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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2006

Volume 53 Issue No.6
Volume 53 Issue No.5
Volume 53 Issue No.4
Volume 53 Issue No.3
Volume 53 Issue No.2
Volume 53 Issue No.1

Volume 53 Issue No.6 2006


E B Bekele, R B Salama & D P Commander
Hydrogeology and hydrochemistry of the Parmelia aquifer, northern Perth Basin, Western Australia

E B Bekele, R B Salama & D P Commander
Impact of change in vegetation cover on groundwater recharge to a phreatic aquifer in Western Australia: assessment of several recharge estimation techniques

K F Bull & J McPhie
Facies architecture of the Lower Devonian Ural Volcanics, New South Wales

G J Price & G E Webb
Late Pleistocene sedimentology, taphonomy and megafauna extinction on the Darling Downs, southeastern Queensland

E A Belousova, W V Preiss, M P Schwarz & W L Griffin
Tectonic affinities of the Houghton Inlier, South Australia: U–Pb and Hf isotope data from zircons in modern stream sediments

C A Hopley & B G Jones
Holocene stratigraphic and morphological evolution of the Wandandian Creek delta, St Georges Basin, New South Wales

W T Ward & J L F Hacker
Brisbane Airport: an alluvial landscape veiled by marine sediments

C T Klootwijk : Discussion. Carboniferous to Lower Permian stratigraphy of the southern Tamworth Belt, southern New England Orogen, Australia: boundary sequences of the Werrie and Rouchel blocks. J Roberts: Reply

Volume 53 Issue No.5 2006

THEMATIC ISSUE: Victoria: its setting, new discoveries and techniques applied to identify blind orebodies
Guest editors: C. J. L. Wilson & L. J. Dugdale

C. J. L. Wilson and L. J. Dugdale


J. McL Miller, C. J. L. Wilson and L. J. Dugdale
Stawell gold deposit: a key to unravelling the Cambrian to Early Devonian structural evolution of the western Victorian goldfields

R. J. Squire, I. H. Stewart and W. Zang
Acritarchs in polydeformed and highly altered Cambrian rocks in western Victoria

R. J. Squire, C. J. L. Wilson, L. J. Dugdale, B. J. Jupp and A. L. Kaufman
Cambrian backarc-basin basalt in western Victoria related to evolution of a continent-dipping subduction zone

J. Robinson, C. J. L. Wilson and T. J. Rawling
Influence of volcano-sedimentary facies architecture on strain partitioning during the evolution of an orogenic-gold lode system, Stawell, western Victoria

A. L. Dugdale, C. J. L. Wilson and R. J. Squire
Hydrothermal alteration at the Magdala gold deposit, Stawell, western Victoria
Supplementary Paper

D. A. Henry, R. J. Squire, C. J. L. Wilson and T. J. Rawling
Structural and lithological controls on the high-grade Hangingwall Reef quartz–gold veins, Stawell, Victoria
Part 2. Geophysical setting and numerical modelling

R. J. Smith and K. Frankcombe
Role of geophysical methods applied to mapping mineral systems under the Murray Basin cover

R. J. Musgrave, J. Grewar and M. Vega
Significance of remanence in Stawell goldfield aeromagnetic anomalies

J. Robinson, C. J. L. Wilson and T. J. Rawling
Numerical modelling of an evolving gold system: structural and lithological, controls on ore-shoot formation in the Magdala goldmine, western Victoria

T. J. Rawling, P. M. Schaubs, L. J. Dugdale, C. J. L. Wilson and F. C. Murphy
Application of 3D models and numerical simulations as a predictive exploration tool in western Victoria

P. M. Schaubs, T. J. Rawling, L. J. Dugdale and C. J. L. Wilson
Factors controlling the location of gold mineralisation around basalt domes in the Stawell corridor: insights from coupled 3D deformation – fluid-flow numerical models

L. D. Leader, T. J. Rawling and C. J. L. Wilson
Structural transect and forward modelling of geophysical data across the St Arnaud Group, Victoria

F. C. Murphy, T. J. Rawling, C. J. L. Wilson, L. J., Dugdale and J. McL. Miller
3D structural modelling and implications for targetting gold mineralisation western Victoria

Volume 53 Issue No.4 2006


A C Gillis & G F Birch
Investigation of anthropogenic Lake Illawarra, New South Wales

N F Exon, P J Hill, Y Lafoy, G Bernardel & C Heine
Australia: an important continental fragment in the southwest Pacific jigsaw

I Puttonen & J H Cann 
Spencer Gulf, South Australia

V M Kovalevych, W-L Zang, T M Peryt, O V Khmelevska, S Halas, I Iwasinska-Budzyk, P J Boult & P S Heithersay 
Deposition and chemical composition of Lower Cambrian salt in the eastern Officer Basin, South Australia

N Rawlinson, B L N Kennett & M Heintz
Insights into the structure of the upper mantle beneath the Murray Basin from 3-D teleseismic tomography

G C Young
Devonian fish remains, biostratigraphy and unconformities, Narromine 1:250 000 map sheet area, central New South Wales (Lachlan Fold Belt)

M J Van Kranendonk, W Bleeker & J Ketchum
Phreatomagmatic boulder conglomerates at the tip of the ca 2772 Ma Black Range dolerite dyke, Pilbara Craton, Western Australia

A T Jones
Wind-generated tool marks resembling trace fossils in a shallow estuarine environment

T J Falloon, R F Berry, P Robinson, & A J Stolz
Whole Rock Geochemistry of the Hili Manu peridotite, East Timor: implications for the origin of Timor ophiolites
Supplemenatry Papers

S Edwards, D M McKirdy, Y Bone, P A Gell & V A Gostin
Diatoms and ostracods as mid-Holocene palaeoenvironmental indicators, North Stromatolite Lake, Coorong National Park, South Australia
Supplementary Papers


P E Playford & R M Hocking
Tectonic control on development of a Frasnian–Famennian (Late Devonian) palaeokarst surface, Canning Basin reef complexes, northwestern Australia.


