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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2014

Volume 61

Issue No 1
Issue No 2
Issue No 3
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Issue No 6
Issue No 7
Issue No 8

AJES Vol 61/1

Hagemann, Witt & Fiorentini eds.
Using Research to Benefit Mineral Exploration: Examples of Recent Research Conducted at the Centre of
Exploration Targeting (CET)

R. R. Loucks
Distinctive composition of copper-ore-forming arc magmas.

W. K. Witt, S. G. Hagemann & C. Villanes
Geochemistry and geology of spatially and temporally associated calc-alkaline (I-type) and K-rich (A-type)
magmatism in a Carboniferous continental arc setting, Pataz gold mining district, northern Peru.
Supplementary Papers 

W. K. Witt, S. G. Hagemann, J. Ojala, C. Laukamp, T. Vennemann, Villanes, C. & V. Nykanen
Multiple methods for regional- to mine-scale targeting, Pataz gold field, northern Peru.
Supplementary Papers 

C. Nyakecho & S. G. Hagemann
An Overview of Gold Systems in Uganda.

L. Bagas, R. Boucher, B. Li, J. Miller, P. Hill, G. Depauw, J. Pascoe & B. Eggers
Paleoproterozoic stratigraphy and gold mineralisation in the Granites-Tanami Orogen, North Australian Craton.

S. J. Nichols & S. G. Hagemann
Structural and hydrothermal alteration evidence for early and late stages of gold mineralisation at the New
Celebration Gold deposit in Western Australia.

S. S. Romano, N. J. M. Thébaud, D. R. Mole, M. T. D. Wingate, C. L. Kirkland & M. P. Doublier
Age constraints on komatiites in the Southern Cross Domain, Yilgarn Craton. Supplementary Papers 

J. Martindale, S. Hagemann, D. Huston & L. Danyushevsky
Integrated stratigraphic-structural-hydrothermal alteration and mineralisation model for the Kangaroo
Caves zinc-copper deposit, Western Australia.

A. S. D. Maskell, P. Duuring & S. G. Hagemann
Hydrothermal alteration events controlling magnetite-rich iron ore at the Matthew Ridge prospect, Jack Hills
greenstone belt, Yilgarn Craton.

AJES Vol 61/2

M. Rexer & C. Hirt
Comparison of free high-resolution digital elevation data sets (ASTER GDEM2, SRTM v2.1/v4.1) and
validation against accurate heights from the Australian National Gravity Database.

R. H. Vernon
Microstructures of microgranitoid enclaves and the origin of S-type granitoids.

F. L. Sutherland, I. T. Graham, J. D. Hollis, S. Meffre, H. Zwingmann, F. Jourdan  & R. E. Pogson
Multiple felsic events within post-10 Ma volcanism, Southeast Australia: Inputs in appraising proposed
magmatic models. Supplementary Papers

Stephen J. Barnes, L. A. Fisher, R. Anand & T. Uemoto

Mapping bedrock lithologies through in situ regolith using retained element ratios: a case study from the
Agnew-Lawlers area, Western Australia.

M. J. Cracknell, A. M. Reading & A. W. McNeill
Mapping geology and volcanic-hosted massive sulfide alteration in the Hellyer–Mt Charter region, Tasmania,
using Random Forests™ and Self-Organising Maps.

A. S. A. A. Abu Sharib
Switching bulk horizontal shortening and regional-scale partitioning of deformation during the Isan
Orogeny in the Eastern Fold Belt, Mount Isa Inlier, Australia.

M. A. Short, S. Lamontagne, P. G. Cook & R. Cranswick
Characterising the distribution of near-shore submarine groundwater discharge along a coastline using
222Rn and electrical conductivity.


Colin Ward, Adrian Hutton, Harry Bowman, Kaydy Pinetown (eds)
C. R. Ward, A. C. Hutton, H. N. Bowman & K. L. Pinetown Geological advances in the Sydney Basin:
introduction to the thematic issue.

D. Och, I. Graham, H. Zwingmann, R. Offler & L. Sutherland

Constraining timing of brittle deformation and fault gouge formation in the Sydney Basin.

B. J. Franklin, J. F. Young & R. Powell
Testing of Sydney dimension sandstone for use in the conservation of heritage buildings.

G. H. McNally & D. F. Branagan
Geotechnical consequences of the Newcastle Coal Measures rocks.

L. Zhao, C. R. Ward, D. French & I. T. Graham
Mineralogy and major element geochemistry of the early Permian Greta Seam, Sydney Basin, Australia.

