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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2009

Vol.56 Supplement No.1
Vol.56 Issue No.8
Vol.56 Issue No.7
Vol.56 Issue No.6
Vol.56 Issue No.5
Vol.56 Issue No.4
Vol.56 Issue No.3
Vol.56 Issue No.2
Vol.56 Issue No.1

Volume 56 No.1 2009

THEMATIC ISSUE—Surface water and groundwater: understanding the importance of their connections
(Guest Editor: R I Acworth)

R I Acworth

R Brodie, S Baskaran, T Ransley & J Spring
Seepage meter: progressing a simple method of directly measuring water flow between surface water and groiundwater systems

S Baskaran, T Ransley, R Brodie & P Baker
Investigating groundwater–river interactions using environmental tracers

S Baskaran, R Brodie, T Ransley & P Baker
Time-series measurements of stream and sediment temperature for understanding river–groundwater interactions: Border Rivers and Lower Richmond catchments, Australia

W C Glamore & B Indraratna
Tidal forcing groundwater dynamics in a restored coastal wetland: implications of saline intrusion

R I J Vogwill, S Williamson & J Kote
Hydrogeology of the coastal mining area, Lihir gold mine, Papua New Guinea

D J Anderson, W A Timms & W C Glamore
Optimising subsurface well design for coastal desalinisation water harvesting

P A White
Avon River Springs catchment, Christchurch City, New Zealand

K M Ivkovic, R A Letcher & B F W Croke
Use of a simple surface–groundwater interaction model to inform water management

R I Acworth & W A Timms
Evidence for connected water processes through smectite-dominated clays at Breeza, New South Wales

Volume 56 Issue No.2 2009

J Braun, D R Burbidge, F N Gesto, M Sandiford, A J W Gleadow, B P Kohn & P R Cummins
Constraints on the current rate of deformation and surface uplift of the Australian continent from a new seismic database and low-T thermochronological data:

M Kh Khalifa & C R Ward
Stratigraphic correlation of the Devonian sequence in the Blantyre Sub-basin, Darling Basin, western New South Wales
Supplementary Papers

P J Hill, P De Deckker, C von der Borch & C V Murray-Wallace
Ancestral Murray River on the Lacepede Shelf, southern Australia: Late Quaternary migrations of a major river outlet and strandline development

G Neef
Middle to Late Devonian braidplain deposition in the northeast sector of the Darling Basin Conjugate Fault System, near White Cliffs settlement, western New South Wales

C L Fergusson
Tectonic evolution of the Ordovician Macquarie Arc, central New South Wales: arguments for subduction polarity and anticlockwise rotation

W E Featherstone
Only use ship-track gravity data around Australia with extreme caution

M L Smith, B J Pillans & K G McQueen
Paleomagnetic evidence for periods of intense oxidative weathering, McKinnons mine, Cobar, New South Wales:

M Kuhn, W E Featherstone & J F Kirby
Complete spherical Bouguer gravity anomalies over Australia:

C Matthai, K Guise, P Coad, S McCready & S Taylor
Environmental status of sediments in the lower Hawkesbury–Nepean River, New South Wales
Supplementary Papers

C M Gray & I McDougall
K–Ar geochronology of basalt petrogenesis, Newer Volcanic Province, Victoria

S McLaren, M W Wallace, B Pillans, S J Gallagher, J A Miranda & M T Warne
Revised stratigraphy of the Blanchetown Clay, Murray Basin: age constraints on the evolution of paleo Lake Bungunnia

Volume 56 Issue No.3 2009

THEMATIC ISSUE — Evolution of the Bowen, Gunnedah and Surat Basins, eastern Australia
Guest editors: R. J. Korsch & J. M. Totterdell

R. J. Korsch & J. M. Totterdell
Evolution of the Bowen, Gunnedah and Surat Basins, eastern Australia. Introduction

C Klootwijk
Sedimentary basins of eastern Australia: paleomagnetic constraints on geodynamic evolution in a global context

P Waschbusch, R J Korsch & C Beaumont
Geodynamic modelling of aspects of the Bowen, Gunnedah, Surat and Eromanga Basins from the perspective of convergent margin processes

R J Korsch & J M Totterdell
Subsidence history and basin phases of the Bowen, Gunnedah and Surat Basins, eastern Australia

A A Krassay, R J Korsch & B J Drummond
Meandarra Gravity Ridge: symmetry elements of the gravity anomaly and its relationship to the Bowen–Gunnedah–Sydney basin system

R J Korsch, J M Totterdell, D L Cathro & M G Nicoll
Early Permian East Australian Rift System

A T Brakel, J M Totterdell, A T Wells & M G Nicoll
Sequence stratigraphy and fill history of the Bowen Basin, Queensland

