volume 62/5

I. D. Lindley
Late Quaternary geology of Ambitle Volcano, Feni Island Group, Papua New Guinea.

S. A. Ayaz, J. S. Esterle and M. A. Martin
Spatial variation in the stratigraphic architecture of the Fort Cooper and
equivalent coal measures, Bowen Basin, Queensland.

A. Babaahmadi, G. Rosenbaum and J. Esterle
Alternating episodes of extension and contraction during the Triassic:
Evidence from Mesozoic sedimentary basins in eastern Australia.

G. P. T. Spampinato, L. Ailleres, P. G. Betts and R. J. Armit
Crustal architecture of the Thomson Orogen in Queensland inferred from potential field forward modelling.

B.P.J. Stevens
Magnetite-bearing zones in metasediments at Broken Hill, Australia: signatures of black smokers?

R.L. Stanton
The “orogenic andesite” puzzle of C. E. Tilley: 1 – Is the volatile phase the missing piece?

R.L. Stanton
The “orogenic andesite” puzzle of C. E. Tilley: 2 – Some exploratory experiments and their possible implications.


Volume 62/6

R. I. Acworth, W. A. Timms, B. F. J. Kelly, D. E. McGeeney, T. J. Ralph, Z. T. Larkin and G. C. Rau
Late Cenozoic paleovalley fill sequence from the Southern Liverpool Plains, New South Wales – implications for
groundwater resource evaluation.

A. D. Albani, P. C. Rickwood, P. G. Quilty and J. W. Tayton
The morphology and late Quaternary paleogeomorphology of the continental shelf off Sydney, NSW.

G.R. Holdgate, M.W. Wallace and S. Forbes
New insights from petroleum exploration into the pre-Cenozoic geology of the Latrobe
Valley Area – Gippsland Basin, S.E. Australia.

D. Briguglio, M. Hall & J. Keetley
Structural Evolution of the Early Cretaceous Depocentres, Otway Basin, Victoria.

N. Mortimer, R. Turnbull, M. Palin, A. Tulloch, N. Rollet and T. Hashimoto
Triassic–Jurassic granites on the Lord Howe Rise, northern Zealandia.
Supplementary Papers

S. J. Tickell, P. D. Kruse and T. J. Munson
Daly Basin, Northern Territory: lithostratigraphic revision resolves context of incongruous Ordovician fossils.

F. L. Sutherland, P. C. Piilonen, Khin Zaw, S. Meffre and J. Thompson
Sapphire within zircon-rich gem deposits, Bo Loei, Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia: Trace elements, inclusions, U–Pb dating and genesis.

H. Jiang, X. Pang, H. Shi, L. Liu, J. Bai and S. Zou
Effects of fault activities on hydrocarbon migration and accumulation in the Zhu I Depression, Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea.

Volume 62/7

M. Campbell, G. Rosenbaum, U. Shaanan, C.R., Feilding and C. Allen
The tectonics significance of lower Permian sucessions in the Texas Orocline (Eastern Australia)
Supplementary Paper

Supplementary Data

C.C. Wainman, P.J. Mccabe, J.L Crowley and R.S. Nicoll
U-Pb zircon age of the Walloon Coal Measures in the Surat Basin, southeast Queensland: implications for
paleogeography and basin subsidence
Supplementary Paper

Supplementary Data

Y.A. Kettanah, A.J Mory, G.D. Wach and M.T.D. Wingate

Provenance of the rdovician-lower Silurian Tumblagooda Sandstone, Western Australia
Supplementary Paper

D. Howlett, T. Raimondo and M. Hand
Evidence for 1808-1770 Ma bimodal magmatism, sedimentation, high-temperature deformation
and metamorphism in the Aileron Province, central Australia
Supplementary Paper

Supplementary Data

M. Macphail, L.K. Fifield, B. Pillans, M. Davies and G. Hope
Lake George revisited: New evidence for the origin and evolution of a large closed late, Southern Tablelands, NSW, Australia

S.J. Travers and C.J.L. Wilson
Reflectance spectroscopy and alteration assemblages at the Leven Star gold deposit, Victoria, Australia

M.A. Forster, R. Armstrong, B.Kohn, G.S. Lister, M.A. Cottam and S. Suggate
Highly retentive core domains in K-feldspar and their implicationsn for 40Ar/30Ar thermochronology
illustrated by determining the cooling curve for the Capoas Granite, Palawan, The Phillippines.
Supplementary Paper

Supplementary Data


Volume 62/8

Review paper: X. Huang, C. M. Griffiths and J. Liu . Allen
Recent development in stratigraphic forward modelling and its application in petroleum exploration.
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences
62, 903–919.

C. Sippl, B. L. N. Kennett, H. Tkalčić, C. V. Spaggiari and K. Gessner
New constraints on the current stress field and seismic velocity structure of the eastern
Yilgarn Craton from mechanisms of local earthquakes.

A. Babaahmadi and G. Rosenbaum
Kinematics of orocline-parallel faults in the Texas and Coffs Harbour oroclines (eastern Australia)
and the role of flexural slip during oroclinal bending.

D. Shields and J. Esterle
Regional insights into the sedimentary organisation of the Walloon Subgroup, Surat Basin, Queensland.

J. A. Mulder, R. F. Berry and R. J. Scott
The structure and metamorphism of the Red Point Metamorphic Complex – A newly discovered
high-pressure metamorphic complex from the south coast of Tasmania.

A. T. Van Krieken and C. J. L. Wilson
Structural and timing constraints on molybdenum and tungsten mineralisation at Yea, Victoria.

S. J. Gale and B. Rao
The stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Waindalithi Conglomerate of northeast Viti Levu, Fiji: hyperconcentrated
flows and Pliocene environmental history






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