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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2010

Vol.57 Issue No.8
Vol.57 Issue No.7
Vol.57 Issue No.6
Vol.57 Issue No.5
Vol.57 Issue No.4
Vol.57 Issue No.3
Vol.57 Issue No.2
Vol.57 Issue No.1

Volume 57 Issue No.1 2010


J R Austin & T G Blenkinsop
Cloncurry Fault Zone strain partitioning and multiple deformation in a long-lived, crustal-scale structure in the Mt Isa Inlier

G R Burton
New structural model to explain geophysical features in northwestern New South Wales
implications for the tectonic framework of the Tasmanides

J-W Mao, G-Q Xie, F Pirajno, H-S Ye, Y-B Wang, Y-F Li, J-F Xiang & H-J Zhao
Late Jurassic_Cretaceous granitoid magmatism in Eastern Qinling, central-eastern China: SHRIMP zircon U_Pb ages and tectonic implications

A Y Glikson & J Vickers
Asteroid impact connections of crustal evolution

M D Cheetham, R T Bush, A F Keene & W D Erksine
Longitudinal variation in the Late Quaternary terrace sequences of Widden Brook, southeastern Australia

M Kh Khalifa & C R Ward
Sedimentological analysis of the subsurface Mulga Downs Group in the central part of the Darling Basin, western New South Wales

R A Craddock, M F Hutchinson & J A Stein
Topographic data reveal a buried fluvial landscape in the Simpson Desert, Australia

Volume 57 Issue No.2 2010

M A McLean, V J Morand & R A Cayley
Gravity and magnetic modelling of crustal structure in central Victoria; what lies under the Melbourne Zone?

R P Bourman, J R Prescott, D Banerjee, N F Alley & S Buckman

Age and origin of alluvial sediments within and flanking the Mt Lofty Ranges, southern South Australia: a Late Quaternary archive of climate and environmental change

J Roberts & L James
Stratigraphic relationships of Carboniferous volcanogenic successions in the Clifton_Carroll block, Gunman Ridge and Werrie Syncline, northern Tamworth Belt, southern New England Orogen

Y You
Climate model evaluation of the contribution of sea surface temperature and carbon dioxide to the Middle Miocene Climate Optimum as a possible analogue of future climate change

J De Silva & R A Smith
Paleovalley hydrogeology and landscape evolution in dryland salinity development and control in southwest Western Australia

T B Kidane, M Fuller & Y-I Otofuji

Shipboard paleomagnetic age estimates for an acoustic basement emplacement in Marion Plateau, ODP Leg 194, offshore northeast Australia

M Pownceby
Alteration and associated impurity element enrichment in detrital ilmenites from the Murray Basin, southeast Australia: a product of multistage alteration

L D Leader, J A Robinson & C J L Wilson
Role of faults and folding in controlling gold mineralisation at Fosterville, Victoria

Volume 57 Issue No.3 2010

P N Nelson; P W Whitehead; C A Link
Buried lava flows crossing the Great Divide in north Queensland: discovery using magnetic methods, and implications for hydrology

A H M Vandenberg
Paleogene basalts prove early uplift of Victoria's Eastern Uplands

Z R Dennis; J P Cull; R A Cayley
Transient electromagnetic profiles across gold-mineralisation zones in central Victoria

N J Brown; P Tregoning
Quantifying GRACE data contamination effects on hydrological analysis in the Murray–Darling Basin, southeast Australia

C Hirt; M S Filmer; W E Featherstone
Comparison and validation of the recent freely available ASTER-GDEM ver1, SRTM ver4.1 and GEODATA DEM-9S ver3 digital elevation models over Australia

G J H McCall
New paradigm for the early Earth: did plate tectonics as we know it not operate until the end of the Archean?

C R Danis; N R Daczko; M A Lackie; S J Craven
Retrograde metamorphism of the Wongwibinda Complex, New England Fold Belt and the implications of 2.5D subsurface geophysical structure for the metamorphic history

Discussion and Reply
Climate model sensitivity to changes in Miocene paleotopography

Volume 57 Issue No.4 2010

N Rawlinson; H Tkalcic; A M Reading
Structure of the Tasmanian lithosphere from 3D seismic tomography

L T White; P G Lennox
Can the size of K-feldspar phenocrysts be used to map the occurrence of mylonitic shear zones? Results from the Wyangala Granite, Eastern Lachlan Fold Belt, New South Wales

A Y Glikson; D Jablonski; S Westlake
Origin of the Mt Ashmore structural dome, west Bonaparte Basin, Timor Sea

A Van Heeswijck
Late Paleozoic to Early Mesozoic deformation in the northeastern Galilee Basin, Australia

Z Lan; Z Q Chen
Paleodictyon from a nearshore paleoenvironmental setting in the Guadalupian (Middle Permian) of the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

J B Jago; C J Bentley
Geological significance of middle Cambrian trilobites from near Melba Flats, western Tasmania

C Danis; C O'Neill; M A Lackie
Gunnedah Basin 3D architecture and upper crustal temperatures

