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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2007

Volume 54 Issue No.7
Volume 54 Issue No.6
Volume 54 Issue No.5
Volume 54 Issue No.4
Volume 54 Issue No.2/3
Volume 54 Issue No.1

AJES Volume 54 No.7 2007

C G Murray
Devonian supra-subduction zone setting for the Princhester and Northumberland Serpentinites: implications for the tectonic evolution of the northern New England Orogen

J Hodgkinson, M E Cox & S McLoughlin
Groundwater mixing in a sand island freshwater lens: density-dependent flow and stratigraphic controls

J D Greenough, J Dostalb & L M Mallory-Greenough
Incompatible element ratios in French Polynesia basalts: describing mantle component fingerprints
Supplementary Paper

R M Hough, C R M Butt, S M Reddy & M Verrall
Gold nuggets: supergene or hypogene?

K Bromfield, C F Burrett, R A Leslie & S Meffre
Jurassic volcaniclastic–basaltic andesite–dolerite sequence in Tasmania: new age constraints for fossil plants from Lune River

J Whelan, J Hergt & J Woodhead
Granite–greenstone connection in western Victoria: an example from the Bushy Creek igneous complex

G C Young
Devonian formations, vertebrate faunas and age control on the far south coast of New South Wales and adjacent Victoria

Discussion and Reply
Discussion. Apatite (U–Th)/He age constraints on the Mesozoic and Cenozoic evolution of the Bathurst region, New South Wales: quantifying the denudation of the plateau surface of a high-elevation passive margin: P F Green & I R Duddy; M C Brown; D L Gibson. Reply: C Persano, P Bishop & F M Stuart

Volume 54 No.6 2007

A A Morey, R F Weinberg, F P Bierlein & G J Davidson
Gold deposits of the Bardoc Tectonic Zone: a distinct style of orogenic gold in the Archaean Eastern Goldfields Province, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

M L Fiorentini, S W Beresford, B Grguric, S J Barnes & W E Stone
Atypical stratiform sulfide-poor platinum-group element mineralisation in the Agnew–Wiluna Belt komatiites, Wiluna, Western Australia

A C Mee, D M McKirdy, M A J Williams & E S Krull
New radiocarbon dates from sapropels in three Holocene lakes of the Coorong coastal plain, southeastern Australia

S J Gallagher & T L Gourley
Revised Oligo-Miocene stratigraphy of the Murray Basin, southeast Australia

N W Jackson & B D Carter
Global mapping of iron and titanium oxides in the lunar megaregolith and subsurface
Supplementary Paper

G R Shi, Y S Dhu & Y M Gong
Soft-sediment deformation structures interpreted as seismite from the Middle Permian of the southern Sydney Basin, southeastern Australia

D W Haig & E McCartain
Carbonate pelagites in the post-Gondwana succession (Cretaceous–Neogene) of East Timor
Supplementary Paper

C G Murray
Devonian supra-subduction zone setting for the Princhester and Northumberland Serpentinites: implications for the tectonic evolution of the northern New England Orogen

Volume 54 No.5 2007

N F Exon, Y Lafoy, P J Hill, G R Dickens & I Pecher
Geology and petroleum potential of the Fairway Basin in the Tasman Sea

G Neef
Early Devonian synorogenic alluvial-fan deposits of the Maccullochs Range, western New South Wales

W-L Zang, C M Fanning, A C Purvis, O L Raymond & R A Both
Early Mesoproterozoic bimodal plutonism in the southeastern Gawler Craton, South Australia

P J Lyon, P J Boult, R R Hillis & K Bierbrauer
Basement controls on fault development in the Penola Trough, Otway Basin, and implications for fault-bounded hydrocarbon traps

P W Whitehead, P J Stephenson, I McDougall, M S Hopkins, A W Graham, K D Ccollerson & D P Johnson
Temporal development of the Atherton Basalt Province, north Queensland

B L Wood & R R Large
Syngenetic gold in western Victoria: occurrence, age and dimensions

R C Morris & E R Ramanaidou
Genesis of channel iron deposits (CID) of the Pilbara region, Western Australia

R F Berry, R M Chmielowski, D A Steele & S Meffre
Chemical U–Th–Pb monazite dating of the Cambrian Tyennan Orogeny, Tasmania

B Robineau, J L Join, A Beauvais, J-C Parisot & C Savin
Geoelectrical imaging of a thick regolith developed on ultramafic rocks: groundwater influence

Volume 54 No.4 2007

E I Prendergast
Early Palaeozoic subduction in the southeastern Lachlan Fold Belt, Batemans Bay, New South Wales

L J Hamilton
Clustering of cumulative grainsize distribution curves for shallow-marine samples with software program CLARA
Supplementary Paper

X Qiao, R Du, Q Wang, S Yang, K Tan & L Guo
GPS-derived crustal deformation in southwestern China

J B Jago & C G Gatehouse
Early Cambrian trace fossils from the Kanmantoo Group at Red Creek, South Australia, and their stratigraphic significance

M S Forbes, E A Bestland, R T Wells & E S Krull
Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene Robertson Cave sedimentary deposit, Naracoorte, South Australia

