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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2012

Issue No. 1
Issue No. 2
Issue No.3
Issue No.4
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Issue No. 6
Issue No. 7
Issue No. 8

AJES Vol 59/1

D. T. Flannery & M. R. Walter
Archean tufted microbial mats and the Great Oxidation Event: new insights into an ancient problem

R. D. Müller, S. Dyksterhuis & P. Rey
Australian paleo-stress fields and tectonic reactivation over the past 100 Ma.

J. D. Stilwell, P. G. Quilty & D. J. Mantle
Paleontology of Early Cretaceous deep-water samples dredged from the Wallaby Plateau: new perspectives of Gondwana break-up along the Western Australian margin

J. D. Gorter & A. Y. Glikson
Talundilly, Western Queensland, Australia: geophysical and petrologic evidence for an 84 km-large impact structure and an Early Cretaceous impact cluster

C. Danis, C. O’Neill & J. Lee
Geothermal state of the Sydney Basin: assessment of constraints and techniques.

G. Neef
Mid Silurian–Carboniferous tectonic and depositional history of the Darling Basin Conjugate Fault System, western New South Wales: Overview.

Z.-W Lan & Z.-Q. Chen
New xenotime ages obtained from the Paleoproterozoic Kimberley Group, NW Australia: implications for regional hydrothermal events

AJES Vol 59/2 Thematic issue: Planetary sciences

T. R. Ireland Oxygen isotope tracing of the Solar System

C O’Neill Tectonothermal evolution of solid planets and moons

R. Salmeron The environment and physics of the early solar system

F Jourdan The 40Ar/39Ar dating technique applied to planetary sciences
Supplementary Papers

E. G. Jones & C. H. Lineweaver Using the Phase Diagram of Liquid Water to Search For Life

G. Caprarelli & B. Y. Wang Wet Mars implications of revised scaling calculations for Evros Vallis

D. Wacey Earliest evidence for life on Earth – an Australian perspective

A. P. Nutman, V. C. Bennett & C. R. L. Friend Waves and weathering at 3.7 Ga: Geologic evidence for an equitable terrestrial climate under the faint early Sun

P. A. Bland, P. Spurny, A. W. R. Bevan, K. T. Howard, M. C. Towner, G. K. Benedix, R. C. Greenwood, L. Shrbený, I. A. Franchi, G. Deacon, J. Borovička, Z. Ceplecha, D. Vaughan & R. M. Hough. The Australian Desert Fireball Network: A new era for planetary science

A. A. Nemchin, M. L. Grange, R. T. Pidgeon & C. Meyer Lunar zirconology

M. D. Norman, K. J. D. Adena & A. G. Christy Provenance and Pb isotopic ages of volcanic and impact glasses from the Apollo 17 landing site on the Moon
Supplementary Papers

B. J. O’Brien Apollo measurements of lunar dust amidst geology priorities

AJES Vol 59/3

L. T. White, T. Ahmad, G. S. Lister, T. R. Ireland & M. A. Forster
Is the switch from I- to S-type magmatism in the Himalayan Orogen indicative of the collision of India and Eurasia?
Supplementary Papers

F. S. Genske, R. H. Flood & M. A. Lackie
Geophysical characterisation of a blind I-type pluton emplaced within the Bundarra Suite S-type granites of the New England Batholith
Supplementary Papers

J. R. Hunt & G. C. Young
Depositional environment, stratigraphy, structure and paleobiology of the Hatchery Creek Group (Early–?Middle Devonian) near Wee Jasper, New South Wales

R. C. Dart, K. M. Barovich, S. M. Hill & D. J. Chittleborough
Sr-isotopes as a tracer of Ca sources and mobility in profiles hosting regolith carbonates from southern Australia

A. Lambeck, K. Barovich, A. D. George, A. Cross, D. Huston & T. Meixner
Proterozoic turbiditic depositional system (Tanami Group) in the Tanami region, northern Australia, and implications for gold mineralisation

G. L. Fraser, L. Bagas & D. L. Huston
40Ar/39Ar evidence for the timing of Paleoproterozoic gold mineralisation at the Sandpiper Deposit, Tanami region, northern Australia

R. C. Morris
Microplaty hematite – its varied nature and genesis

Morris & Kneeshaw 2011. Genesis modelling for the Hamersley BIF-hosted iron ores of Western Australia: a critical review. AJES 58, 417–451.