J M Totterdell, J Moloney, R J Korsch & A A Krassay
Sequence stratigraphy of the Bowen–Gunnedah and Surat Basins in New South Wales

K L Hoffmann, J M Totterdell, O Dixon, G A Simpson, A T Brakel, A T Wells & J L McKellar
Sequence stratigraphy of Jurassic strata in the lower Surat Basin succession, Queensland

R J Korsch, J M Totterdell, T Fomin & M G Nicoll
Contractional structures and deformational events in the Bowen, Gunnedah and Surat Basins, eastern Australia

A Raza, K C Hill & R J Korsch
Mid-Cretaceous uplift and denudation of the Bowen and Surat Basins, eastern Australia: relationship to Tasman Sea rifting from apatite fission-track and vitrinite-reflectance data

Volume 56 Issue No.4 2009

J Triantafilis & S M Buchanan
Identifying common near-surface and subsurface stratigraphic units using EM34 signal data and fuzzy k-means analysis in the Darling River valley

M S Filmer & W E Featherstone
Detecting spirit-levelling errors in the AHD: recent findings and some issues for any new Australian height datum and DEM

G J Retallack
Cambrian, Ordovician and Silurian pedostratigraphy and global events in Australia

J D Bradshaw, M Gutjahr, S D Weaver & K N Bassett
Cambrian intra-oceanic arc accretion to the austral Gondwana margin: constraints on the location of proto-New Zealand

S McLaren, M W Wallace, S J Gallagher, J A Dickinson & A McAllister
Age constraints on Oligocene sedimentation in the Torquay Basin, southeastern Australia

E R Ramanaidou
Genesis of lateritic iron ore from banded iron-formation in the Capanema mine (Minas Gerais, Brazil)

P G Lennox & R Offler
Kinematic history of serpentinites in the faulted margins of the Hastings Block, New England Orogen, eastern Australia

Volume 56 Issue No.5 2009

M Hendrickx
Carbonate-hosted asbestos occurrences in South Australia: review of geology and implications for mesothelioma

R J Korsch, C J Adams, L P Black, D A Foster, G L Fraser, C G Murray, C Foudoulis and W L Griffin
Geochronology and provenance of the Late Paleozoic accretionary wedge and Gympie Terrane, New England Orogen, eastern Australia
Supplementary Paper

P G Lennox & R Offler
Kinematic history of serpentinites in the faulted margins of the Hastings Block, New England Orogen, eastern Australia

C Vérard
Paleomagnetic study of the Late Silurian – Early Devonian Mt Daubeny Formation from the Broken Hill area, New South Wales

J J Veevers
Mid-Carboniferous Centralian uplift linked by U–Pb zircon chronology to the onset of Australian glaciation and glacio-eustasy

Volume 56 Issue No.6 2009

THEMATIC ISSUEPermian–Triassic mass extinction and subsequent recovery: an update
Guest editors: Z. Q. Chen, R. J. Twitchett & J. Tong

Z Q Chen, R J Twitchett and J Tong
Permian–Triassic mass extinction and subsequent recovery: an update. Introduction

Z Q Chen, A D George & W-R Yang
Effects of Middle–Late Permian sea-level changes and mass extinction on the formation of the Tieqiao skeletal mound in the Laibin area, south China

H Song, J Tong & Z Q Chen
Two episodes of foraminiferal extinction near the Permian–Triassic boundary at the Meishan section, south China

Z Q Chen, J Tong, K Zhang, H Yang, Z Liao, H Song & J Chen
Environmental and biotic turnover across the Permian–Triassic boundary on a shallow carbonate platform in western Zhejiang, south China

K Kaiho, Z Q Chen & K Sawada
Possible causes for a negative shift in the stable carbon isotope ratio before, during and after the end-Permian mass extinction in Meishan, south China

S Kershaw, S Crasquin, P-Y Collin, Y Li, Q Feng & M-B Forel
Microbialites as disaster forms in anachronistic facies following the end-Permian mass extinction: a discussion

M-B Forel, S Crasquin, S Kershaw, Q L Feng & P-Y Collin
Ostracods (Crustacea) and water oxygenation in the earliest Triassic of South China: implications for oceanic events at the end-Permian mass extinction

A D Woods
Anatomy of an anachronistic carbonate platform: Lower Triassic carbonates of the southwestern United States

M L Fraiser & D J Bottjer
Opportunistic behaviour of invertebrate marine tracemakers during the Early Triassic aftermath of the end-Permian mass extinction

A J McGowan, A B Smith & D Taylor
Faunal diversity, heterogeneity and body size in the Early Triassic: testing post-extinction paradigms in the Virgin Limestone of Utah, USA
Supplementary Paper

Vol.56 Issue No.7 2009

D J Och, R Offler, H Zwingmann, J Braybrooke & I T Graham
Timing of brittle faulting and thermal events, Sydney region: association with the early stages of extension of East Gondwana