Volume 57 Issue No.5 2010

R D Winn Jr; P Pousai
Synorogenic alluvial-fan–fan-delta deposition in the Papuan foreland basin: Plio-Pleistocene Era Formation, Papua New Guinea

T C T Hubble; I D Rutherfurd
Evaluating the relative contributions of vegetation and flooding in controlling channel widening: the case of the Nepean River, southeastern Australia

M L Fiorentini; S W Beresford; N Rosengren; M E Barley; T C McCuaig
Contrasting komatiite belts, associated Ni–Cu–(PGE) deposit styles and assimilation histories

A T Jones; J D Gorter; J M Kennard
Haines Structure: a probable Eocene complex impact structure in the offshore Canning Basin, Western Australia

R P Bourman; S Buckman; B Pillans; M A J Williams; F Williams
Traces from the past: the Cenozoic regolith and intraplate neotectonic history of the Gun Emplacement, a ferricreted bench on the western margin of the Mt Lofty Ranges, South Australia

T J Ivanic; M T D Wingate; C L Kirkland; M J Van Kranendonk; S Wyche
Age and significance of voluminous mafic–ultramafic magmatic events in the Murchison Domain, Yilgarn Craton

Y Kakuwa; J Webb
Evolution of Cambrian to Ordovician trace fossils in pelagic deep-sea chert, Australia

C L Fergusson
Plate-driven extension and convergence along the East Gondwana active margin: Late Silurian–Middle Devonian tectonics of the Lachlan Fold Belt, southeastern Australia

Volume 57 Issue No.6 2010

THEMATIC ISSUE Ore deposits of Central Asia: From Siberia to Northwest China Guest Editors: F Pirajno, H DeBoorder and A S Borisenko

F Pirajno, H DeBoorder and A S Borisenko
Ore deposits of Central Asia: from Siberia to Northwest China. Introduction

R Seltmann, S Soloviev, V Shatov, F Pirajno, E Naumov & S Cherkasov
Metallogeny of Siberia: tectonic, geologic and metallogenic settings of selected significant deposits
Supplementary papers

V V Ryabov & A A Lapkovsky
Native iron (–platinum) ores from the Siberian Platform trap intrusions

V A Simonov, I V Gaskov & S V Kovyazin
Physico-chemical parameters from melt inclusions for the formation of the massive sulfide deposits in the Altai-Sayan Region, Central Asia

G Pavlova & A Borovikov
Silver–antimony deposits of Central Asia: physico-chemical model of formation and sources of mineralisation

V G Gonevchuk, G A Gonevchuk, P G Korostelev, B I Semenyak & R Seltmann
Tin deposits of the Sikhote-Alin (Russian Far East) and their magmatic association

F Yang, J Mao, F Liu, F Chai, Z Guo, G Zhuo, X Geng & J Gao
Geochronology and geochemistry of the granites from the Mengku iron deposit, Altay Mountains, northwest China: implications for the tectonic setting and metallogenesis of the iron deposit

Z H Zhang, J W Mao, Z L Wang, F Pirajno & Y B Wang
Geochemical and SHRIMP U–Pb age constraints on the origin of the Qingbulake mafic–ultramafic complex in the West Tianshan Mountains, Xinjiang, northwest China

F P Bierlein & A R Wilde
New constraints on the polychronous nature of the giant Muruntau gold deposit from wall-rock alteration and ore paragenetic studies

Volume 57 Issue No.7 2010

V A Gostin; D M McKirdy; L J Webster & G E Williams
Ediacaran ice-rafting and coeval asteroid impact, South Australia: Insights into the terminal Proterozoic environment

CA Metzger & G J Retallack

Paleosol record of Neogene climate change in the Australian outback
Supplementary papers

D Rieser; M Kuhn; R Pail; I M Anjasmara & J Awange
Relation between GRACE-derived surface mass variations and precipitation over Australia

G J Nash; M N Binnie & J H Cann
Distribution of foraminifera and ostracods in the Onkaparinga Estuary, South Australia
Supplementary papers

D McB Martin & P A Morris
Tectonic setting and regional implications of ca 2.2 Ga mafic magmatism in the Southern Hamersley Province, Western Australia
Supplementary papers

L P Black; J L Everard; M P Mcclenaghan; R J Korsch; C R Calver; A M Fioretti; A V Brown & C Foudoulis
Controls on Devonian–Carboniferous magmatism in Tasmania, based on inherited zircon age patterns, Sr, Nd and Pb isotopes, and major and trace element geochemistry

M A Hough; F P Bierlein; L Ailleres & S McKnight
Nature of gold mineralisation in the Walhalla Goldfield, southeast Australia

A Bray; P Hatherly & C L Fergusson
Seismic reflection evidence for the evolution of the Camden Syncline and Lapstone Structural Complex, central Sydney Basin, Australia

R C King & G Backe
A balanced 2D structural model of the Hammerhead Delta–Deepwater Fold-Thrust Belt, Bight Basin, Australia

Vol.57 No.8 December 2010

R R Anand & C R M Butt
A Guide for mineral exploration through the regolith in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
Supplementary Papers

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