S.A. Pisarevsky, M.T.D. Wingate, M.K. Stevens & P.W. Haines
Palaeomagnetic results from the Lancer 1 stratigraphic drillhole, Officer Basin, Western Australia, and implications for Rodinia reconstructions

C L Fergusson, R A Henderson, I W Withnall & C M Fanning
Structural history of the Greenvale Province, north Queensland: Early Palaeozoic extension and convergence on the Pacific margin of Gondwana
Supplementary Paper

B G Lottermoser & J S Cleverley
Controls on the genesis of a high-fluoride thermal spring: Innot Hot Springs, north Queensland
Supplementary Paper

W D Birch, C Magee, L M Barron & F L Sutherland
Gold- and diamond-bearing White Hills Gravel, St Arnaud district, Victoria: age and provenance based on U–Pb dating of zircon and rutile

AJES Volume 54 No.2/3 2007

THEMATIC ISSUE: Geological evolution and metallogenesis of the Ordovician Macquarie Arc, Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales
Guest editors: Crawford A. J., Glen R. A., Cooke D. R. & Percival I. G.

Crawford A. J., Glen R. A., Cooke D. R. & Percival I. G.
Introduction Percival I. G. & Glen R. A.: Ordovician to earliest Silurian history of the Macquarie Arc, Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales

Glen R. A., Crawford A. J., Percival I. G. & Barron L. M.
Early Ordovician development of the Macquarie Arc, Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales

Crawford A. J., Meffre S., Squire R. J. & Barron L. M. & Falloon T.
J.: Middle and Late Ordovician magmatic evolution of the Macquarie Arc, Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales

Glen R. A., Spencer R. & Willmore A., David V. & Scott R. J.
Junee– Narromine Volcanic Belt, Macquarie Arc, Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales: components and structure

Crawford A. J., Cooke D. R. & Fanning C. M.
Geochemistry and age of magmatic rocks in the unexposed Narromine, Cowal and Fairholme Igneous Complexes in the Ordovician Macquarie Arc, New South Wales

Squire R. J. & McPhie J.
Complex volcanic facies architecture of the Forest Reefs Volcanics near Cadia, New South Wales, associated with prolonged arc-related volcanism

Squire R. J. & Crawford A. J.
Magmatic characteristics and geochronology of Ordovician igneous rocks from the Cadia–Neville region, New South Wales: implications for tectonic evolution
Supplementary Papers

Simpson C. J., Scott R. J., Crawford A. J. & Meffre S.
Volcanology, geochemistry and structure of the Ordovician Cargo Volcanics in the Cargo–Walli region, central New South Wales

Barron L. M., Meffre S. & Glen R. A.
Arc and mantle detritus in the post-collisional, Lower Silurian Kabadah Formation, Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales

Meffre S., Scott R. J., Glen R. A. & Squire R. J.
Re-evaluation of contact relationships between Ordovician volcanic belts and the quartz-rich turbidites of the Lachlan Orogen
Supplementary Papers

Glen R. A., Meffre S. & Scott R. J.
Benambran Orogeny in the Eastern Lachlan Orogen, Australia

Lickfold V., Cooke D. R., Crawford A. J. & Fanning C. M.
Shoshonitic magmatism and the formation of the Northparkes porphyry Cu–Au deposits, New South Wales

Cooke D. R., Wilson A. J., House M. J., Wolfe R. C., Walshe J. L., Lickfold V. & Crawford A. J.
Alkalic porphyry Au–Cu and associated mineral deposits of the Ordovician to Early Silurian Macquarie Arc, New South Wales

Glen R. A., Crawford A. J. & Cooke D. R.
Tectonic setting of porphyry Cu–Au mineralisation in the Ordovician – Early Silurian Macquarie Arc, Eastern Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales.

Volume 54 No.1 2007


K G McQueen, O R Gonzalez, I C Roach, B J Pillans, W J Dunlap & M L Smith
Landscape and regolith features related to Miocene leucitite lava flows, El Capitan, northeast of Cobar, New South Wales

P M Evins, A Wilde, D R W Foster, S McKnight & T G Blenkinsop
Significance of monazite EMPA ages from the Quamby Conglomerate, Queensland

I M A Vos, W Potma, F P Bierlein & H A Sheldon
Numerical modelling of the western Hodgkinson Province, northeast Queensland: implications for gold mineralisation

J K Mitchell, G R Holdgate & M W Wallace
Pliocene–Pleistocene history of the Gippsland Basin outer shelf and canyon heads, southeast Australia

L Rutherford, M Hand & K Barovich
Timing of Proterozoic metamorphism in the southern Curnamona Province: implications for tectonic models and continental reconstructions
Supplementary Papers

P M Ashley & B P Graham, M K Tighe & B J Wolfenden
Antimony and arsenic dispersion in the Macleay River catchment, New South Wales: a study of the environmental geochemical consequences

B E Cohen, P M Vasconcelos & K M Knesel
40Ar/39Ar constraints on the timing of Oligocene intraplate volcanism in southeast Queensland
Supplementary Papers

R W Young
Reverend W. B. Clarke, 'the Father of Australian Geology', on the origin of valleys

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