A D George, N Chow & K M Trinajstic

Volume 53 Issue No.3 2006

R A L Osborne, H Zwingmann, R E Pogson & D M Colchester  
Carboniferous clay deposits from Jenolan Caves, New South Wales: 
implications for timing of speleogenesis and regional geology

N P James, Y Bone, R M Carter & C V Murray-Wallace 
Origin of the Late Neogene Roe Plains and their calcarenite veneer: implications
for sedimentology and tectonics in the Great Australian Bight

M Fernandes, A Cheshire & A Doonan 
Sedimentary geochemistry in lower Spencer Gulf, South Australia: implications for southern bluefin tuna farming

M R Jones 
Cenozoic landscape evolution in central Queensland

G R Holdgate, M W Wallace, S J Gallagher, R B Witten, B Stats & B E Wagstaff
Cenozoic fault control on 'deep lead' palaeoriver systems, Central Highlands, Victoria

I M A Vos & F P Bierlein 
Characteristics of orogenic-gold deposits in the Northcote district, Hodgkinson Province, north Queensland: implications for tectonic evolution

B G Lottermoser & P M Ashley
Physical dispersion of radioactive mine waste at the rehabilitated Radium Hill uranium mine site, South Australia

L Rutherford, K Barovich , M Hand & J Foden
Continental ca 1.7–1.69 Ga Fe-rich metatholeiites in the Curnamona Province, Australia: a record of melting of a heterogeneous, subduction-modified 
lithospheric mantle

Volume 53 Issue No.2 2006

S A Jones
Mesoproterozoic Albany-Fraser Orogen-related deformation along the southeastern margin of the Yilgarn Craton. pp. 213-234

T Moxon, D R Nelson & M Zhang
Agate recrystallisation: evidence fromsamples found in Archaean and Proterozoic host rocks. pp. 235-248

J Roberts, R Offler & M Fanning:
Carboniferous to Lower Permian stratigraphy of the southern Tamworth Belt, southern New England Orogen, Australia: boundary sequences of the Werrie and Rouchel blocks. pp. 249-284
Supplementary Papers

M C Quigley, M L Cupper & M Sandiford:
Quaternary faults of south-central Australia: palaeoseismicity, slip rates and origin. pp. 285-301

J Trofimovs, B K Davis, R A F Cas, M E Barley & G I Tripp:
Reconstructing the event stratigraphy from complex structural-stratigraphic architecture of an Archaean volcanic-intrusive-sedimentary succession: the Boorara Domain, Eastern Goldfields Superterrane, Western Australia. pp. 303-327

D R Gray, C E Willman & D A Foster
Crust restoration for the western Lachlan Orogen using the strain-reversal, area-balancing technique:
implications for crustal components and original thicknesses. pp. 329-341

R R Whittam, F P Bierlein & S McKnight:
Leven Star deposit: an example of Middle to Late Devonian intrusion-related gold systems in the western
Lachlan Orogen, Victoria. pp. 343-362

W T Ward
Coastal dunes and strandplains in southeast Queensland: sequence and chronology. pp. 363-373

Volume 53 Issue No.1 2006

THEMATIC ISSUE: Mt Isa tectonics
Guest Editors: P.G Betts and B.R Goleby

P G Betts and B R Goleby


T MacCready
Structural cross-section based on the Mt Isa Deep Seismic Transect

T MacCready
Structural evolution of the southern Mt Isa Valley

T MacCready, B R Goleby, A Goncharov, B J Drummond & G S Lister
Shifts in the locus of crustal thickening during Mesoproterozoic orogenesis in the Mt Isa Terrane

W A Potma & P G Betts
Extension-related structures in the Mitakoodi Culmination: implications for the nature and timing of extension, and effect on later shortening in the eastern Mt Isa Inlier

M G O'Dea, P G Betts, T MacCready & L Aillères
Sequential development of a mid-crustal fold-thrust complex: evidence from the Mitakoodi Culmination in the eastern Mt Isa Inlier, Australia

D Giles, P G Betts, L Aillères, B Hulscher, M Hough & G S Lister
Evolution of the Isan Orogeny at the southeastern margin of the Mt Isa Inlier

G Mark, N H S Oliver & M J Carew
Insights into the genesis and diversity of epigenetic Cu–Au mineralisation in the Cloncurry
district, Mt Isa Inlier, northwest Queensland

W L Griffin, E A Belousova, S G Walters & S Y O'Reilly
Archaean and Proterozoic crustal evolution in the Eastern Succession of the Mt Isa
district, Australia: U–Pb and Hf-isotope studies of detrital zircons
Supplementary paper - Appendix 2

R A Spikings, D A Foster & B P Kohn
Low-temperature (<110°C) thermal history of the Mt Isa and Murphy Inliers, northeast Australia: evidence from apatite fission track thermochronology
Supplementary Paper -Table 1

D R W Foster & M J Rubenach
Isograd pattern and regional low- pressure, high-temperature metamorphism of pelitic, mafic and calc-silicate rocks along an east–west section through the Mt Isa Inlier

P G Betts, D Giles, G Mark, G S Lister, B R Goleby & L Aillères
Synthesis of the Proterozoic evolution of the Mt Isa Inlier

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