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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2002

Volume 49 Issue No.6
Volume 49 Issue No.5
Volume 49 Issue No.4
Volume 49 Issue No.3
Volume 49 Issue No.2
Volume 49 Issue No.1

Volume 49 No.6 2002

THEMATIC ISSUE: Geodynamics of Australia and its mineral systems: mineral provinces

R J Korsch


B R Goleby, R J Korsch, T Fomin, B Bell, M G Nicoll, B J Drummond & A J Owen
Preliminary 3D geological model of the Kalgoorlie regiion, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, based on deep seismic-reflection and potential-field data

P Sorjonen-Ward, Y Zhang & C Zhao
Numerical modelling of orogenic processes and gold mineralisation in the southeastern part of the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

M Raetz, M Krabbendam & T Donaghy
Compilation of U-Pb zircon data from the Willyama Supergroup, Broken Hill Region, Australia: evidence for three tectonostratigraphic successions and four magmatic events?

P Betts & G Lister
Geodynamically indicated targeting strategy for shale-hosted massive sulfide PbZn mineralisation in the Western Fold Belt, Mt Isa terrane

A Ord, B E Hobbs, Y Zhang, G C Broadbent, M Brown, G Willetts, P Sorjonen-Ward, J L Walshe & C Zhao
Geodynamic modelling of the Century deposit, Mt Isa Province

D R Gray, D A Foster & F P Bierlein
Geodynamics and metallogeny of the Lachlan Orogen:

R J Korsch, T J Barton, D R Gray, A J Owen & D A Foster
Geological interpretation of a deep seismic reflection transect across the boundary between the Delamerian and Lachlan Orogens in the vicinity of the Grampians, western Victoria

P M Schaubs & C Zhao
Numerical models of gold deposit formation in the Bendigo-Ballarat Zone, Victoria

Volume 49 No.5 2002


W E Featherstone & J F Kirby
New high-resolution grid of gravimetric terrain corrections for Australia

B K Davis, R A Henderson, M Lindsay & R Wyzsoczanski
Deformation history and granite emplacement in the Butchers Hill Helenvale region, northern Hodgkinson Province, Queensland

A A Morey, F P Bierlein, D P Cherry & G Turner
Genesis of greenstone-hosted Cu Au mineralisation at Hill 800, Mt Useful Slate Belt, eastern Victoria

P Lyons & I G Percival
Conodont evidence for a Middle to Late Ordovician age for the Jindalee Group of the Lachlan Fold Belt, New South Wales

A R Reed, C Calver & R S Bottrill
Palaeozoic suturing of eastern and western Tasmania in the west Tamar region: implications for the tectonic evolution southeast Australia

J J Peucat, R Capdevila, C M Fanning, R P Menot, L Pecora & L Testut
1 60 Ga felsic volcanic blocks in moraines of the Terre Adélie Craton, Antarctica, comparisons with the Gawler Range Volcanics, South Australia

J D Gorter & A Y Glikson
Fohn lamproite and a possible Late Eocene pre-Miocene diatreme field, Northern Bonaparte Basin, Timor Sea
Supplementary Paper

G Phillips, J McL Miller & C J L Wilson
Structural and metamorphic evolution of the Moornambool Metamorphic Complex, Western Lachlan Fold Belt, southeastern Australia

D H Taylor & L V Gentle
Evolution of deep-lead palaeodrainages and gold exploration at Ballarat, Australia

A Reed
Formation of lode-style gold mineralisation during Tabberabberan wrench faulting at Lefroy, eastern Tasmania odelling of collision, fluid flow and intrusion-related hydrothermal systems

Volume 49 No.4 2002

THEMATIC ISSUE: Geodynamics of Australia and its mineral systems: technologies, syntheses and regional studies

R J Korsch


Price, G P & Stoker, P
Australian Geodynamics Cooperative Research Centre¹s integrated research program delivers a new minerals exploration strategy for industry

Sie, S H , Niklaus, T R , Sims, D A , Bruhn, F , Suter, G , and Cripps, G
AUSTRALIS: a new tool for the study of isotopic systems and geochronology in mineral systems

*Cox, S , and Covil, K
Accessing Australian geodynamic information AGCRC website

Jaques, A L , Jaireth, S , and Walshe, J
Mineral systems of Australia: an overview of resources, settings and processes

Betts, P G , Giles, D , Lister, G S , Frick, L R
Evolution of the Australian lithosphere

*Kohn, B P , Gleadow, A J W , Brown, R W , Gallagher, K , O'Sullivan, P B , and Foster, D A
Shaping the Australian crust over the last 300 million years: insights from fission track thermotectonic imaging and denudation studies of key terranes

*Chen, G , Hill, K C , Hoffman, N , and O'Brien, G W
Geodynamic evolution of the Vulcan Sub-basin, Timor Sea, northwest Australia: a pre-compression New Guinea analogue?

