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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2011

Volume 58

Issue No.1

Issue No.2

Issue No.3

Issue No.4

Issue No.5

Issue No. 6

Issue No. 7

Issue No. 8

Volume 58 Issue No.1 2011

R. A. Henderson, B. M. Innes, C. L. Fergusson, A. J. Crawford & I. W. Withnall Collisional accretion of a Late Ordovician oceanic island arc, northern Tasman Orogenic Zone, Australia
Supplementary Papers

E. Prendergast, R. Offler, D. Phillips & H. Zwingmann 40Ar/39Ar And K-Ar ages: Early Paleozoic metamorphism and deformation in the Narooma Accretionary Complex, NSW.

Z. Dennis, D. Moore & Cull, J Magnetotelluric survey for undercover structural mapping, Central Victoria

C. L. Fergusson, A. Bray & P. Hatherly Cenozic development of the Lapstone Structural Complex, Sydney Basin, New South Wales

K. Bromfield & W. Renema Comparison of 87Sr/86Sr isotope and biostratigraphic ages of uplifted fossil reefs in the Indo-Pacific: Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji

T. J. Ralph, T. Kobayashi, A. García, P. P. Hesse, D. Yonge, N. Bleakley & T. Ingleton Paleoecological responses to avulsion and floodplain evolution in a semiarid Australian freshwater wetland

Discussion and Reply: Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 57, 291–315.

M. S. Norvick Paleogene basalts prove early uplift of Victoria's Eastern Uplands: Discussion

G.R. Holdgate, M.W. Wallace, S.J. Gallagher, B.E. Wagstaff & D. Moore Paleogene basalts prove early uplift of Victoria's Eastern Uplands: Discussion

A. H. M. VandenBerg Paleogene basalts prove early uplift of Victoria's Eastern Uplands: Reply

Discussion and Reply: Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 57, 627–649.

A. G. Rossiter & C. M. Gray Plate-driven extension and convergence along the East Gondwana active margin: Late Silurian-Middle Devonian tectonics of the Lachlan Fold Belt, southeastern Australia: Discussion

C. L. Fergusson Plate-driven extension and convergence along the East Gondwana active margin: Late Silurian-Middle Devonian tectonics of the Lachlan Fold Belt, southeastern Australia: Reply


Volume 58 Issue No.2 2011

R. Cayley & R. Korsch
Crustal architecture of central Victoria: results from the 2006 deep crustal reflection seismic survey

G. Holgate, B. Wagstaff & S. J. Gallagher
Did Port Phillip Bay Nearly Dry Up Between ˜2800 And 1000 Cal. Yr Bp. Bay-Floor Channelling Evidence, Seismic And Core Dating.

J. F. Jasonsmith, B. C. T. Macdonald, D. C. Mcphail, S. Beavis, M. Norman, I. C. Roach, B. Harris, L. Issacson, I. White & F. Biswas
Salinisation processes in a sub-catchment of Wybong Creek, Hunter Valley, Australia.

K. Higgins, T. Hashimoto, G. Fraser, N. Rollet & J. Colwell
Ion microprobe (SHRIMP) U-Pb dating of Upper Cretaceous volcanics from the northern Lord Howe Rise, Tasman Sea.

K. A. Dadd
Extension-related volcanism in the Middle to Late Devonian of the Lachlan Orogen: geochemistry of mafic rocks in the Comerong Volcanics.

G. Neef
Late Devonian-Early Carboniferous structure and tectonics of part of the northeast sector of the Darling Basin Conjugate Fault System, western New South Wales.


Volume 58 Issue No.3 2011

J. B. Jago1 and B. J. Cooper
The Emu Bay Shale Lagerstätte: a history of investigations.

J. G. Gehling, J. B. Jago, J. R. Paterson, D. C. García-Bellido & G. D. Edgecombe
The geological context of the Lower Cambrian (Series 2) Emu Bay Shale Lagerstätte and adjacent stratigraphic units, Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

D. McKirdy, P. Hall, C. Nedin, G. Halverson, B. Michaelsen, J. Jago, J. Gehling, & R. Jenkins
Richard Paleoredox status and thermal alteration of the lower Cambrian (Series 2) Emu Bay Shale Lagerstätte, South Australia.

