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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 1999

Volume 46 Issue No.6
Volume 46 Issue No.5
Volume 46 Issue No.4
Volume 46 Issue No.3
Volume 46 Issue No.2
Volume 46 Issue No.1

Volume 46 Issue No.6 1999


P F Carr, J W Pemberton and E Nunan
Low-grade metamorphism of mafic lavas, Upper Permian Broughton Formation, Sydney Basin

W G Libby, J R De Laeter and R A Armstrong
Proterozoic biotite Rb-Sr dates in the northwestern part of the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

P B Ashley and B G Lottermoser
Arsenic contamination at the Mole River mine, northern New South Wales

K C Condie and J S Myers
Mesoproterozoic Fraser Complex: geochemical evidence for multiple subduction-related sources of lower crustal rocks in the Albany-Fraser Orogen, Western Australia

A R Orpin, P V Ridd and L K Stewart
Assessment of the relative importance of major sediment-transport mechanisms in the central Great Barrier Reef lagoon

T Song and P A Cawood
Multistage deformation of linked fault systems in extensional regions; an example from the northern Perth Basin, Western Australia

A D George and N Chow
Palaeokarst development in a lower Frasnian (Devonian) platform succession, Canning Basin, northwestern Australia

K Yang, J F Huntington, J W Boardman and P Mason
Mapping hydrothermal alteration in the Cornstock mining district, Nevada, using simulated satellite-borne hyperspectral data

D J Clark, P D Kinny, N J Post and B J Hensen
Relationships between magmatism, metamorphism and deformation in the Fraser Complex, Western Australia; constraints from new SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronology
Supplementary Papers

G Mark
Petrogenesis of Mesoproterozoic K-rich granitoids, southern Mt Angelay igneous complex, Cloncurry district, northwest Queensland

A-M P Tosolini, S McLoughlin and A N Drinnan
Stratigraphy and fluvial sedimentary facies of the Neocomian lower Strzelecki Group, Gippsland Basin, Victoria

Y M Qui, N H McNaughton, D I Groves and H J Dalstra
Ages of internal granitoids in the Southern Cross region, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, and their crustal evolution and tectonic implications
Supplementary Papers

Volume 46 No.5 1999


M K Macphail, M Pemberton & G Jacobson
Peat mounds of southwest Tasmania: possible origins

S Sheppard, I M Tyler, T J Griffin & W R Taylor
Palaeoproterozoic subduction-related and passive margin basalts in the Halls Creek Orogen, northwest Australia

A H M VandenBerg
Timing of orogenic events in the Lachlan Orogen

D J Rawlings
Stratigraphic resolution of a multiphase intracratonic basin system: the McArthur Basin, northern Australia

A Soesoo and I Nicholls
Mafic rocks spatially associated with Devonian felsic intrusions of the southern Lachlan Fold Belt: apossible mantle contribution to crustal evolution processes

P G Betts
Palaeoproterozoic mid-basin inversion in the northern Mt Isa terrane, Queensland

E A Jagodzinski & L P Black
UPb dating of silicic lavas, sills and syneruptive resedimented volcaniclastic deposits of the Lower Devonian Crudine Group, Hill End Trough, NSW
Supplementary Papers

H J Dalstra, J R Ridley, E J M Bloem & D I Groves
Metamorphic evolution of the central Southern Cross Province, Yilgarn Block, Western Australia

G J Retallack & E S Krull
Landscape ecological shift at the Permian Triassic boundary in Antarctica
Supplementary Papers

R R Hillis, J R Enever & S D Reynolds
In situ stress field of eastern Australia


B W Chappel, A J R White, I S Williams, D Wyborn, J M Hergt & J D Woodhead
Evaluation of petrogenetic models for Lachlan Fold Belt granitoids: implications for crustal architecture and tectonic models


W J Collins

Volume 46 No.4 1999


M A Hayward, P R Blake, P R Messenger and T A Taube
Significance of Middle Devonian granitoid-bearing conglomerates in the Mt Morgan region, central Queensland
Supplementary Papers

P T Harris, P E O'Brien, P Quilty, A McMinn, D Holdway, N F Exon, P J Hill & C W Wilson
Sedimentation and continental-slope processes in the vicinity of an ocean waste-dump site, southeastern Tasmania


M T D Wingate
Ion microprobe baddeleyite and zircon ages for late Archaean mafic dykes of the Pilbara Craton, Western Australia
Supplementary Papers

B Hathway, A M Duame, D J Cantrill & S P Kelley
40Ar/39Ar geochronology and palynology of the Cerro Negro Formatin, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica: a new radiometric tie for Cretaceous terrestrial biostratigraphy in the southern hemisphere
Supplementary Papers

L J Hamilton
Classification, grainsize relations and sediment distributions inferred from visual sediment descriptions on RAN Hydrographic Office bathymetry charts of the northern Great Barrier Reef lagoon

A R Orpin, D W Haig & K J Woolfe
Sedimentary and foraminiferal facies in Exmouth Gulf, north Western Australia
Supplementary Papers

C D Ollier and J P Terry
Volcanic geomorphology of northern Viti Levu, Fiji

R A L Wray
Opal and chalcedony speleothems on quartz sandstones in the Sydney region, southeastern Australia

R P Bourman & N F Alley
Permian glaciated bedrock surfaces and associated sediments on Kangaroo Island, South Australia: implications for Gondwanan ice-mass dynamics

G J O'Halloran & P Rey
Isostatic constraints on the central Victorian lower crust: implications for the tectonic evolution of the Lachlan Fold Belt

P G Betts, G S Lister & K S Pound
Architecture of a Mesoproterozoic rift system: evidence from the Fiery Creek Dome region, Mt Isa terrane