*Hill, K C , Kendrick, R D , Crowhurst, P V , and Gow P
Copper gold mineralisation in New Guinea: tectonics, lineaments, thermochronology and structure

*Gow, P A , Upton, P , Zhao, C , and Hill, K C
Copper gold mineralisation in New Guinea: numerical modelling of collision, fluid flow and intrusion-related hydrothermal systems

Volume 49 No.3 2002


C L Fergusson & C M Fanning
*Late Ordovician stratigraphy, zircon provenance and tectonics, Lachlan Fold Belt, southeastern Australia
Supplementary Paper

G R Holdgate, S J Gallagher & M W Wallace
Tertiary coal geology and stratigraphy of the Port Phillip Basin area

D Giles & A Nutman
SHRIMP U Pb monazite dating of ca 1600 1580 Ma amphibolite facies metamorphism in the eastern Mt Isa Inlier, Australia

R B Jenkins, B Landenberger & W J Collins
Late Palaeozoic retreating and advancing subduction boundary in the New England Fold Belt

A L Pickard
SHRIMP U Pb zircon ages of tuffaceous mudrocks in the Brockman Iron Formation of the Hamersley Province, Western Australia
Supplementary Paper

R W Young, A R M Young, D M Price & R A L Wray
Geomorphology of the Namoi alluvial plain, northwestern New South Wales

W Timms & R I Acworth
Origin, lithology and weathering characteristics of Upper Tertiary Quaternary aquitard units on the Lower Murrumbidgee alluvial fan

H Lever
Stratigraphy of the Upper Permian Kennedy Group of the onshore
Carnarvon Basin (Merlinleigh Sub-basin), Western Australia

M M Mitchell, P B O Sullivan, B P Kohn, M J Hartley & D A Foster
Low-temperature thermochronology of the Mt Painter Province, South Australia: evidence for Alice Springs Orogeny tectonics

N Van Wyck & I S Williams
Age and provenance of basement metasediments from the Kubor and Bena Bena blocks, east Central Highlands, Papua New Guinea: constraints on the tectonic evolution of the northern Australian cratonic margin
Supplementary Appendix


R C Morris
Opaque mineralogy and magnetic properties of selected banded iron-formations, Hamersley Basin, Western Australia


L A Tompkins & D R Cowan


D H Taylor, R A Cayley, A H M VandenBerg & V J Morand
Timing relationships between felsic magmatism and mineralisation in the central Victorian Gold Province, southeast Australia


F P Bierlein, D C Arne, S M Keays & N J McNaughton

Volume 49 No.2 2002

THEMATIC ISSUE: Evolution of the Tasmanides, eastern Australia

R J Korsch


O H Holm and R F Berry
Structural history of the Arthur Lineament, northwest Tasmania: an analysis of critical outcrops

C M Gray, A I S Kemp, J A C Anderson, D J Bushell, D J Ferguson, J Fitzherbert & M D Stevenson
Delamerian Glenelg tectonic zone, western Victoria: geology and metamorphism of stratiform rocks

A I S Kemp, C M Gray, J A C Anderson & D J Ferguson
Delamerian Glenelg tectonic zone, western Victoria: characterisation and synthesis of igneous rocks

R A Cayley, D H Taylor, A H M VandenBerg & D H Moore
Proterozoic to Early Palaeozoic rocks and the Tyennan Orogeny in central Victoria and tectonic implications

C V Spaggiari, D R Gray, D A Foster & M Fanning
Occurrence and significance of blueschist in the southern Lachlan Orogen

C E Willman, A H M VandenBerg & V J Morand
Evolution of the southeastern Lachlan Fold Belt in Victoria

D I A Hood & D W Durney
Sequence and kinematics of multiple deformationaround Taemas Bridge, eastern Lachlan Fold Belt, New South Wales

D M Finlayson, R J Korsch, R A Glen, J H Leven and D W Johnstone
Seismic imaging and crustal architecture across the Lachlan Transverse Zone, a cross-cutting feature of eastern Australia

R A Glen, R J Korsch, N G Direen, L E A Jones D W Johnstone, K C Lawrie, D MFinlayson and R D Shaw
Crustal structure of the Ordovician Macquarie Arc, eastern Lachlan Orogen, based on seismic reflection profiling

R Offler & J Gamble
Evolution of an intra-oceanic island arc during the Late Silurian Late Devonian, New England Fold Belt, Australia*
Supplementary Papers

G Caprarelli & E C Leitch
MORB-like rocks in a Palaeozoic convergent margin setting, northeast New South Wales

C Klootwijk
Carboniferous palaeomagnetism of the Rocky Creek Block, northern Tamworth Belt, and the New England pole path*
Supplementary Papers

A Johnston, R Offler & S Liu
Structural fabric evidence for indentation tectonics in the Nambucca Block, southern New England Fold Belt, New South Wales

Volume 49 No.1 2002

THEMATIC ISSUE: Regolith geology of the Yilgarn Craton

A E Cockbain


R R Anand & M Paine
Regolith geology of the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: implications for exploration

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