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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 2000

Volume 47 Issue No.6
Volume 47 Issue No.5
Volume 47 Issue No.4
Volume 47 Issue No.3
Volume 47 Issue No.2
Volume 47 Issue No.1

Volume 47 No.6 2000


Q Li, B McGowran & M R White
Sequences and biofacies packages in the mid-Cenozoic Gambier Limestone, South Australia: reappraisal of foraminiferal evidence
Supplementary Papers

M C Bruce & Y Niu
Early Permian supra-subduction assemblage of the South Island terrane, Percy Isles, New England Fold Belt, Queensland

S Meffre, R F Berry & M Hall
Cambrian metamorphic complexes in Tasmania: tectonic implications

M C Bruce & Y Niu
Evidence for Palaeozoic magmatism recorded in the late Neoproterozoic Marlborough Ophiolite, New England Fold Belt, central Queensland
Supplementary Papers

A L Pickard, C J Adams & M E Barley
Australian provenance for Upper Permian to Cretaceous rocks forming accretionary complexes on the New Zealand sector of the Gondwanaland margin
Supplementary Papers

M C Bruce, Y Niu, T A Harbort & R J Holcombe
Petrological, geochemical and geochronological evidence for a Neoproterozoic ocean basin recorded in the Marlborough terrane of the northern New England Fold Belt
Supplementary Papers

M J Rickard & S Love
Bounding structures of the Middle Devonian Bunga Wapenga Basin, Mimosa Rocks National Park, New South Wales, and the timing of regional deformation

P R Gammon, N P James, J D A Clarke & Y Bone
Sedimentology and lithostratigraphy of Upper Eocene sponge-rich sediments, southern Western Australia

P R Messenger
Yandal belt, Eastern Goldfields Province, Western Australia

T E Waight, A A Dean, R Maas & I A Nicholls
Sr and Nd isotopic investigations towards the origin of feldspar megacrysts in microgranular enclaves in two I-type plutons of the Lachlan Fold Belt, southeast Australia

L M Hanley & M T D Wingate
SHRIMP zircon age for an Early Cambrian dolerite dyke: an intrusive phase of the Antrim Plateau Volcanics of northern Australia

P G Betts, L Aillères, M Hough & D Giles
Deformation history of the Hampden Synform in the Eastern Fold Belt of the Mt Isa terrane

K N Sircombe & K G McQueen
Zircon dating of Devonian Carboniferous rocks from the Bombala area, New South Wales
Supplementary Papers


R M Hough
Possible impact origin for the Middle Miocene (Serravallian) Puffin Structure, Ashmore Platform, northwest Australia

Volume 47 No.5 2000

THEMATIC ISSUE: Geochronological, geochemical and GIS-based computer applications to mineral exploration
Guest editors D I Groves and J M Dunphy

D I Groves & J M Dunphy


R Freij-Ayoub, J L Walshe & H-B Muhlhaus
Prediction of rock-alteration patterns: a potential tool in minerals exploration

L A Hartmann, J A D Leite, L C da Silva, M V D Remus, N J McNaughton, D I Groves, I R Fletcher, J O S Santos & M A Z Vasconcellos
Advances in SHRIMP geochronology and their impact on understanding the tectonic and metallogenic evolution of southern Brazil

J L Mair, V J Ojala, B P Salier, D I Groves & S Browne
Application of stress mapping in cross-section to understanding ore geometry, predicting ore zones and development of drilling strategies

I R Fletcher, B Rasmussen & N J McNaughton
High-precision SHRIMP U Pb geochronology of authigenic xenotime

C D 'Ercole, D I Groves & C M Knox-Robinson
Using fuzzy logic in a GIS-environment to enhance conceptually based prospectivity analysis of Mississippi Valley-type mineralisation

D A Wyman
High-precision exploration geochemistry: applications for volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits

C M Knox-Robinson
Vectorial fuzzy-logic: a novel technique for enhanced mineral prospectivity mapping, with reference to the orogenic gold mineralisation potential of the Kalgoorlie Terrane, Western Australia

M E Barley, R Kerrich, I Reudavey & Q Xie
Do Late Archaean Ti-rich, Al-poor komatiites and volcaniclastic rocks have implications for the diamond exploration potential of the Murchison Terrane in Western Australia

S J Gardoll, D I Groves, C M Knox-Robinson, G Y Yun & N Elliott
Developing the tools for geological shape analysis, with regional- to local-scale examples from the Kalgoorlie Terrane of Western Australia