J. R. Gage, L. B. Goodwin & B. Tikoff
Metamorphism and deformation on western Mt Chapple, Arunta Region, central Australia: A record of multiple high-grade tectonic events.

B. L. N. Kennett & A. Abdullah
Seismic Wave Attenuation beneath the Australasian Region.

K. Bazargani-Guilani, M. A. Nekouvaght Tak & M. Faramarzi
Pb-Zn deposits in Cretaceous carbonate host rocks, northeast Shahmirzad, central Alborz, Iran.

Volume 58 Issue No.4 2011

P.W Schmidt, C. Klootwijk & R.J Musgrave
A tribute to the contributions to paleomagnetism of Mike McElhinny and Phil McFadden

W.Guo, Z.-X. Li, M. Dentith & C. McA Powell
Magnetic petrophysical results from the Hamersley Basin and implications for magnetic modelling and simulation.

K.Kawasaki & D.T.A Symons
Paleomagnetism of Mt Isa and George Fisher deposits

P.W. Schmidt & G.E. Williams
Paleomagnetism of the Pandurra Formation and Blue Range Beds, Gawler Craton, South Australia, and the Australian Mesoproterozoic apparent polar wander path

P.W. Schmidt & D. Clark
Magnetic characteristics of the Hiltaba Suite Granitoids and Volcanics: late Devonian overprinting and thermal history of the Gawler Craton.

R.J. Musgrave & M. Fussel
Paleosecular variation recorded in glacial varves in the early part of the Kiaman Superchron

Volume 58 Issue No.5 2011

REVIEW: R. C. Morris & M. Kneeshaw A Critical Review of Genesis Modelling for the Hamersley BIF-Hosted Iron Ores of Western Australia.

P. A. Polito, T. K. Kyser, P. Alexandre, E. E. Hiatt & C. R. Stanley
Advances In Understanding The Kombolgie Subgroup and unconformity-related uranium deposits in the Alligator Rivers Uranium Field and how to explore for them using lithogeochemical principles.

K. E. Howard, M. Hand, K. M. Barovich & E. Belousova
Provenance of late Paleoproterozoic cover sequences in the central Gawler Craton: Exploring stratigraphic correlations in eastern Proterozoic Australia using detrital zircon ages, Hf and Nd isotopic data.
Supplementary Papers

S. P. Holford, R. R. Hillis, I. R. Duddy, P. F. Green, D. R. Tassone & M. S. Stoker
Paleothermal and seismic constraints on Late Miocene–Pliocene uplift and deformation in the Torquay Sub-Basin, Southern Australian Margin.

C. Danis, C. O’Neill, M. Lackie, L. Twigg & A. Danis
Deep 3D structure of the Sydney Basin using gravity modelling.
Supplementary Papers

R. B. Ickert & I. S. Williams
U-Pb zircon geochronology of Silurian-Devonian granites in southeastern Australia: implications for the timing of the Benambran Orogeny and the I–S dichotomy
Supplementary Papers

Volume 58 Issue No.6 2011

REVIEW: L. M. Petherick, P. T. Moss and H. A. McGowan
Climatic and environmental variability during the termination of the Last Glacial Stage in coastal eastern Australia: A review

Z. R. Dennis, D. H. Moore and J. P. Cull
A Geological Interpretation of the Echuca Magnetotelluric Survey, Victoria

T. C. Robson and J. A. Webb
Late Neogene tectonics in northwestern Victoria: evidence from the Late Miocene–Pliocene Loxton Sand

T. A. Fromhold and M. W. Wallace

Nature and significance of the Neoproterozoic Sturtian–Marinoan Boundary, Northern Adelaide Geosyncline, South Australia.

