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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2003

Volume 50 Issue No.6
Volume 50 Issue No.5
Volume 50 Issue No.4
Volume 50 Issue No.3
Volume 50 Issue No.2
Volume 50 Issue No.1

Volume 50 No.6 2003


C A Noll & M Hall
Stratigraphic architecture and depositional setting of the coarse-grained Late Cambrian Owen Basin, West Coast Range, western Tasmania

D A D Evans, K Sircombe, M T D Wingate, M Doyle, M McCarthy, R T Pidgeon & H S Van Niekerk
Foreland-basin volcanism and internide plutonism in the western Capricorn Orogen at 1805-1785 Ma: diachroneity of the Pilbara-Yilgarn collision

C Klootwijk
Carboniferous palaeomagnetism of the Werrie Block, northwestern Tamworth Belt, and the New England pole path
Supplementary Paper

O Holm, A Crawford & R Berry
Geochemistry and tectonic settings of meta-igneous rocks in the Arthur Lineament and surrounding area, north-west Tasmania
Supplementary Paper

E Leitch, C Ferguson & R Henderson
Arc to craton provenance switching in a Late Palaeozoic subduction complex, Wandilla and Shoalwater terranes, New England Fold Belt, eastern Australia

J Roberts, X Wang & M Fanning
Statigraphy and correlation of Carboniferous ignimbrites, Rocky Creek region, Tamworth Belt, SOuthern New England Orogen, New South Wales
Supplementary Paper

B Hou, L Frakes, N Alley and P Heithersay
Evolution of beach placer shorelines and heavy-mineral deposition in the eastern Eucia Basin, South Australia

K Sircombe
Age of the Mt Boggola volcanic succession and further geochronological constraint on the Ashburton Basin, Western Australia

F Sutherland & L Barron
Diamonds of multiple origins from New South Wales: further data and discussion

C Biermeier, M Wiesinger, K Stuwe, A Foster, H Gibson & A Raza
Aspects of the structural and late thermal evolution of the Redbank Thrust system, central Australia: constraints from the Speares Metamorphics

Volume 50 No.5 2003


B G Jones, B E Chenhall, F Debretsion & A C Hutton
Geochemical comparisons between estuaries with non-industrialised and industrialised catchments: the Huon and Derwent river estuaries, Tasmania
Supplementary papers

E R Ramanaidou, R C Morris & R C Horwitz
Channel iron deposits of the Hamersley Province, Western Australia

S M Hill, R A Eggleton & G Taylor
Neotectonic disruption of silicified palaeovalley systems in an intra-plate cratonic landscape: regolith and landscape evolution of the Mulculca range-front, Broken Hill Domain, New South Wales

C V Spaggiari, D R Gray & D A Foster
Formation and emplacement of the Dolodrook serpentinite body, Lachlan Orogen, southeast Australia

C V Spaggiari, D R Gray, D A Foster & S McKnight
Evolution of the boundary between the western and central Lachlan Orogen: implications for Tasmanide tectonics

C Brime, J A Talent & R Mawson
Metamorphism in the Palaeozoic sequences of the Townsville hinterland, northeastern Australia
Supplementary papers

R T Pidgeon & T J F Cook
1214 ±5 Ma dolerite dyke from the Darling Range, southwestern Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

F Pirajno & P Hawke, A Y Glikson, P Haines & T Uysal
Shoemaker impact structure, Western Australia

D L Harris, B G Lottermoser & J Duchesne
Ephemeral acid mine drainage at the Montalbion silver mine, north Queensland

C Gouramanis, J A Webb & A A Warren
Fluviodeltaic sedimentology and ichnology of part of the Silurian Grampians Group, western Victoria


G H Packham
Sequence and kinematics of multiple deformation around Taemas Bridge, eastern Lachlan Fold Belt, New South Wales


D W Durney & D A I Hood

Volume 50 No.4 2003

N G Direen & A J Crawford
The hunt for the 'Tasman Line ' and Australia 's Rodinian breakup boundary

L P Black & E A Jagodzinski
Importance of establishing sources of uncertainty for the derivation of reliable SHRIMP ages

D R Gray & R T Gregory
Fault geometry as evidence for inversion of a former 'rift ' basin in the Eastern Lachlan Orogen

M A McLean & P G Betts
Three-dimensional geometry and emplacement of the Hiltaba Granitoid Suite in the central-western Gawler Craton, Australia

C R Twidale & J A Bourne
Origin and inversion of fluting in granitic rocks

T Zhou, G N Phillips, S Denn & S Burke
Woodcutters goldfield: gold in an Archaean granite, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Supplementary paper

C L Fergusson
Ordovician-Silurian accretion tectonics of the Lachlan Fold Belt, southeastern Australia

Volume 50 No.3 2003


D Giles & A P Nutman
SHRIMP U-Pb zircon dating of the host rocks of the Cannington Ag-Pb-Zn deposit, southeastern Mt Isa Block, Australia
Supplementary paper

M H Tangestani & F Moore
Mapping porphyry copper potential with a fuzzy model, northern Shahr-e-Babak, Iran

P F Carr, C L Fergusson, J W Pemberton, G P Colquhoun, S I Murray& J Watkins
Late Ordovician island-arc volcanic rocks, northern Capertee Zone, Lachlan Fold Belt, New South Wales

P Tapsell, D Newsome & L Bastian
Origin of yellow sand from Tamala Limestone on the Swan Coastal Plain, Western Australia