Volume 47 No.4 2000


A G Moore, R A F Cas, S W Beresford & M Stone
Reconstructing the facies architecture of an Archaean metakomatiite succession, Tramways, Kambalda Ni provnce, Western Australia: implications for komatiite emplacement mechanisms

F Pirajno & S A Occhipinti
Synthesis of the geology of the Palaeoproterozoic Bryah, Padbury and Yerrida Basins, Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia

K J Woolfe, P Larcombe, A Orpin & R G Purdon
Spatial variability in fluvial style and likely responses to sea-level changes, Herbert River, Queensland

D Newsome
Origin of sandplains in Western Australia: a review of the debate and some recent findings

J D Gorter & S W Bayford
Possible impact origin for the Middle Miocene (Serravallian) Puffin Structure, northwestern Australia

J D A Clarke & J Ringis
Late Quaternary stratigraphy and sedimentology of the inner part of southwest Joseph Bonaparte Gulf

J J Vassallo & R H Vernon
Origin of megacrystic felsic gneisses at Broken Hill

G F Birch & S E Taylor
Distribution and source of organochlorine residues in sediments of a large urban estuary, Port Jackson, Sydney

W M Brown, T D Gedeon, D I Groves & R G Barnes
Artificial neural networks: a new method for mineral prospectivity mapping

N C Munksgaard & D L Parry
Anomalous lead isotope ratios and provenance of offshore sediments, Gulf of Carpentaria, northern Australia

S J Marshallsea, P F Green & J Webb
Thermal history of the Hodgkinson Province and Laura Basin, north Queensland: multiple cooling episodes
identified from apatite fission track analysis and vitrinite reflectance data

D F Lascelles
Marra Mamba Iron Formation stratigraphy in the Eastern
Chichester Range, Western Australia

B S Mackness, P Whitehead & G McNamara
New potassium argon date for the Pliocene Bluff Downs Local Fauna, northern Australia


R W Young
Cenozoic tectonics and landform evolution of the coast and adjacent highlands of southeast New South Wales


M C Brown


D A Foster & D R Gray
Timing of orogenic events in the Lachlan Orogen


A H M VandenBerg

Volume 47 No.3 2000

THEMATIC ISSUE: Carpentaria Mt Isa Zinc Belt: basement framework, chronostratigraphy and geodynamic evolution of Proterozoic successions

P N Southgate


P N Southgate, D L Scott, T T Sami, J Domagala, M J Jackson, N P James & T K Kyser
Basin shape and sediment architecture in the Gun Supersequence: a strike-slip model for Pb-Zn-Ag ore genesis at Mt Isa

D L Scott, D J Rawlings, R W Page, C Z Tarlowski, M Idnurm, M J Jackson & P N Southgate
Basement framework and geodynamic evolution of the Palaeoproterozoic superbasins of north-central Australia: an integrated review of geochemical, geochronological and geophysical data

A A Krassay, B E Bradshaw, J Domagala & M J Jackson
Siliciclastic shoreline to growth-faulted, turbiditic sub-basins: the Proterozoic River Supersequence of the upper McNamara Group on the Lawn Hill Platform, northern Australia

M J Jackson, D L Scott & D J Rawlings
Stratigraphic framework for the Leichhardt and Calvert Superbasins: review and correlations of the pre-1700 Ma successions between Mt Isa and McArthur River

A A Krassay, J Domagala, B E Bradshaw & P N Southgate
Lowstand ramps, fans and deep-water Palaeoproterozoic and Mesoproterozoic facies of the Lawn Hill Platform: the Term, Lawn, Wide & Doom Supersequences of the Isa Superbasin, northern Australia

M Idnurm
Towards a high resolution Late Palaeoproterozoic earliest Mesoproterozoic apparent polar wander path for northern Australia

B E Bradshaw, J F Lindsay, A A Krassay & A T Wells
Attenuated basin-margin sequence stratigraphy of the Palaeoproterozoic Calvert and Isa Superbasins: the Fickling Group, southern Murphy Inlier, Queensland

R W Page, M J Jackson & A A Krassay
Constraining sequence stratigraphy in north Australian basins: SHRIMP UPb zircon geochronology between Mt Isa and McArthur River
Supplementary Papers

M J Jackson & P N Southgate
Evolution of three unconformity-bounded sandy carbonate successions in the McArthur River region of northern Australia: the Lawn, Wide and Doom Supersequences in a proximal part of the Isa Superbasin