R Offler, D J Och, D Phelan & H Zwingmann
Mineralogy of gouge in north-northeast-striking faults, Sydney region

J A Giddings, M W Wallace & E M S Woon
Interglacial carbonates of the Cryogenian Umberatana Group, northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia

J H Cann, M F Scardigno & J B Jago
Mangroves as an agent of rapid coastal change in a tidal-dominated environment, Gulf St Vincent, South Australia: implications for coastal management

A Ghasemi & M P Kermani
Structure of the Soresat Metamorphic Complex, North Sanandaj–Sirjan Zone, northwest Iran

N R Daczko, N Harb, R A Portner & J A Dickinson
Geochemical fingerprint of hyaloclasts in glassy fragmental rocks of Macquarie Island (Southern Ocean): implications for volcanogenic sedimentary processes at a waning mid-ocean ridge

N L Neumann, G M Gibson & P N Southgate
New SHRIMP age constraints on the timing and duration of magmatism and sedimentation in the Mary Kathleen Fold Belt, Mt Isa Inlier, Australia
Supplementary Paper

P A Morris & F Pirajno
Chemical fingerprinting of multiple large-scale magmatic events in the Mesoproterozoic Bangemall Supergroup, Western Australia
Supplementary Paper

F L Sutherland, K Zaw, S Meffre, G Giuliani, A E Fallick, I T GRaham & G B Webb
Gem corundum megacrysts, eastern Australia basalt fields: trace elements, O isotopes and origins
Supplementary Paper

Vol.56 Issue No.8 2009


C. J. Adams, D. Cluzel and W. L. Griffin
Detrital-zircon ages and geochemistry of sedimentary rocks in basement Mesozoic terranes and their cover rocks in New Caledonia, and provenances at the Eastern Gondwanaland margin
Supplementary Paper

N. Herold, Y. You, R. D. Mu¨ller and M. Seton
Climate model sensitivity to changes in Miocene paleotopography

W. K. Witt, D. R. Mason and D. P. Hammond
Archean Karari gold deposit, Eastern Goldfields Province, Western Australia: a monzonite-associated disseminated gold deposit

J. D. Gorter
Enigmatic seafloor structures in the Perth Basin (Houtman Sub-basin), offshore Western Australia: deep-water carbonate mounds or volcanic cones?

P. W. Haines, S. P. Turner, J. D. Foden and J. B. Jago
Isotopic and geochemical characterisation of the Cambrian Kanmantoo Group, South Australia: implications for stratigraphy and provenance

N. C. Williams
Mass and magnetic properties for 3D geological and geophysical modelling of the southern Agnew–Wiluna Greenstone Belt and Leinster nickel deposits, Western Australia

C. J. L. Wilson, S. W. McKnight, A. L. Dugdale, T. J. Rawling, A. D. Farrar, M. J. McKenzie and W. D. Melling
Illite crystallinity and the b-spacing values of white micas and their implications for gold mineralisation in the Lachlan Orogen

H. Carey, M. K. Lenkopane, A. D. Werner, L. Li and D. A. Lockington
Tidal controls on coastal groundwater conditions: field investigation of a macrotidal system

Vol.56 Supplement 1 2009 Special Issue: Australian Cenozoic continental sediments

J. D. A. Clarke & C. F. Pain Guest Editors
Australian Cenozoic continental sediments

M. Sandiford, M. Quigley, P. de Broekert, S. Jakica
Tectonic framework for the Cenozoic cratonic basins of Australia

K. J. Page, J. Kemp, G. C. Nanson
Late Quaternary evolution of Riverine Plain paleochannels, southeastern Australia

D. Yonge, P. P. Hesse
Geomorphic environments, drainage breakdown, and channel and floodplain evolution on the lower Macquarie River, central-western New South Wales

R. S. B. Greene, S. R. Cattle, A. A. McPherson
Role of eolian dust deposits in landscape development and soil degradation in southeastern Australia

J. Wilford
Using airborne geophysics to define the 3D distribution and landscape evolution of Quaternary valley-fill deposits around the Jamestown area, South Australia

D. L. Gibson, K. P. Tan
Terrestrial sedimentation in the southwestern Neogene Bland Basin, an alluviated paleovalley in the Lachlan River catchment, eastern Australia

R. A. Chan
Evolution of the Girilambone regolith landscape, central-western New South Wales

A. J. Reid, R. J. Korsch, B. Hou, L. P. Black
Sources of sediment in the Eocene Garford paleovalley, South Australia, from detrital-zircon geochronology

A. L. Kernich, C. F. Pain, J. D. A. Clarke, A. D. Fitzpatrick
Geomorphology of a dryland fluvial system: the Lower Balonne River, southern Queensland

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