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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2013

Volume 60

Issue No. 1
Issue No. 2
Issue No. 3
Issue No. 4
Issue No. 5
Issue No. 6&7

AJES Vol 60/1 CO2 Sequestration

Alex Golab and Sue Golding eds.

P. J. Cook
Introduction for thematic issue on CO2 sequestration.

M. A. Bunch
Gauging geological characterisation for CO2 storage: the Australasian experience so far.

S. Varma, J. Underschultz, S. B. Giger, B. Field, L. Roncaglia, J. Hodgkinson, & D. Hilditch
CO2 geosequestration potential in the Northern Perth Basin, Western Australia.

L. Stalker, S. Varma, D. Van Gent, J. Haworth & S. Sharma.
South West Hub – a carbon capture and storage project.

G. W. O’Brien, P. R. Tingate, L. M. Divko Goldie, J. A. Miranda, M. J. Campi & K. Liu
Basin-scale fluid flow in the Gippsland Basin: implications for geological carbon storage.

J. Hodgkinson & M. Grigorescu
Background research for selection of potential geostorage targets – case studies from the Surat Basin, Queensland.

S. M. Farquhar, G. K. W. Dawson, J. S. Esterle & S. D. Golding
Mineralogical characterisations of CO2 sequestration in the Surat Basin.

A. Golab, R. Romeyn, H. Averdunk, M. Knackstedt and T. J. Senden
3D characterisation of potential CO2 reservoir and seal rocks.

S. D. Golding, I. T. Uysal, R. Bolhar, C. J. Boreham, G. K. W. Dawson, K. A. Baublys & J. S. Esterle
Carbon dioxide-rich coals of the Oaky Creek areas, central Bowen Basin: a natural analogue for carbon sequestration in coal systems

K. L. Pinetown
Assessment of the CO2 sequestration potential of coal seams in the Hunter Coalfield, Sydney Basin.

AJES Vol 60/2

P. N. Southgate, N. L. Neumann and G. M. Gibson
Depositional systems in the Mt Isa Inlier from 1800 Ma to 1640 Ma: Implications for Zn–Pb–Ag mineralisation.

C. J. Carson
The Victoria and Birrindudu Basins, Victoria River region, Northern Territory, Australia: a SHRIMP U–Pb detrital zircon and Sm–Nd study.
Supplementary Papers

A. Rajabi, E. Rastad and C. Canet
Metallogeny of Permian–Triassic carbonate-hosted Zn–Pb and F deposits of Iran: A review for future mineral exploration.

A. S. Merdith, T. C. W. Landgrebe, A. Dutkiewicz and R. D. Müller
Towards a predictive model for opal exploration using a spatio-temporal data mining approach.

J. B. Jago, C. G. Gatehouse, C. McA. Powell and T. Casey
Implications of cross-bedding data from the upper part of the Cambrian succession, Arrowie Basin, South Australia.

C. J. Adams, R. J. Korsch and W. L. Griffin
Provenance comparisons between the Nambucca Block, Eastern Australia and the Torlesse Composite Terrane, New Zealand: connections and implications from detrital zircon age patterns.
Supplementary Papers

A. Babaahmadi and G. Rosenbaum
Kinematics of the Demon Fault: Implications for Mesozoic dextral strike-slip faulting in eastern Australia.

A. C. Macken, M. C. McDowell, D. N. Bartholomeusz and E. H. Reed
Chronology and stratigraphy of the Wet Cave vertebrate fossil deposit, Naracoorte, and relationship to paleoclimatic conditions of the Last Glacial Cycle in south-eastern Australia.
Supplementary Papers

R. H. Sharma
Evaluating the effect of slope curvature on slope stability by a numerical analysis.

AJES Vol 60/3

P. F. Rey
Opalisation of the Great Artesian Basin (central Australia): An Australian Story with a Martian twist

R. A. Glen
Refining accretionary orogen models for the Tasmanides of eastern Australia.

R. A. Glen, R. J. Korsch, R. Hegarty, A. Saeed, Y. Poudjom Djomani, R. D. Costelloe & E. Belousova
Geodynamic significance of the boundary between the Thomson Orogen and the Lachlan Orogen, northwestern New South Wales and implications for Tasmanide tectonics.
Supplementary Papers

F. R. Fontaine, H. Tkalcic & B. L. N. Kennett
Crustal complexity in the Lachlan Orogen revealed from teleseismic receiver functions.
Supplementary Papers

AJES Volume 60/4

J. Xiao, Y k. Xiao, Z d. Jin, M y. He & C q. Liu
Boron isotope variations and its geochemical application in nature

J. Boyce
The Newer Volcanics Province of southeastern Australia: a new classification scheme and distribution map for eruption centres

G. E. Williams, V. A. Gostin & J. R. Prescott
Stratigraphy and optical dating of Pleistocene coastal deposits in the Port Campbell australite strewn field, SW Victoria