P N Southgate, B E Bradshaw, J Domagala, M J Jackson, M Idnurm, A A

Krassay, R W Page, T T Sami, D L Scott, J F Lindsay, B M McConachie and C Tarlowski
Chronostratigraphic basin framework for Palaeoproterozoic rocks (1730-1575 Ma) in northern Australia and implications for base-metal mineralisation

S T Abbott & I P Sweet
Tectonic control on third-order sequences in a siliciclastic ramp-style basin: an example from the Roper Superbasin (Mesoproterozoic), northern Australia

J Domagala, P N Southgate, B A McConachie & B Pidgeon
Evolution of the Palaeoproterozoic Prize, Gun and lower LorettaSupersequences of the Surprise Creek Formation and Mt Isa Group

Volume 47 No.2 2000


G Clitheroe, O Gudmundsson & B L N Kennett
Sedimentary and upper crustal structure of Australia from receiver functions

P J Stephenson, M Zhang & M Spry
Fractionation modelling of segregations in the Toomba Basalt, north Queensland

D L Huston, R H Smithies & S-S Sun
Correlation of the Archaean Mallina Whim Creek Basin: implications for base-metal potentialof the central part of the Pilbara granitegreenstone terrane

K J Woolfe, P Larcombe & L K Stewart
Shelf sediments adjacent to the Herbert River delta, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

A P Gartrell
Rheological controls on extensional styles and the structural evolution of the Northern Carnarvon Basin, North West Shelf, Australia

M T D Wingate, I H Campbell & L B Harris
SHRIMP baddeleyite age for the Fraser Dyke Swarm, southeast Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

M C Brown
Cenozoic tectonics and landform evolution of the coast and adjacent highlands of southeast New South Wales

B M Simonson, D Davies & S W Hassler
Discovery of a layer of impact melt spherules in the Late Archaean Jeerinah Formation, Fortescue Group, Western Australia

R Boyd & D Leckie
Greta Coal Measures in the Muswellbrook Anticline area

A Lambeck & K J Woolfe
Composition and texture variability along the 10 m isobath, Great Barrier Reef: evidence for pervasive northward sediment transport
Supplementary Papers

E Paul, M Sandiford & T Flöttmann
Structural geometry of a thick-skinned fold-thrust belt termination: the Olary Block in the Adelaide Fold Belt, South Australia


J K Warren
Evaporites, brines and base metals: low-temperature ores controlled by salt diagenesis

Volume 47 No.1 2000

THEMATIC ISSUE: Some issues in environmental geology in Australia

G M McNally


N C Stephenson
Geochemistry of granulite-facies granitic rocks from Battye Glacier, northern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica

P G Dahlhaus, R J MacEwan, E L Nathan and V J Morand
Salinity on the southeastern Dundas Tableland, Victoria

W T Ward and I P Little
Sea-rafted pumice on the Australian east coast: numerical classification and stratigraphy
Supplementary Papers

S R Barnett, S R Howles, R R Martin and N Z Gerges
Aquifer storage and recharge: innovation in water resources management

M R Densley, R R Hillis and J E P Redfearn
Quantification of uplift in the Carnarvon Basin based on interval velocities

G McNally
Geology and mining practice in relation to shallow subsidence in the Northern Coalfield, New South Wales

B W CHappell, A J R White, I S Williams, D WYborn and L A I Wyborn
Lachlan Fold Belt granites revisited: high- and low- temperature granites and their implications

G H McNally, G Clark and B W Weber
Porcellanite and the urban geology of Darwin, Northern Territory

E C Wiley
Esk Trough - Yarraman Block contact, an unconformity: Its nature and implications for regional tectonics

J Janowski and P Beck
Aquifer heterogeneity: hydrogeological and hydrochemical properties of the Botany Sands aquifer and their impact on contaminant transport

R T Pidgeon and J A Hallberg
Age relationsips in supracrustal sequences of the northern part of the Murchison Terrane, Archaean Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: a combined field and sircon U-Pb study
Supplementary Papers

M L O'Flynn
Manufactured sands from hardrock quarries: environmental solution or dilemma for southeat Queensland?

M G Doyle
Clast shape and textural associations in peperite as a guide to hydromagnetic interactions: Upper Permian basaltic and basaltic andesite examples from Kiama, Australia

J H Whitehead and P M Geary
Geotechnical aspects of domestic on-site effluent management systems

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