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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2005

Volume 52 Issue No.6
Volume 52 Issue No.4/5 (joint thematic issue)
Volume 52 Issue No.3
Volume 52 Issue No.2
Volume 52 Issue No.1

Volume 52 No.6 2005


M L Williams & P F Carr
Isotope systematics of secondary minerals from the Prospect Intrusion, New South Wales

L P Black & M P McClenaghan, R J Korsch, J L Everard & C Foudoulis
Significance of Devonian–Carboniferous igneous activity in Tasmania as derived from U–Pb SHRIMP dating of zircon

P F Hodkiewicz, R F Weinberg, S J Gardoll & D I Groves
Complexity gradients in the Yilgarn Craton: fundamental controls on crustal-scale fluid flow and the formation of world-class orogenic gold deposits

P M Ashley & M E Napier
Heavy-metal loadings related to urban contamination in the Kooloonbung Creek catchment, Port Macquarie, New South Wales

C J Simpson, R A F Cas & M C Arundell
Volcanic evolution of a long-lived Ordovician island-arc province in the Parkes region of the Lachlan Fold Belt, southeastern Australia

S Thiel & G Heinson
Tectonic evolution of the southern Gawler Craton, South Australia, from electromagnetic sounding

F L Sutherland, I T Graham, H Zwingmann, R E Pogson & B J Barron
Belmore Volcanic Province, northeastern New South Wales, and some implications for plume variations along Cenozoic migratory trails*
Supplementary Papers

J McL Miller, D Phillips, C J L Wilson & L J Dugdale
Evolution of a reworked orogenic zone: the boundary between the Delamerian and Lachlan Fold Belts, southeastern Australia*
Supplementary Papers

I M A Vos, F P Bierlein & G S Teale
Genesis of orogenic gold deposits in the Broken River Province, northeast Queensland

S-F Chen, P A Morris & F Pirajno
Occcurrence of widespread komatiites in the Sandstone greenstone belt, north-central Yilgarn Craton*
Supplementary Papers

F X Gingele & P De Deckker
Clay mineral, geochemical and Sr–Nd-isotopic fingerprinting of sediments in the Murray–Darling fluvial system, southeast Australia

J R McIntyre & J E Martyn
Early extension in the Late Archaean northeastern Eastern Goldfields Province, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

C G Murray & P R Blake
Geochemical discrimination of tectonic setting for Devonian basalts of the Yarrol Province of the northern New England Orogen, central coastal Queensland: an empirical approach*
Supplementary Papers

Volume 52 No.4/5 2005 (joint thematic issue)

THEMATIC ISSUE: Schoemaker Memorial Issue on the Australian impact record: 1997 - 2005 update
Guest Editors: A Y Glikson and P W Haines

A Y Glikson & P W Haines


R P Iasky & A Y Glikson
Gnargoo: a possible 75 km-diameter post-Early Permian - pre-Cretaceous buried impact structure, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

C S Shoemaker & F A Macdonald
The Shoemaker legacy to the Australian impact record

F Pirajno
Hydrothermal processes associated with meteorite impact structures: evidence from three Australian examples and implications for economic resources

P W Haines
Impact cratering and distal ejecta: the Australian record

G E Williams & V A Gostin
Acramen-Bunyeroo impact event (Ediacaran), South Australia, and environmental consequences: twenty-five years on

V L Masaitis
Morphological, structural and lithological records of terrestrial impacts: an overview

H Zumsprekel & L Bischoff
Remote sensing and GIF analyses of the Strangways impact structure, Northern Territory

E M Shoemaker, F A Macdonald & C S Shoemaker
Geology of five small Australian impact craters

F A Macdonald, K Mitchell & A J Stewart
Amelia Creek: a Proterozoic impact structure in the Davenport Ranges, Northern Territory

A Y Glikson, A J Mory, R P Iasky, F Pirajno, S D Golding & I T Uysal
Woodleigh, Southern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia: history of discovery, Late Devonian age, and geophysical and morphometric evidence for a 120 km-diameter impact structure

F A Macdonald, M T D Wingate & K Mitchell
Geology and age of the Glikson impact structure, Western Australia

A Y Glikson, S Eggins, S D Golding, P W Haines, R P Iasky, T P Mernagh, A J Mory, F Pirajno & I T Uysal
Microchemistry and microstructures of hydrothermally altered shock-metamorphosed basement gneiss, Woodleigh impact structure, Southern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia
Supplementary Papers

A Abels
Spider impact structure, Kimberley Plateau, Western Australia: interpretations of formation mechanism and age based on integrated map-scale data

K A Plumb
Gulpuliyul structure: a possible impact structure of Mesoproterozoic age in western Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

M D Norman
Lunar impact breccias: petrology, crater setting, and bombardment history of the Moon

I P Sweet, P W Haines & K Mitchell
Matt Wilson structure: record of an impact event of possible Early Mesoproterozoic age, Northern Territory

G Keller
Impacts, volcanism and mass extinction: random coincidence or cause and effect?

