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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2008

Volume 55 Supplement 1
Volume 55 Issue No.8
Volume 55 Issue No.6-7
Volume 55 Issue No.5
Volume 55 Issue No.4
Volume 55 Issue No.3
Volume 55 Issue No.2
Volume 55 Issue No.1

Volume 55 Issue No.1 2008

Conceptual mineral exploration

D I Groves

J M A Hronsky & D I Groves
Science of targeting: definition, strategies, targeting and performance measurement

A Ford & T G Blenkinsop
Evaluating geological complexity and complexity gradients as controls on copper mineralisation, Mt Isa Inlier

V Nykänen, D I Groves, V J Ojala, P Eilu & S J Gardoll
Reconnaissance-scale conceptual fuzzy-logic prospectivity mapping for iron oxide copper –gold deposits in the northern Fennoscandian Shield, Finland

V Nykänen, D I Groves, J Ojala & S Gardoll
Combined conceptual/empirical prospectivity mapping for orogenic gold in the Northern Fennoscandian Shield, Finland

F P Bierlein, H J Northover, D I Groves, R J Goldfarb & E E Marsh
Controls on mineralisation in the Sierra Foothills gold province, central California, USA: a GIS-based reconnaissance prospectivity analysis

F P Bierlein, S J Fraser,W M Brown & T Lees
Advanced methodologies for the analysis of databases of mineral deposits and major faults

W. Potma, P. A. Roberts, P. M. Schaubs, H. A. Sheldon, Y. Zhang, B.E. Hobbs & A. Ord
Predictive targeting in Australian orogenic-gold systems at the deposit to district scales using numerical modelling

Volume 55 Issue No.2 2008


A Y Glikson
Milestones in the evolution of the atmosphere with reference to climate change


B Brooke, M Preda, R Lee, M Cox, J Olley, T Pietsch & D Price
Development, composition and age of indurated sand layers in the Upper Quaternary coastal deposits of northern Moreton Bay, Queensland

L M Barron, T P Mernagh & B J Barron
Using strain birefringence in diamond to estimate the remnant pressure on an inclusion

J.R. Prescott & M.A. Habermehl
Luminescence dating of spring mound deposits in the southwestern Great Artesian Basin, northern South Australia

M Gardam, A Mason, A F Reid, G J Churchman & M Raven
Arumpo bentonite deposits: distinctive indicators of past volcanic events in the Murray Basin. southeastern Australia

N Mortimer, F Hauff & A T Calvert
Continuation of the New England Orogen, Australia, beneath the Queensland Plateau and Lord Howe Rise

G R Holdgate, M W Wallace, S J Gallagher, B E Wagstaff & D Moore
No mountains to snow on. Major post-Eocene uplift of the East Victoria Highlands: evidence from Cenozoic deposits

K F Bull, A J Crawford, J McPhie, R J Newberry & S Meffre
Geochemistry, geochronology and tectonic implications of Late Silurian – Early Devonian volcanic successions, Central Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales

AJES Volume 55 Issue No.3 2008


B. L. N. Kennett & H. Tkalcic:
Dynamic Earth: crustal and mantle heterogeneity


S J Mills, W D Birch, R Maas, D Phillips & I R Plimer
Lake Boga Granite, northwestern Victoria: mineralogy, geochemistry and geochronology

B P J Stevens, R W Page & A Crooks
Geochronology of Willyama Supergroup metavolcanics, metasediments and contempraneous intrusions, Broken Hill, Australia
Supplementary Paper

R Offler & D Foster
Timing and development of oroclines in the southern New England Orogen, New South Wales:

N G Direen, H M J Stagg, P A Symonds & J B Colwell
Architecture of volcanic rifted margins: new insights from the Exmouth–Gascoyne margin, Western Australia:

I Metcalfe, R S Nicoll & R J Willink
Conodonts from the Permian–Triassic transition in Australia and position of the Permian–Triassic boundary

D Clark, M Dentith, K-H Wyrwoll, Y Lu, V Dent & W Featherstone
Hyden Fault Scarp, Western Australia: paleoseismic evidence for repeated Quaternary displacement in an intracratonic setting

P W Haines, R M Hocking, K Grey & M K Stevens
Vines 1 revisited: are older Neoproterozoic glacial deposits preserved in Western Australia?