L. F. Dean & P. De Deckker
Recent benthic foraminifera from Twofold Bay, Eden NSW: community structure, biotopes and distribution controls

Z- W. Lan, Z- Q. Chen, X- H. Li, B. Li & D. Adams
Hydrothermal origin of the Paleoproterozoic xenotime from the King Leopold Sandstone of the Kimberley Group, Kimberley, NW Australia: Implications for a ca 1.7 Ga far-field hydrothermal event

P. A. Dinis, C. Tassinari & M. M. S. Cabral Pinto
Geochemistry and detrital geochronology of stream sediments from East Timor: implications for the origin of source units
Supplementary Papers

M. J. Rickard & I. S. Williams
No zircon U–Pb evidence for a Precambrian component in the Late Eocene Yavuna trondhjemite, Fiji

M. V. Goroshko, G. Z. Gil’manova & G. A. Shatkov
Paleozoic metallogeny of Precambrian massifs of the Central Asian Tectonic Belt in the Russian Far East

AJES Vol 60/5

K. Mills, P. Gell, P. P. Hesse, R. Jones, P. Kershaw, R. Drysdale & J. McDonald
Paleoclimate studies and natural-resource management in the Murray-Darling Basin I: past, present and future climates

K. Mills, P. Gell, J. Gergis, P. J. Baker, C. M. Finlayson, P. P. Hesse, R. Jones, P. Kershaw, S. Pearson, P. C. Treble, C. Barr, M. Brookhouse, R. Drysdale, J. McDonald, S. Haberle, M. Reid, M. Thoms & J. Tibby
Paleoclimate studies and natural-resource management in the Murray-Darling Basin II: unravelling human impacts and climate variability

C. S. Lower, J. H. Cann & D. Haynes
Microfossil evidence for salinity events in the Holocene Coorong Lagoon, South Australia

D. Gregory, S. Meffre & R. R. Large
Mineralogy of metal contaminated estuarine sediments, Derwent estuary, Hobart, Australia: implications for metal mobility

R. J. Holm & S. W. Richards
A re-evaluation of arc–continent collision and along-arc variation in the Bismarck Sea region, Papua New Guinea
Supplementary Papers

S. J. Craven, N. R. Daczko & J. A. Halpin
High-T–low-P thermal anomalies superposed on biotite-grade rocks, Wongwibinda Metamorphic Complex, southern New England Orogen, Australia: heat advection by aqueous fluid?

D. W. Hamacher & C. O’Neill
The discovery and history of the Dalgaranga meteorite crater, Western Australia
Supplementary Papers

F. Sun, L. Tekoum, J. C. Doumnang, R. Tchameni & A. A. Ganwa
Petrographic and structural analysis of the Precambrian rocks in the Zalbi Sector, northwest Léré, Chad

AJES Vol 60/6 & 7

D. L. Anderson
The persistent mantle plume myth

A. D. Smith
Recycling of oceanic crust and the origin of intraplate volcanism

S. P. Johnson, A. M. Thorne, I. M. Tyler, R. J. Korsch, B. L.N. Kennett, H. N. Cutten, J. Goodwin, O. Blay, R. S. Blewett, A. Joly, M. C. Dentith, A. R. A. Aitken, J. Holzschuh, M. Salmon, A. Reading, G. Heinson, G. Boren, J. Ross, R. D. Costelloe & T. Fomin
Crustal architecture of the Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia and associated metallogeny
Supplemetary papers

E. Saygin, H. McQUEEN, L. J. Hutton, B. L. N. Kennett & G. Lister
Structure of the Mt Isa region from seismic ambient noise tomography

D. Briguglio, J. Kowalczyk, J. D. Stilwell, M. Hall & A. Coffa
Detailed paleogeographic evolution of the Bass Basin: Late Cretaceous to present

C. Delle Piane, L. Esteban, N. E. Timms & S. Ramesh Israni
Physical properties of Mesozoic sedimentary rocks from the Perth Basin, Western Australia


AJES Vol 60/8

D. B. Stevenson, L. Bagas, A. R. A. Aitken & T. C. McCuaig
A geophysically constrained multi-scale litho-structural analysis of the Trans-Tanami Fault, Granites-Tanami Orogen, Western Australia.

L. J. Morrissey, M. Hand, B. P. Wade & M. Szpunar

Early Mesoproterozoic metamorphism in the Barossa Complex, South Australia: links with the eastern margin of Proterozoic Australia.

S. J. Holt, S. P. Holford & J. Foden
New insights into the magmatic plumbing system of the South Australian Quaternary Basalt province from 3D seismic and geochemical data.

T. J. Rawling, M. Sandiford, G. R. Beardsmore, S. Quenette, S. H. Goyen & B. Harrison

Thermal insulation and geothermal targeting, with specific reference to coal-bearing basins.

Discussion on “Opalisation of the Great Artesian Basin (central Australia): an Australian story with a Martian twist” by P. F. Rey (AJES, 60:3, 291-314).
B. L. Dickson
Reply P. F. Rey

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