S. Thomson, D. Thomson & P. Flood
The distribution of coal seam gas in the Sydney basin: a geological synthesis.

K. Pinetown
Regional CSG Distribution and Burial History of the Hunter Coalfield, Sydney Basin. Supplementary Papers 

A. Burra, J. Esterle & S. Golding
Coal seam gas distribution and hydrodynamics of the Sydney Basin, NSW, Australia. Supplementary Papers 

A. Saghafi
Estimating greenhouse gas emissions from open-cut coal mining: application to the Sydney Basin.

J. Ross
Groundwater resource potential of the Triassic Sandstones of the Southern Sydney Basin: an improved understanding.

D. Cendon, S. I. Hankin, J. P. Williams, M. van der Ley, M. Peterson, C. E. Hughes, K. Meredith, I. T. Graham,
S. E. Hollins, V. Levchenko & R. Chisari

Groundwater residence time in a dissected and weathered sandstone plateau: Kulnura-Mangrove Mountain
aquifer, NSW, Australia. Supplementary Papers

B. Kelly, B. Giambastiani, J. Larsen, T. Ralph, W. Timms & A. Baker

Paleoclimate impacts on aquifer architecture and hydraulic connectivity.




M. Kneeshaw & R. C. Morris
The Cenozoic detrital iron deposits of the Hamersley Province, Western Australia.

C. L. Fergusson

Late Ordovician to mid-Silurian Benambran subduction zones in the Lachlan Orogen, southeastern Australia

P. G. Lennox, M. A. Forster & I. S. Williams
Emplacement and deformation ages of the Wyangala Granite, Cowra, NSW. Supplementary Papers 

M. Forster, G. Lister & P. Lennox
Dating deformation using crushed alkali feldspar: 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of shear zones in the Wyangala
Batholith, NSW, Australia.

M. G. Tetley & N. R. Daczko
Virtual Petrographic Microscope: A multi-platform education and research software tool to analyse rock
thin sections.

G. R. Burton & S. J. Trigg
Geodynamic significance of the boundary between the Thomson Orogen and the Lachlan Orogen, northwestern
New South Wales and implications for Tasmanide tectonics: discussion.

R. A. Glen, R. Y. Poudjom Djomani, E. Belousova, R. Hegarty & R. J. Korsch
Geodynamic significance of the boundary between the Thomson Orogen and the Lachlan Orogen, northwestern
New South Wales and implications for Tasmanide tectonics: reply.

AJES Vol 61/5

I. C. Roach, S. Jaireth & M. T. Costelloe
Applying regional airborne electromagnetic (AEM) surveying to understand the architecture of sandstone-hosted
uranium mineral systems in the Callabonna Sub-basin, Lake Frome region, South Australia.

A. Glikson & A. Hickman
Coupled asteroid impacts and banded iron-formations, Fortescue and Hamersley groups, Pilbara, Western Australia.

J. Al-Hinaai & J. Redfern
The upper Carboniferous basal Grant Group unconformity, Canning Basin, Australia: a complex surface recording
glacial tectonic and halotectonic processes.

J. Simmons, R. Cass & I. Nicholls
The volcanological and petrogenetic origins of the basaltic Flinders Volcanic Province (49–39 Ma), Older Volcanics
Provinces, southeast Australia.

J. A. Boyce, R. R. Keays, I. A. Nicholls and P. Hayman
Eruption centres of the Hamilton area of the Newer Volcanics Province, Victoria, Australia: pinpointing volcanoes
from a multifaceted approach to landform mapping.

Z. Y. Li, J. H. Zhao, X. H. Qiao & Y. X. Zhang
An automated approach for conditioning discrete fracture network modelling to in situ measurements.

M. M. Ma, X. M. Liu, B. J. Pillans, P. Y. LI, B. Lu and S. Y. Hu
Magnetic properties and particle size analysis of dust storm samples collected in Lanzhou and Sydney.

C. L. Fergusson
Refining accretionary orogen models for the Tasmanides of eastern Australia: discussion.

R. A. Glen
Refining accretionary orogen models for the Tasmanides of eastern Australia: reply.


AJES Vol 61/6

C.-S. Wang, R. Norman, T. K. Yeh, K. Zhang, S. L. Choy & T.-P.
Tseng Investigation into the atmospheric parameters retrieved from ROPP and CDAAC
using GPS Radio Occultation Measurements over the Australian area.

H-B. Tan, J-Z. Huang, W-J. Zhang, X-Q. Liu, Y-F. Zhang, N. Kong & Q. Zhang Fractionation of
hydrogen and oxygen isotopes of gypsum hydration water and assessment on its geochemical indications.

