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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2004

Volume 51 Issue No.5
Volume 51 Issue No.4
Volume 51 Issue No.3
Volume 51 Issue No.2
Volume 51 Issue No.1

Volume 51 No.5 2004


S A Cooper & E A
Belousova Granite gneiss basement on Flinders Island, South Australia

A F Trendall, W Compston, D R Nelson, J R de Laeter & V C Bennett
SHRIMP zircon ages constraining the depositional chronology of the Hamersley Group, Western Australia
Supplementary Paper

S E Bryan, C M Allen, R J Holcombe & C R Fielding
U-Pb zircon geochronology of Late Devonian to Early Carboniferoous extension-related silicic volcanism in the northern New England Fold Belt
Supplementary Paper

A R Orpin, G J Brunskill, K J Woolfe & I Zagorskis
Sediment partitioning in a mixed terrigenous-carbonate system, central Great Barrier Reef shelf, Australia

A R Budd & G L Fraser
Geological relationships and 40Ar/39Ar age constraints on Au mineralisation at Tarcoola, Central Gawler Gold Province, South Australia

D Megirian, P Murray, L Schwarz & C von der Borch
Late Oligocene Kangaroo Well Local Fauna from the Ulta Limestone (new name), and climate of the Miocene oscillation across central Australia

R Boyd, K Ruming & J J Roberts
Geomorphology and surficial sediments on the southeast Australian continental margin

R W Young & I McDougall
K R Sharp Discussion & Reply Cenozoic volcanism, tectonism and stream derangement in the Snowy Mountains and northern Monaro of New South Wales

Volume 51 No.4 2004


B McGowran, G Holdgate, Q Li & S Gallagher
Cenozoic stratigraphic succession in southeastern Australia

M K Macphail & M S Stone
Age and palaeoenvironmental constraints on the genesis of the Yandi channel iron deposits, Marillana Formation, Pilbara, northwestern Australia
Supplementary Paper

J M Whitehead, D M Harwood, B C McKelvey, M J Hambrey & A McMinn
Diatom biostratigraphy of the Cenozoic glaciomarine Pagodroma Group, northern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica
Supplementary Paper

C V Spaggiari, D R Gray & D A Foster
Lachlan Orogen subduction-accretion systematics revisited

D McB Martin
Depositional environment and taphonomy of the 'strings of beads ': Mesoproterozoic multicellular fossils in the Bangemall Supergroup, Western Australia

B L N Kennett, S Fishwick, A M Reading & N Rawlinson
Contrasts in mantle structure beneath Australia: relation to Tasman Lines?

L Tong, C J L Wilson & J J Vassallo
Metamorphic evolution and reworking of the Sleaford Complex metapelites in the southern Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
Supplementary Paper

S Bodorkos & S M Reddy
Proterozoic cooling and exhumation of the northern central Halls Creek Orogen, Western Australia: constraints from a reconnaissance 40Ar/39Ar study

Volume 51 No.3 2004


F L Sutherland, J D Hollis, W D Birch, R E Pogson & L R Raynor
Cumulate-rich xenolith suite in Late Cenozoic basaltic eruptives, Hepburn Lagoon, Newlyn, and a review of western Victorian lithospheric xenolith suites
Supplementary Paper

F X Gingele & P De Deckker
Fingerprinting Australia 's rivers with clay minerals and the application for the marine record of climate change

M W Agnew, S W Bull & R R Large
Facies architecture of the Lewis Ponds carbonate and volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposits, central western New South Wales

R J Wormald, R C Price & A I S Kemp
Geochemistry and Rb-Sr geochronology of the alkaline-peralkaline Temora complex, central southern New South Wales: tectonic significance of Late Devonian granitic magmatism in the Lachlan Fold Belt

R Mustard
Textural, mineralogical and geochemical variation within the zoned Timbarrra Tablelands pluton, New South Wales
Supplementary Paper

M Paine, D Bennetts, J Webb & V Morand
Nature and extent of Pliocene strandlines in southwestern Victoria and their application to Late Neogene tectonics