B E Cohen, K M Knesel, P M Vasconcelos D S Thiede & J M Hergt
40Ar/39Ar constraints on the timing and origin of Miocene leucitite volcanism in southeastern Australia
Supplementary Paper

Volume 55 Issue No.4 2008


H Tkalcic & B L N Kennett
Core structure and heterogeneity: a seismological perspective


A G Rossiter & C M Gray
Barium contents of granites; key to understanding crustal architecture in the southern Lachlan Fold Belt?

A Reid, M Hand, E Jagodzinski, D Kelsey & N Pearson
Paleoproterozoic orogenesis in the southeastern Gawler Craton, South Australia
Supplementary Papers

G A Kew,R J Gilkes & C I Mathison
Nature and origins of granitic regolith in bauxite mine floors in the Darling Range, Western Australia

M Raiber & J A Webb
Tectonic control of Tertiary deposition in the Streatham Deep-Lead System in western Victoria

K E Parker & J A Webb
Estuarine deposition and palaeoecology of a mid-Viséan tetrapod unit, Ducabrook Formation, central Queensland: implications for tetrapod dispersal

M Raveggi, D Giles, J Foden, M Raetz & K Ehlers 
Source and significance of the felsic magmatism in the Paleoproterozoic to Mesoproterozoic Broken Hill Block, New South Wales

A D Heap & P T Harris 
Geomorphology of the Australian Margin and adjacent seafloor

J A Salisbury, A G Tomkins & B F Schaefer
New Insights into the size and timing of the Lawn Hill impact structure: relationship to the century Zn-pb deposit.

Volume 55 Issue No.5 2008


B De Waele & S Pisarevsky
Geochronology, paleomagnetism and magnetic fabric of metamorphic rocks in the northeast Fraser Belt, Western Australia.
Supplementary Paper

J L Payne, M Hand, K M Barovich & B P Wade
Temporal constraints on the timing of high-grade metamorphism in the northern Gawler Craton: implications for assembly of the Australian Proterozoic.
Supplementary Paper

M A Olmos & G F Birch
Application of sediment-boundheavy metals in studies of estuarine health: a case study of Brisbane Water estuary, New South Wales.

F P Murphy, J Cull, T J Lee, S K Lee & Y Song
Magnetotelluric soundings and crustal architecture at Century mine, northern Australia.

T D Frank
Late Holocene island reef development on the inner zone of the northern Great Barrier Reef: insights from Low Isles Reef.

R C King, R R Hillis & S D Reynolds
In situ stresses and natural fractures in the Northern Perth Basin, Australia.

B P Wade, M Hand, D W Maidment, D F Close & I R Scrimgeour
Origin of metasedimentary and igneous rocks from the central Australia: a U–Pb, LA-ICPMS, SHRIMP and Sm–Nd isotope study
Supplementary Paper

Volume 55 Issue No.6/7 2008

Guest Editors: J R De Laeter, A J W Gleadow & I McDougall

J R De Laeter, A J W Gleadow & I McDougall: Introduction
Appendix 1

J R De Laeter: Geochronology in Australia: an overview

Part 1: History of geochronology in Australia

I McDougall
Brief history of isotope geology at the Australian National University.

S Y O'Reilly, W L Griffin & B Gulson
Geochronology in New South Wales.

S Golding
History of geochronology in Queensland.

J A Cooper, J D Foden, J R Prescott, H H Veeh & A W Webb
Geochronology in South Australia.

A J W Gleadow & J F Lovering
Development of geochronology in Victoria.

J R De Laeter
Geochronology in Western Australia

Part 2: Geochronology through time

D R Nelson
Geochronology of the Archean of Australia.

S Sheppard, B Rasmussen, S Bodorkos & I M Tyler
Role of geochronology in our present-day understanding of the Proterozoic: an Australian perspective.

I S Williams & A K Pulford
Contribution of geochronology to understanding the Paleozoic geological history of Australia.

I McDougall
Geochronology and evolution of Australia in the Mesozoic.