D J Milton & F A Macdonald
Goat paddock, Western Australia: an impact crater near the simple-complex transition

S W Hassler, B M Simondson, D Y Sumner & M Murphy
Neoarchaean impact spherule layers in the Fortescue and Hamersley Groups, Western Australia: stratigraphic and depositional implications of re-correlation

C O'Neill & C Heine
Reconstructing the Wolfe Creek meteorite impact: deep structure of the crater and effects on target rock


A Scally & B M Simondson
Spherule textures in the Neoarchaean Wittenoom impact layer, Western Australia: consistency in diversity

A Glikson
Geochemical and isotopic signatures of Archaean to Palaeoproterozoic extraterrestrial impact ejecta/fallout units

Volume 52 No.3 2005


G Caprarelli
OMars perspectives from Australian landscapes: Introduction

C E Hall
SHRIMP U-Pb depositional age for the lower Hardey Formation evidence for diachronous deposition of the lower Fortescue Group in the southern Pilbara region, Western Australia

F Pirajno & M J Van Kranendonk
Review of hydrothermal processes and systems on Earth and implications for Martian analogues

C A Noll & M Hall
Structural architecture of the Owen Conglomerate, West Coast Range, western Tasmania: field evidence for Late Cambrian extension

A J Brown, M R Walter & T J Cudahy
Hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy of a Mars analogue environment at the North Pole Dome, Pilbara Craton, Western Australia

C A Noll & M Hall
Great Lyell Fault, western Tasmania: a collage of Middle and Late Cambrian growth faults reactivated during Devonian orogenesis

M Thomas, J D A Clarke & C F Pain
Weathering, erosion and landscape processes on Mars identified from recent rover imagery, and possible Earth analogues

S Sheppard, S A Occhipinti & D R Nelson
Intracontinental reworking in the Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia: the 1680-1620 Ma Mangaroon Orogeny
Supplementary Papers


Sri Widiyantoro & Fauzi
Note on seismicity of the Bali convergent region in the eastern Sunda Arc, Indonesia

R F Berry, O H Holm & D A Steele
Chemical U-Th-Pb monazite dating and Proterozoic history of King Island, southeast Australia
Supplementary Papers


L P Black, I W Withnall, P Gregory, B S Oversby & J H C Bain
U-Pb zircon ages from leucogneiss in the Etheridge Group and their significance for the early history of the Georgetown region, north Queensland

Volume 52 No.2 2005


X Wang, R Flood & J Roberts
Trace-element correlation of Carboniferous ignimbrites, southern New England Orogen, Australia, by factor and discrimination analysis
Supplementary Papers

B Paul, J M Hergt & J D Woodhead
Mantle heterogeneity beneath the Cenozoic volcanic province of central Victoria inferred from trace element and Sr, Nd, Pb and Hf isotope data

T H Bell, A P Ham, N Hayward & K A Hickey
On the development of gneiss domes

C L Fergusson, R A Henderson, K Lewthwaite, D Phillips & I W Withnall
Structure of the Early Palaeozoic Cape River Metamorphics, Tasmanides of north Queensland: evaluation of the roles of convergent and extensional tectonics

D W Maidment, M Hand & I S Williams
Tectonic cycles in the Strangways Metamorphic Complex, central Australia: geochronological evidence for exhumation and basin formation between two high-grade metamorphic events
Supplementary Papers

M W Wallace, J A Dickinson, D H Moore & M Sandiford
Late Neogene strandlines of southern Victoria: a unique record of eustasy and tectonics in southeast Australia

T I Allen, G Gibson & J P Cull
Stress-field constraints from recent intraplate seismicity in southeastern Australia

E J Nelson & R R Hillis
In situ stresses of the West Tuna area, Gippsland Basin

A Gaudin, A Decarreau, Y Noack & O Grauby
Clay mineralogy of the nickel laterite ore developed from serpentinised peridotites at Murrin Murrin, Western Australia

G Neef
Devonian-Carboniferous structure and tectonics at Maccullochs Range, and the recognition of a Darling Basin Conjugate Fault System showing switching of the directions of principal horizontal stress

Volume 52 No.1 2005


M J Jackson, P N Southgate, L P Black, P R Blake & J Domagala
Overcoming Proterozoic sandbody miscorrelations: integrated sequence stratigraphy and SHRIMP U-Pb dating of the Surprise Creek Formation, Torpedo Creek and Warrina Park Quartzites, Mt Isa Inlier

N F Exon, P J Hill, C Mitchell & A Post
Nature and origin of the submarine Albany canyons off southwest Australia

C Heine & R D Müller
Late Jurassic rifting along the Australian North West Shelf: margin geometry and spreading-ridge configuration

P J Hill, P De Deckker & N F Exon
Geomorphology and evolution of the gigantic Murray canyons on the Australian southern margin

A G Hare, R A F Cas, R Musgrave & D Phillips
Magnetic and chemical stratigraphy for the Werribee Plains basaltic lava flow-field, Newer Volcanics Province, southeast Australia: implications for eruption frequency

C L Fergusson, C M Fanning, D Phillips & B R Ackerman
Structure, detrital zircon U-Pb ages and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of the Early Palaeozoic Girilambone Group, central New South Wales: subduction, contraction and extension associated with the Benambran Orogeny

A G Hare & R A F Cas
Volcanic facies association and evolution of an intraplate basaltic plains province: the Werribee Plains basaltic lava flow-field, Newer Volcanics Province, southeast Australia

P G Lennox, R Trzebski, R Armstrong & W Siebel
Structural evolution and granite chronology of the central Molong Zone, Eastern Lachlan Fold Belt, Australia

S J Appleyard
Late Holocene temperature record from southwestern Australia: evidence of global warming from deep boreholes
Supplementary Papers

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