A. D. T. Goode

R. C. Morris & M. Kneeshaw

AJES Vol 59/4

K. M. Fleming, P. Tregoning, M. Kuhn, A. Purcell & H. McQueen
The effect of melting land-based ice masses on sea level around the Australian coastline

T. D. Frank, J. M. Pritchard, C. R. Fielding & A. J. Mory
Cold-water carbonate deposition in a high-latitude, glacially influenced Permian seaway (Southern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia)

G. Fraser, A. Reid & R. Stern
Timing of deformation and exhumation across the Karari Shear Zone, north-western Gawler Craton, South Australia
Supplementary Papers

T. A. Fromhold & M. W. Wallace
Regional recognition of the Neoproterozoic Sturtian–Marinoan boundary, Northern and Central Adelaide Geosyncline, South Australia

D. Phillips, B. Fu, C. J. L. Wilson, M. Kendrick, A. Fairmaid & J. McL. Miller
Timing of gold mineralisation in the western Lachlan Orogen, SE Australia: A critical overview

A. S. A. A. Abu Sharib
Foliation intersection axes (FIAs) preserved within porphyroblasts: resolving plan view orthogonal refolding, Eastern Fold Belt, Mt Isa Inlier

K. E. Fitzsimmons, G.H. Miller, N.A. Spooner and J.W. Magee
Aridity in the monsoon zone as indicated by desert dune formation in the Gregory Lakes basin, northwestern Australia

AJES Vol 59/5 Archean evolution–Yilgarn Craton

Kevin Cassidy and Stephen Wyche eds.

K. Cassidy & S. Wyche
Thematic Issue: Archean Evolution—Yilgarn Craton, p. 599-601

M. J. Pawley, M. T. D. Wingate, C. L. Kirkland, S. Wyche, C. E. Hall, S. S. Romano & M. P. Doublier
Adding pieces to the puzzle: episodic crustal growth and a new terrane in the northeast Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, p. 603-623

D. Mole, M. Fiorentini, N. Thebaud, C. McCuaig, K. F. Cassidy, C. L. Kirkland, M. T. D. Wingate, S. S. Romano, M. Doublier & E. Belousova
Spatio-temporal constraints on lithospheric development in the southwest-central Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, p. 626-656.
Supplementary Papers

S. Wyche, C. L. Kirkland, A. Riganti, M. J. Pawley, E. Belousova & M. T. D. Wingate
Isotopic constraints on stratigraphy in the central and eastern Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, p. 657-670.
Supplementary Papers

D. A. Wyman & R. Kerrich
Geochemical and Isotopic Characteristics of Youanmi Terrane Volcanism: The Role of Mantle Plumes and Subduction Tectonics in the western Yilgarn Craton, p.671-694.
Supplementary Papers

N. Thebaud & S. J. Barnes
Geochemistry of komatiites in the Southern Cross Belt, Youamni Terrane, Western Australia, p. 695-706.
Supplementary Papers

S. J. Barnes, M. J. Van Kranendonk & I. Sonntag
Geochemical affinity and tectonic setting of basalts from the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane, Yilgarn Craton, p. 707-735.

N. Said, R. Kerrich, K. F. Cassidy & D. Champion
Characteristics and geodynamic setting of 1 the 2.7 Ga Yilgarn heterogeneous plume and its interaction with continental lithosphere: Evidence from komatiitic-basalt and basalt geochemistry of the Eastern Yilgarn Craton, p. 737-763.

P. Duuring, W. Bleeker, S. W. Beresford, M. L. Fiorentini & N. M. Rosengren
Structural evolution of the Agnew-Wiluna greenstone belt, Eastern Goldfields, Yilgarn Craton and implications for komatiite-hosted Ni sulfide exploration, p. 765-791.

I. Zibra
Syndeformational granite crystallisation along the Mount Magnet Greenstone Belt, Yilgarn Craton: evidence of large-scale magma-driven strain localization during Neoarchean times, p. 795-806.

AJES Vol 59/6 the evolution and geodynamics of the indo-AUSTRALIAN PLATE

Myra Keep and Wouter Shellart eds.

M. Keep & W.P. Schellart
Introduction to the thematic issue on the evolution and dynamics of the Indo-Australian plate. AJES 59, 807–808.

S. Fishwick, & N. Rawlinson
Structure of the Australian lithosphere: Evolving tomographic models from evolving seismic datasets. AJES 59, 809–826.