K.E Howard, M. Hand, K.M. Barovich, J.L. Payne, K.A. Cutts and E.A. Belousova

U-Pb zircon, zircon Hf and whole-rock Sm-Nd isotopic constraints on the evolution of Paleoproterozoic rocks in the northen Gawler Craton

S. Jones

Proterozoic deformation in the east Pilbara Craton and tectonic setting of fault-hosted manganese at the Woodie Woodie mine

A.Cross, S. Jaireth, R. Rapp and R. Armstrong

Reconnaissance-style EPMA chemical U-Th-Pb dating of uraninite

AJES Vol 58/7 Thematic Volume: a Tribute to the Contributions of ERNIE Nickel

REVIEW: R. R. Anand & M. Verrall Biological origin of minerals in pisoliths in the Darling Range of Western Australia

S. J. BarnesB. M. Godel, M. Locmelis, M. L. Fiorentini & C. G. Ryan
Extremely Ni-rich Fe–Ni sulfide assemblages in komatiitic dunite at Betheno, Western Australia: results from synchrotron X-ray fluorescence mapping.

M. A. Wells & J. Chia
Quantification of Ni Laterite Mineralogy and Composition: A New Approach

H. R. Watling, A. D. Elliot, H. M. Fletcher, D. J. Robinson & D. M. Sully
Ore mineralogy of nickel laterites: controls on processing characteristics under simulated heap-leach conditions

M. Landers, M. Gräfe, R. J. Gilkes, M. Saunders & M. Wells
Nickel distribution and speciation in rapidly dehydroxylated goethite in oxide-type lateritic nickel ores: XAS and TEM spectroscopic (EELS and EFTEM) investigation

C. R. M. Butt & N. E. Timms
The Liversidge Nugget Collection: A New Look At Some Old Gold

E. A. Hancock & A. M. Thorne
Mineralogy of lode and alluvial gold from the western Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia

K. M. Scott, N. W.  Radford, R. M. Hough & S. M. Reddy
Rutile compositions in the Kalgoorlie goldfields and their Implications for exploration.

T. J. Roache, J. L. Walsh, J. F. Huntington, M. A. Quigley, K. Yang, B. W. Bil, K. L. Blake & T. Hyvärinen
Epidote-clinozoisite as a hyperspectral tool in exploration for Archean gold.

W. D. Birch, S. J. Mills , R. Maas & J. C. Hellstrom
A chronology for Late Quaternary weathering in the Murray Basin, southeastern Australia: evidence from 230Th/U dating of secondary uranium phosphates in the Lake Boga and Wycheproof granites, Victoria.

R. A. Eggleton, J. Fitz Gerald & L. Foster
Chrysoprase from Gumigil, Queensland

AJES Vol 58/8

F. C. Murphy, M. A. Kendrick, L. Aillères, B. Jupp, J. McLellan, M. J. Rubenach, C. Laukamp, N. H. S. Oliver, I. G. Roy, K. Gessner, F. P. Bierlein, J. L. Walshe, J. S. Cleverley & L. J. Hutton
Mineral system analysis of the Mt Isa–McArthur River region, Northern Australia

K. Gessner
Hot lithosphere at Mount Isa: Implications for Proterozoic tectonics and mineralisation.

F.P. Bierlein, R. Maas & J. Woodhead
Pre-1.8 Ga Tectono-Magmatic Evolution of the Kalkadoon-Leichhardt Belt - Implications for the Crustal Architecture and Metallogeny of the Mt Isa Inlier, northwest Queensland, Australia.

C. Laukamp, T. Cudahy, M. Thomas, M. Jones, J. S. Cleverley & N. H. S. Oliver
Hydrothermal mineral alteration patterns in the Mount Isa Inlier revealed by airborne hyperspectral data

A. R. Wilde
The Mount Isa Copper Orebodies – Improving Predictive Discovery

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