J B Jago, J C Gum, A C Burtt & P W Haine
Stratigraphy of the Kanmantoo Group: a critical element of the Adelaide Fold Belt and the Palaeo-Pacific plate margin, eastern Gondwana

R M Adkins
Regressive systems tract cyclicity in shore-zone deposits: sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Lower Permian Tuckfield Member (Poole Sandstone), onshore Canning Basin, Western Australia

S E Bryan, C R Fielding, R J Holcombe, A Cook & C A Moffit
Stratigraphy, facies architecture and tectonic implications of the Upper Devonian to Lower Carboniferous Campwyn Volcanics of the northern New England Fold Belt
Supplementary paper

G R Holdgate, M W Wallace, S J Gallagher, A J Smith, J B Keene, D Moore & S Shafik
Plio-Pleistocene tectonics and eustasy in the Gippsland Basin, southeast Australia: evidence from magnetic imagery and marine geological data

A M Reading, B L N Kennett & M C Dentith
Seismic structure of the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

A M Reading & B L N Kennett
Lithospheric structure of the Pilbara Craton, Capricorn Orogen and northern Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, from teleseismic receiver functions

M Fuller, R Molina-Garza, M Antretter & F Lichowski
Magnetostratigraphy of the Plio-Pleistocene carbonate section of the Great Australian Bight


D B Gore & M P Taylor
Discussion Grooves and striations on the Stanthorpe Adamellite: evidence for a possible late Middle - Late Triassic age glaciation


A P Spenceley


D Branagan
Evolution of deep-lead palaeodrainages and gold exploration at Ballarat, Australia


D H Taylor & L V Gentle

Volume 50 No.2 2003


N F Alley & L A Frakes
First known Cretaceous glaciation: Livingston Tillite Member of the Cadna-owie Formation, South Australia

A Forsyth & J Nott
Evolution of drainage patterns on Cape York Peninsula, northeast Queensland

R D Hilton, W E Featherstone, P A M Berry, C P D Johnson & J F Kirby
Comparison of digital elevation models over Australia and external validation using ERS-1 satellite radar altimetry

G H Packham
U-Pb SHRIMP ages of volcanic zircons from the Merrions and Turondale Formations, New South Wales, and the Early Devonian time-scale: a biostratigraphic and sedimentological assessment

M A Forster & G S Lister
Cretaceous metamorphic core complexes in the Otago Schist, New Zealand

J Trofimovs, M A Tait, R A F Cas, A McArthur & S W Beresford
Can the role of thermal erosion in strongly deformed komatiite-Ni-Cu-(PGE) deposits be determined? Perseverance, Agnew-Wiluna Belt, Western Australia?

B Hou, L A Frakes, N F Alley & J D A Clarke
Characteristics and evolution of the Tertiary palaeovalleys in the northwest Gawler Craton, South Australia

J D A Clarke, P R Gammon, B Hou & S Gallagher
Middle to Upper Eocene stratigraphic nomenclature and deposition in the Eucla Basin

S McCready, G F Birch & S E Taylor
Extraction of heavy metals in Sydney Harbour sediments using 1M HCl and 0 05M EDTA and implications for sediment-quality guidelines

G H Packham, J B Keene & L M Barron
Middle to early Late Ordovician hydrothermal veining in the Molong Volcanic Belt, northeastern Lachlan Fold Belt: sedimentological evidence


C G Murray, P R Blake, L J Hutton, I W Withnall, M A Hayward & G A Simpson
Discussion Yarrol terrane of the northern New England Fold Belt: forearc or backarc?


S E Bryan, R J Holcombe & C R Fielding

Volume 50 No.1 2003


S Cheng & G Yang
Fault growth, displacement transfer, and evolution of the Jiugongkou fault overlap zone, Guangling-Yuxian Basin, north China

G Taylor & G Shirtliff
Weathering: cyclical or continuous? An Australian perspective
Supplementary Papers

S M Brown, C A Johnson, R J Watling & W R Premo
Constraints on the composition of ore fluids and implications for mineralising events at the Cleo gold deposit, Eastern Goldfields Province, Western Australia
Supplementary Papers

G Neef, J X Zhao, K D Collerson & F S Zhang
Late Quaternary uplift and subsidence of the west coast of Tanna, south Vanuatu, southwest Pacific: U-Th ages of raised coral reefs in the Median Sedimentary Basin

H Memarian & C L Fergusson
Multiple fracture sets in the southeastern Permian-Triassic Sydney Basin, New South Wales

J Pickett
Stratigraphic relationships of laterite at Little Bay, near Maroubra, New South Wales

M Sandiford
Geomorphic constraints on the Late Neogene tectonics of the Otway Ranges, Victoria

G Neef & D F Larsen
Devonian fluvial strata in and adjacent to the Emsian-Eifelian Moona Vale Trough, New South Wales

S R Allen, C J Simpson, J McPhie & S J Daly
Stratigraphy, distribution and geochemistry of widespread felsic volcanic units in the Mesoproterozoic Gawler Range Volcanics, South Australia*
Supplementary Papers

Q Li, B McGowran & N P James
Middle and Late Eocene Great Australian Bight lithobiostratigraphy and stepwise evolution of the southern Australian continental margin


P W Schmidt & M W McElhinny
Carboniferous palaeomagnetism of the Rocky Creek Block, northern Tamworth Belt, and the New England pole path


C T Klootwijk

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