P. W. Whitehead & P. N.
Nelson Displacement of the Great Divide in north Queensland associated with Neogene lava flows.

A. D. Albani, P. C. Rickwood & J. W.
Tayton Mount Woolnough: the submerged volcano, SE of Sydney, NSW.

J. H. Cann, C. S. Lower & J. B. Jago
Provenance and sediment characteristics of contemporary gravel deposits at Sellicks Beach, eastern
shore of Gulf St Vincent, South Australia. Supplementary Papers  

J. B. Jago & C. G. Gatehouse
A small trace fossil assemblage from the ?middle Cambrian Pantapinna Sandstone, Flinders Ranges,
South Australia and its paleoenvironmental significance.

D. F. Lascelles
Paleoproterozoic regolith beneath wave-cut erosion surfaces preserved on the northern margin of the
Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia.

C. W. Kwon, S. W. Kim, S.-I. Park, J. Park, J.-H. Oh, B. C. Kim, H. J. Koh & D.-L. Cho
Sedimentological characteristics and new detrital zircon SHRIMP U–Pb ages of the Babulu Formation in the
Fohorem area, Timor-Leste.Supplementary Papers 


AJES Vol 61/7

S. Jones
Contrasting structural styles of gold deposits in the Leonora Domain: Evidence for early gold deposition,
Eastern Goldfields, Western Australia.

M. F. Gazley, J. K. Vry & M. A. Pearce
Further evidence for ~8 kbar amphibolite facies metamorphism in the Marymia Inlier, Western Australia.
Supplementary Papers

M. C. Bruce & I. G. Percival
Geochemical evidence for provenance of Ordovician cherts in southeastern Australia. Supplementary Papers

J. D. Clemens, D. Frei & F. Finger
A New Precise Date for the Tolmie Igneous Complex in northeastern Victoria. Supplementary Papers

B. Jago, C. J. Bentley, Lin Tian-rui & K. D. Corbett
A middle Cambrian shallow water trilobite fauna from the Comstock Formation, near Queenstown,
western Tasmania.

Y. Wang, Y. Wang, W. Du & X. Wang
The correlation between macroscopic algae and metazoans in the Ediacaran: a case study on the
Wenghui biota in northeastern Guizhou, South China.

O. O. Sonibare, O. B. Agbaje, D. E. Jacob, J. Faithfull, T. Hoffmann & S. F. Foley
Terpenoid composition and origin of amber from the Cape York Peninsula, Australia.

C M Aruffo, A. Rodriguez-Herrera, E. Tenthorey, F. Krzikalla, J. Minton & A. Henk
Geomechanical modelling to assess fault integrity at the CO2CRC Otway Project, Australia.

P. Wang, X. Chen, X. Pang, J. Li, H. Yang, F. Jiang, J. Guo, F. Guo, W. Peng & J. Xu
Gas generation and expulsion characteristics of Middle–Upper Triassic source rocks, Eastern Kuqa Depression,
Tarim Basin, China: Implications for shale gas resource potential.


AJES Vol 61/8


M. Lipar and J. A. Webb
Middle–late Pleistocene and Holocene chronostratigraphy and climate history of the Tamala Limestone,
Cooloongup and Safety Bay Sands, Nambung National Park, southwestern Western Australia.

R. A. Henderson and M. A. P.
Nind Pliocene aridity and Neogene landscape evolution recorded by a fluvial sediment system
(Campaspe Formation) in northeast Queensland.

S. K. Hamilton, J. S. Esterle and R. Sliwa
Stratigraphic and depositional framework of the Walloon Subgroup, eastern Surat Basin, Queensland.

S. Schmid & M. Quigley
Fluvial architecture and diagenesis of the Mt Eclipse Sandstone at the Bigrlyi uranium deposit,
Ngalia Basin, Australia.

D. T. Flannery, M. J. Van Kranendonk, R. Mazumder & M R. Walter 
The ca 2.74 Ga Mopoke Member, Kylena Formation:
a marine incursion into the northern Fortescue Group? 

D. Hoy, G. Rosenbaum, R. Wormald and U. Shaanan
Geology and geochronology of the Emu Creek Block (northern New South Wales, Australia)
and implications for oroclinal bending in the New England Orogen. Supplementary Papers

I. D. Lindley
Suckling Dome and the Australian–Woodlark plate boundary in eastern Papua:
The geology of the Keveri and Ada’u Valleys. Supplementary Papers


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