P M Vasconcelos, K M Knesel, B E Cohen & J A Heim
Geochronology of the Australian Cenozoic: a history of tectonic and igneous activity, weathering, erosion and sedimentation
Supplementary Paper

Part 3: Geochronology; some recent applications

R Grün, R Wells, S Eggins, N Spooner, M Aubert, L Brown & E Rhodes
Electron spin resonance dating of South Australian megafauna sites.
Supplementary Paper

T R Ireland, S Clement, W Compston, J J Foster, P Holden, B Jenkins, P Lanc, N Schram & I S Williams
Development of SHRIMP.

M T McCulloch & G E Mortimer
Application of the 238U–230Th decay series to dating of fossil and modern corals using MC-ICPMS.

B I A McInnes, R R Keays, D D lambert, J Hellstrom & J S Allwood
Re–Os geochronology and isotope systematics of Tanami, Tennant Creek and Olympic Dam Au–Cu deposits.

S Y O'Reilly, W L Griffin, N J Pearson, S E Jackson, E A Belousova, O Alard & A Saeed
Taking the pulse of the Earth: linking crustal and mantle events.

J R Prescott & G B Robertson
Luminescence dating: an Australian perspective

Volume 55 Issue No.8 2008

Review papers

I Cartwright & I Simmonds
Impact of changing climate and land use on the hydrogeology of southeast Australia

K J McNamara:
Earth and life: origins of Phanerozoic diversityResearch papers

C Vérard & R A Glen
Magnetic fabrics of Paleozoic rocks across the Lachlan Transverse Zone from eastern New South Wales
Supplementary Paper

I C Roach, S M Hill & A C Lewis
Evolution of a small intraplate basaltic lava field:Jerrabattgulla Creek, upper Shoalhaven River catchment, southeast New South Wales

R Dutch, M Hand & P Kinny
High-grade Paleoproterozoic reworking in the southeastern Gawler Craton, South Australia
Supplementary Paper

G J Retallack
Cambrian paleosols and landscapes of South Australia
Supplementary Paper

A Y Glikson, A Hickman & J Vickers
Hickman Crater, Ophthalmia Range, Western Australia: evidence supporting a meteorite impact origin
Supplementary Paper

P G Quilty, M P Crundwell & S W Wise
Microplankton provide 9 Ma age for sediment in the Macquarie Island ophiolite complex

A R A Aitken, P G Betts, B F Schaefer & S E Rye
Assessing uncertainty in the integration of aeromagnetic data and structural observations in the Deering Hills region of the Musgrave Province

B K Mohapatra, P P Singh, P P Mishra and K Mahant
Detrital iron ore deposits in the Iron ore Group of Rocks, north Orissa, eastern India

M J Gregory, R R Keays & A R Wilde
Magmatic history of the Eastern Creek Volcanics, Mt Isa, Australia: insights from trace-element and platinum-group element geochemistry

Discussion & Reply
D Howell & L Nasdala: Discussion: Using strain birefringence in diamond to estimate the remnant pressure on an inclusion.

L M Barron, T P Mernagh & B J Barron: Reply.

M C Brown: Discussion: No mountains to snow on; major post-Eocene uplift of the East Victoria Highlands; evidence from Cenozoic deposits.

G R Holdgate, M W Wallace, S J Gallagher, B E Wagstaff and D Moore: Reply

Volume 55 Supplement 1 2008

Weipa Bauxite, northern Australia

R A Eggleton, G Taylor
Introduction: Weipa Bauxite, northern Australia

G Taylor, R A Eggleton, L D Foster, C M Morgan
Landscapes and regolith of Weipa, northern Australia

R A Eggleton, G Taylor, M Le Gleuher, L D Foster, D B Tilley, C M Morgan
Regolith profile, mineralogy and geochemistry of the Weipa Bauxite, northern Australia

G Taylor, R A Eggleton, L D Foster, D B Tilley, M Le Gleuher, C M Morgan
Nature of the Weipa Bauxite deposit, northern Australia

R A Eggleton, G Taylor
Effects of some macrobiota on the Weipa Bauxite, northern Australia

R A Eggleton, G Taylor
Impact of fire on the Weipa Bauxite, northern Australia

G Taylor, R A Eggleton
Genesis of pisoliths and of the Weipa Bauxite deposit, northern Australia

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