B M Thomas, R J Willink, K Grice, R J Twitchett, R R Purcell, N W Archbold, A D George, S Tye, R Alexander, C B Foster & C J Barber
A unique marine Permian-Triassic boundary section from Western Australia

D R Mason
Thermodynamic modelling of lode-gold deposits in Archaean granitoids: Woodcutters and Lady Bountiful mines, Kalgoorlie region, Western Australia

M H Tangestani
Landscape susceptibility mapping using the fuzzy gamma approach in a GIS, Kakan catchment area, southwest Iran

R A Henderson & C L Fergusson
Discussion Stratigraphy, facies architecture and tectonic implications of the Upper Devonian to Lower Carboniferous Campwyn Volcanics of the northern New England Fold Belt

Volume 51 No.2 2004


P de Broekert, S A Wilde & A Kennedy
Variety, age and origin of zircons in the mid-Cenozoic Westonia Formation, southwestern Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

C J Forbes & P G Betts
Development of Type 2 fold interference patterns in the Broken Hill Block: implications for strain partitioning across a detachment during the Olarian Orogeny

H Lever & C M Fanning
Alunite alteration of tuffaceous layers and zircon dating, Upper Permian Kennedy Group, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

J Roberts, R Offler & M Fanning
Upper Carboniferous to Lower Permian volcanic successions of the Carroll-Nandewar region, northern Tamworth Belt, southern New England Orogen, Australia
Supplementary Paper

S E Taylor, G F Birch & F Links
Historical catchment changes and temporal impact on sediment of the receiving basin, Port Jackson, Australia

J K Pahl & M Sikorska
Cathodoluminescence study of carbonate cements in the Upper Cambrian conglomerates from the Wonominta Block, northwestern New South Wales

T D Frank & C R Fielding
Sedimentology and geochemistry of an urban coastal lake system: Coombabah Lake Nature Reserve, Gold Coast, Queensland

K M Tomkins & P P Hesse
Evidence of Late Cenozoic uplift and climate change in the stratigraphy of the Macquarie River valley, New South Wales

N F Exon, P Quilty, Y Lafoy, A J Crawford & J-M Auzende
Miocene volcanic seamounts on northern Lord Howe Rise: lithology, age and origin

A Yassaghi, P R James, T Flöttmann & C N Winsor
P-T conditions and kinematics of shear zones from the southern Adelaide Fold-Thrust Belt, South Australia: insights into the dynamics of a deeply eroded orogenic wedge

Volume 51 No.1 2004


A Tomkins, W Dunlap & J Mavrogenes
Geochronological constraints on the polymetamorphic evolution of the granulite-hosted Challenger gold deposit: implications for assembly of the northwest Gawler Craton*
Supplementary Papers

G Neef
Statigraphy, sedimentology, structure and tectonics of Lower Ordovician and Devonian strata of SOuth Mootwingee, Darling Basin, western New South Wales

S Wyche, D Nelson & A Riganti
4350-3130 Ma detrital zircons in the SOuthern Cross Granite-Greenstone Terrane, Western Australia: implications for the early evolution of the Yilgarn Craton

A Hill, K Grey, V Gostin and L Webster
New records of Late Neoproterozoic Acraman ejecta in the Officer Basin

J Y Suh, G Birch, K Hughes and C Mattal
Spatial distribution and source of heavy metals in reclaimed lands of Homebush Bay: the venue of the 2000 Olympic Games, Sydney , New South Wales

K Sharp
Cenozoic volcanism, tectonosm, and stream derangement in the Snowy Mountains and northern Monaro of New South Wales

O Hatton & G Davidson
Soldiers Cap Group iron-formations, Mt Isa Inlier, Australia, As windows info the hydrothermal evolution of a base-metal-bearing Proterozoic riff basin

P Crowhurst, R Maas, K Hill, D Foster & C Fanning
Isotopic constraints on crustal architecture and Perso-Triassic tectonics in New Guinea: possible links with eatern Australia

P Downed & P Seccombe
Sulfur isotope distribution in Late Silurian volcanic -hosted massive sulfide deposit of the Hill End Trough, eastern Lachlan Fold Belt, New South Wales

J Robert & R Boyed
Late Quaternary core statigrapy of the northern New South Wales continental shelf

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