R. Hall & I. Sevastjanova
Australian crust in Indonesia. AJES 59, 827–844.

A. Replumaz, V. Vignon, V. Regard & J. Martinod
East-West shortening in a North-South convergence. AJES 59, 845–858.

A. Benincasa, M. Keep & D. Haig
A restraining bend in a young collisional margin: Mundo Perdido, East Timor. AJES 59, 859–876.
Supplementary Papers

J. Bourget, R. B. Ainsworth, G. Backe & M. Keep
Tectonic evolution of the northern Bonaparte Basin: impact on continental shelf architecture and sediment distribution during the Pleistocene. AJES 59, 877–897.

G.S. Lister, L.T. White, S. Hart & M. Forster
Ripping and tearing the rolling-back New Hebrides slab AJES 59, 899–911.
Supplemetary Papers

P.M.J. Durance & M. A. Jandamec, T.J. Falloon and I.A. Nicholls
Magmagenesis within the Hunter Ridge Rift Zone resolved from olivine-hosted melt inclusion and geochemical modelling with insights from geodynamic models. AJES 59, 913–931.

W.P. Schellart & W. Spakman
Mantle constraints on the plate tectonic evolution of the Tonga-Kermadec-Hikurangi subduction zone and the South Fiji Basin region. AJES 59, 933–952.

N. Mortimer, P.B. Gans, F. Hauff & D.H.N. Barker
Paleocene MORB and OIB from the Resolution Ridge, Tasman Sea. AJES 59, 953–-964.

P-F. Li, G. Rosenbaum, & D. Rubatto
Triassic asymmetric subduction rollback in the southern New England Orogen (eastern Australia): the end of the Hunter-Bowen orogeny. AJES 59, 965–981.

AJES 59/7

F. L. Sutherland, I. T. Graham, S. Meffre, H. Zwingmann & R.E. Pogson
Passive-margin prolonged volcanism, East Australian Plate: outbursts, progressions, plate controls and suggested causes.
Supplementary Papers

R. M. Chmielowski & R. F. Berry
The Cambrian metamorphic history of Tasmania: the Metapelites

J. H. Cann
Physical weathering of slate gravestones in a Mediterranean climate

L. B. Reid, G. Bloomfield, L. Ricard, C. Botman & P. Wilkes
Shallow Geothermal regime in the Perth metropolitan area.

E. Prendergast, R. Offler & H. Zwingmann
Adaminaby Group west of Batemans Bay: Deformation and Metamorphism of the Narooma Accretionary Complex, NSW

A. Abduriyim, F. L. Sutherland & E. A. Belousova
U–Pb age and origin of gem zircon from the New England sapphire fields, New South Wales, Australia

E. J. Heidecker
Discussion of Gorter & Glikson: Talundilly, Western Queensland, Australia: geophysical and petrological evidence for a 84 km-iarge structure and an Early Cretaceous impact cluster

J. Gorter & A. Glikson
Response to: E.J. Heidecker’s discussion of Talundilly, Western Queensland, Australia: geophysical and petrologic evidence for an 84 km-large impact structure and an Early Cretaceous impact cluster by J. D. Gorter and A.Y. Glikson (2012)

Erratum to J. R. Hunt & G. C. Young
Depositional environment, stratigraphy, structure and paleobiology of the Hatchery Creek Group (Early–?Middle Devonian) near Wee Jasper, New South Wales

AJES Vol 59/8

B. L. N. Kennett and M. Salmon
AuSREM: Australian Seismological Reference Model

D. F. Lascelles
Banded iron formation to high-grade iron ore: a critical review of supergene enrichment models

J. H. Cann and C. V. Murray-Wallace
Interstadial age (MIS5c) beach-dune barrier deposits in the Coorong Lagoon, South Australia

M. Honda, D. Phillips, M. A. Kendrick, M. K. Gagan and W. R. Taylor
Noble gas and carbon isotope ratios in Argyle diamonds, Western Australia: Evidence for a deeply-subducted volatile component

Discussion and Reply: D. F. Lascelles Discussion on “Microplaty hematite – its varied nature and genesis” by R. C. Morris and “Genesis modeling for the Hamersley BIF-hosted iron ores of Western Australia: a critical review” by R.C. Morris and M. Kneeshaw.
Reply R. C. Morris and M. Kneeshaw

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