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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2001

Volume 48 Issue No.6
Volume 48 Issue No.5
Volume 48 Issue No.4
Volume 48 Issue No.3
Volume 48 Issue No.2
Volume 48 Issue No.1

Volume 48 No.6 2001


A P Spenceley
Grooves and striations on the Stanthrope Adamellite: evidence for a possible late Middle Late Triassic age glaciation

W Compston
Effect of Pb loss on the ages of reference zircons QGNG and SL13, and of volcanic zircons from the Early Devonian Merrions and Turondale Formations, New South Wales

M G Doyle & J McPhie
Shallow-water microbialitevolcaniclastic facies association in the Cambro-Ordovician Mt Windsor Subprovince, Australia

C L Fergusson, P F Carr, C M Fanning & T L Green
Proterozoic Cambrian detrital zircon and monazite ages from the Anakie Inlier, central Queensland: Grenville and Pacific Gondwana signatures.
Supplementary Paper

J Nott, M F Thomas & D M Price
Alluvial fans, landslides and Quaternary climate change in the wet tropics of northeast Queensland

J McL Miller, J Dugdale & C J L Wilson
Variable handingwall papaeotransport during Silurian and Devonian thrusting in the western Lachladn Fold Belt: missing gold lodes, synchronous Melbourne Trough sedimentation and Grampians Group fold interference

J M Watson & D R Gray
Character, extent and significance of tectonic melange for the Tabberabbera Zone, central Lachlan Orogen

A R Reed
Pre-Tabberabberan deformation in eastern Tasmania: southern extension of the Benambran Orogeny

G Neef & M T McCulloch
Pliocene Quaternary history of Futuna Island, south Vanuatu, southwest Pacific

P A Polito, Y Bone, J D A Clarke & T P Mernagh
CO2:CH4 zoning of fluid inclusions in the Archaean Junction gold deposit: a process of fluid wall-rock interaction?

F Gingele, P De Deckker & C D Hillenbrand
Late Quaternary fluctuations of the Leeuwin Current and palaeoclimates on the adjacent land masses: clay mineral evidence

F P Bierlien, D C Arne, S M Keay & N J McNaughton
Timing relationships between felsic magmatism and mineralisation in the central Victorian Gold Province, southeast Australia
Supplementary Paper

A L Stewart
Facies in an Upper Permian volcanic succession, Emmaville Volcanics, Deepwater, northeast New South Wales

P W Haines, M Hand & M Sandiford
Palaeozoic synorogenic sedimentation in central and northern Australia: a review of distribution and timing with implications for the evolution of intracontinental orogens.

Volume 48 No.5 2001


A M Kos
Stratigraphy, provenance and sedimentary development of a naturally accumulated pitfall cave deposit from southeastern Australia

P G Quilty
Late Eocene foraminifers and palaeoenvironment, Cascade Seamount, southwest Pacific Ocean: implications for seamount subsidence and AustraliaAntarctica Eocene correlation

L A Frakes & E J Barron
Phanerozoic general circulation model results and quantitative climate data for Australia

G R Holdgate, T J Smith, S J Gallagher & M W Wallace
Geology of coal-bearing Palaeogene sediments, onshore Torquay Basin, Victoria

M D Prendergast
Komatiite-hosted Hunters Road nickel deposit, central Zimbabwe: physical volcanology and sulfide genesis

M H Tangestani & F Moore
Prophyry copper potential mapping using the weights of evidence model in a GIS, northern Shahr-e-Babak, Iran

J F Lindsay
Broadmere Structure; a window into Palaeoproterozoic mineralisation, McArthur Basin, northern Australia

M A Elburg, P D Bons, J Dougherty-Page, C E Janka, N Neumann & B Schaefer
Age and metasomatic alteraion of the Mr Neill Granite at Nooldoonooldoona Waterhole, Mr Painter Inlier, South Australia

C E Hall, C McA Powell & J Bryant
Basin setting and age of the Late Palaeoproterozoic Capricorn Formation, Western Australia

P Tregoning and H McQueen
Resolving slip-vector azimuths and plate motion along the southern boundary of the South Bismarck Plate, Papua New Guinea

R T Pidgeon and A A Nemchin
1 2 Ga Mafic dyke near York, southwestern Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

E A Belousova, W L Griffin, S R Shee, S E Jackson and S Y O'Reilly
Two age populations of zircons from the Timber Creek kimberlites, Northern Territory, as determined by laser-ablation ICP-MS analysis

K Kiernan and A McConnell
Impacts of geoscience research on the physical environment of the Vestfold Hills, Antarctica

Volume 48 No.4 2001

C M Allen
An introduction


J M Hergt and C M Brauns
On the origin of Tasmanian dolerites

B W Chappell and A J R White
Two contrasting granite types: 25 years later

A J R White
Water, restite and granite mineralisation

P L King, B W Chappell, C M Allenn and A J R White
Are A-type granites the high-temperature felsic granites? Evidence from fractionated granites of the Wangrah Suite

I S Williams
Response of detrital zircon and monazite, and their U-Pb isotopic systems, to regional metamorphism and host-rock partial melting Cooma Complex, southeastern Australia
Supplementary Paper

A J R White, C M Allen, S D Beams, P F Carr, D C Champion, B W Chappell, D Wyborn and L A I Wyborn
Granite suites and supersuites of eastern Australia

W E Stephens
Polycrystalline amphibole aggregates (clots) in granites as potential I-type restite: an ion microprobe study of rare-earth distributions

D Wyborn, B W Chappell and M James
Examples of convective fractionation in high-temperature granites from the Lachlan Fold Belt

E A Belousova, S Walters, W L Griffin and S Y O'Reilly
Trace-element signatures of apatites in granitoids from the Mt Isa Inlier, northwestern Queensland

Volume 48 No.3 2001


D C Nobes, R J Ferguson and G J Brierley
Ground-penetrating radar and sedimentological analysis of Holocene floodplains: insight from the Tuross valley, New South Wales

A Van Heeswijck
Sequence stratigraphy of coal-bearing, high energy clastic units: the Maitland-Cessnock-Greta Coalfield and Cranky Corner Basin

L M Campbell, P J Conaghan and R H Flood
Flow-field and palaeogeographic reconstruction of volcanic activity in the Permian Gerringong Volcanic Complex, southern Sydney Basin, Australia

L A Tompkins and D R Cowan
Opaque mineralogy and magnetic properties of selected banded iron-formations, Hamersley Basin, Western Australia

W J Sivell and M T McCulloch
Geochemical and Nd-isotopic systematics of the Permo-Triassic Gympie Group, southeast Queensland

G R Holdgate, B Geurin, M W Wallace and S J Gallagher
Marine geology of Port Phillip, Victoria

C J Fergusson and D Phillips
40Ar/39Ar abd J0Ar age constrainsts on the timing of regional deformation, south coast of New South Wales, Lachlan Fold Belt: problems and implications
Supplementary Paper*

K M Butera, I S Williams, P L Blevin and C J Simpson
Zircon U-Pb dating of Early Papaeozoic monzonitic intrusives from the Goonumbla area, New South Wales

R A L Osborne and I B Cooper
Sulfide-bearing palaeokarst deposits at Lune River Quarry, Ida Bay, Tasmania

R Spiess, G Bertolo, A Borghi and M Tinor Centi
Crustal-mantle lithosphere decoupling as a control on Variscan metamorphism in the Eastern Alps

Volume 48 No.2 2001


P Michaelson, R A Henderson, P J Crosdale, M Fanning & A Laws
Age and significance of the Platypus Tuff Bed, a regional reference horizon in the Upper Permian Moranbah Coal Measures, north Bowen Basin

E Rothery
Tectonic origin of the shape of the Broken Hill lodes supported by their structural setting in a high-grade shear zone

L J Hamilton
Cross-shelf colour banding in northern Great Barrier Reef lagoon surficial sediments

F L Sutherland & C M Fanning
Gem-bearing basaltic volcanism, Barrington, New South Wales: Cenozoic evolution, based on basalt K-Ar ages and zircon fission track and U-Pb isotope dating
Supplementary Paper

H Wopfner & C R Twidale
Australian desert dunes: wind rift or depositional origin?

M J Rickard
Tilba Tilba metamorphic and dyke complex: a new discovery

K Kiernan, S-E Lauritzen & N Duhig
Glaciation and cave sediment aggradation around the margins of the Mt Field Plateau, Tasmania

P G Betts & G S Lister
Comparison of the 'strike-slip' versus the 'episodic riftsag' hypothesis for the origin of the Isa Superbasin

N L Patison, R F Berry, G J Davidson, B P Taylor, R S Bottrill, B Manzi, J Ryba & R e Shepherd
Regional metamorphism of the Mathinna Group, northeast Tasmania

S E Bryan, R J Holcombe & C r Fielding
Yarrol terrane of the northern New England Fold Belt: forearc or backarc?

G Neef & R S Bottrill
Stratigraphy, structure and tectonics of Lower Ordovician and Devonian strata of the Wonominta Block, western New South Wales

J J Vassallo & C J L Wilson
Repetition of the Hutchison Group metasediments, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Volume 48 No.1 2001


M B J Purss & J Cull
Heat-flow data in western Victoria

W K Witt
Tower Hill gold deposit, Western Australia: an atypical, multiply deformed Archaean gold quartz vein deposit

G Delisle
Episodic occurrence of permafrost in southwest Tasmania?

S Pisarevsky & L B Harris
Determination of magnetic anisotropy and a 1 2 Ga palaeomagnetic pole from the Bremer Bay area, Albany Mobile Belt, Western Australia


R A Spikings, D A Foster, B P Kohn & P B O'Sullivan
Late Neoproterozoic to Holocene thermal history of the Precambrian Georgetown Inlier, northeast Australia

B K Davis, P J Pollard, N J McNaughton, K Blake, P J Williams & J Lally
Deformation history of the Naraku Batholith, Mt Isa Inlier, Australia: implications for pluton ages and geometries from structural study of the Dipvale Granodiorite and Levian Granite

W J Collins & B E Hobbs
What caused the Early Silurian change from mafic to silicic (S-type) magmatism in the eastern Lachlan Fold Belt?

B K Davis, K A Hickey & S Rose
Superposition of Au-mineralisation on pre-existing carbonate alteration: structural evidence from the Mulgarrie gold deposit, Yilgarn Craton
Supplementary Paper

L R Frick, D D Lambert & D M Hoatson
ReOs dating of the Radio Hill Ni Cu deposit, west Pilbara Craton, Western Australia

G Caprarelli & E C Leitch
Geochemical evidence from Early Permian volcanic rocks in northeast New South Wales for asthenospheric upwelling following slab breakoff
Supplementary Paper

G Giordano & R A F Cas
Structure of the Upper Devonian Boyd Volcanic Complex, south coast New South Wales: and implications for the Devonian Carboniferous evolution of the Lachlan Fold Belt

N J Turner & R S Bottrill
Composition, textures and tectonic significance of blue amphibole, Arthur Metamorphic Complex, Tasmania

J D A Clarke, Y Bone, J H Cann, M Davies, M K Macphail & F Wells
Post-glacial biotic assemblages from the inner part of southwest Joseph Bonaparte Gulf
Supplementary Paper

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