R A Glen & J L Walshe
Cross structures in the Lachlan Orogen: the Lachlan Transverse Zone example

J F Kirby & W E Featherstone
Terrain correcting the Australian gravity database using the national digital elevation model and the fast Fourier transform


A H M VandenBerg
Llandovery-Ludlow graptolites from central Victoria: new correlation perspectives of the major formations


A C Sandford and R B Rickards

H Veeh, D T Heggie & A J Crispe
Biogeochemistry of southern Australian continental slope sediments

Volume 46 No.3 1999


J R Bishop & D W Emerson
Geophysical properties of zinc-bearing deposits

A I S Kemp & C M Gray
Geological context of crustal anatexis and granitic magmatism in the northeastern Glenelg River Complex, western Victoria

K Grey & D H Blake
Neoproterozoic (Cryogenian) stromatolites from the Wolfe Basin, east Kimberley, Western Australia: correlation with the Centralian Superbasin

Y Qiu, N J McNaughton, D I Groves & J M Dunphy
First record of 1 2 Ga mafic granitic magmatism in the Archaean Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, and its significance

E Paul, T Flöttmann & M Sandiford
Structural geometry and controls on basement-involved deformation in the northern Flinders Ranges, Adelaide Fold Belt, South Australia

S E Johnson
Deformation and possible origins of the Cooma Complex, southeastern Lachlan Fold Belt, New South Wales

I Cartwright, I S Buick, D D Lambert & D A Foster
Alice Springs age shear zones from the Reynolds Range, central Australia: implications for regional tectonics

A Heap, P Larcombe & K J Woolfe
Storm-dominated sedimentation in a protected basin fringed by coral reefs, Nara Inlet, Whitsunday Islands, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

B A Gaull & P Kelsey
Historical felt intensities as a guide to earthquake hazard
Supplementary Papers

S Bodorkos, N H S Oliver & P A Cawood
Thermal evolution of the central Halls Creek Orogen, northern Australia

J Foden, M Sandiford, J S Dougherty-Page & I Williams
Geochemistry and geochronology of the Rathjen Gneiss: implications for the early tectonic evolution of the Delamerian Orogen

N H S Oliver, P J Pearson, R J Holcombe and A Ord
Mary Kathleen metamorphic hydrothermal uranium rare-earth element deposit; ore genesis and numerical model of coupled deformation and fluid flow

H Paulick & J McPhie
Facies architecture of the felsic lava-dominated host sequence to the Thalanga massive sulfide deposit, Lower Ordovician, northern Queensland
Supplementary Papers


P A Rogers
Lithostratigraphic revision and correlation of the Oligo-Miocene Murray Supergroup, western Murray Basin, South Australia


J Lukasik & N James

Volume 46 No.2 1999

THEMATIC ISSUE: Long-term landscape evolution of the southeastern Australian margin: apatite fission track thermochronology and geomorphology
Guest Editors: B P Kohn & P Bishop


G S Lister, M G O'Dea & I Somaia
A tale of two synclines: rifting, inversion and transpressional popouts at Lake Julius, northwestern Mt Isa terrane, Queensland

P A van der Beek, J Braun & K Lambeck
Post-Palaeozoic uplift history of southeastern Australia revisited: results from a process-based model of landscape evolution

D A Henry
Cuspidine-bearing skarn from Chesney Vale, Victoria
Supplementary Papers

M J Spry, D L Gibson & R A Eggleton
Tertiary evolution of the coastal lowlands and the Clyde River palaeovalley in southeast New South Wales

Q Li, P J Davies & B McGowran
Foraminiferal sequence biostratigraphy of theOligo-Miocene Janjukian strata from Torquay, southeastern Australia
Supplementary Papers

B P Kohn, A J W Gleadow & S J D Cox
Denudation history of the Snowy Mountains: constraints from apatite fission track thermochronology

P C Augustinus & S Nichol
Ground-penetrating radar imaging of Pleistocene sediments, Boco Plain, western Tasmania

P B O Sullivan, M Orr, A J O Sullivan & A J W Gleadow
Episodic Late Palaeozoic to Recent denudation of the Eastern Highlands of Australia: evidence from the Bogong High Plains, Victoria

B Krapez & N J McNaughton
SHRIMP zircon U Pb age and tectonic significance of the Palaeoproterozoic Boolaloo Granitoid in the Capricorn Orogen of Western Australia

S M Hill
Mesozoic regolith and palaeolandscape features in southeastern Australia: significance for interpretations of denudation and highland evolution

S D Pell, A R Chivas & I S Williams
Great Victoria Desert: development and sand provenance

F P Bierlein, D A Foster, S McKnight & D C Arne
Timing of gold mineralisation in the Ballarat Goldfield, central Victoria: constraints from 40Ar/39Ar results
Supplementary Papers

Volume 46 No.1 1999


A Soesoo, P D Bons and M A Elburg
Freestone dykes - an alkali-rich Jurassic dyke population in eastern Victoria
Supplementary Papers

B Krapez
Stratigraphic record of an Atlantic-type global tectonic cycle in the Palaeoproterozoic Ashburton Province of Western Australia

G J Retallack
Permafrost palaeoclimate of Permian palaeosols in the Gerringong volcanic facies of New South Wales
Supplementary Papers

R G Zucchetto, R A Henderson, B K Davis and R Wysoczanski
Age constraints on deformation of the eastern Hodgkinson Province, north Queensland: new perspectives on the evolution of the northern Tasman Orogenic Zone

G H Packham
Radiometric evidence for Middle Devonian inversion of the Hill End Trough, northeast Lachlan Fold Belt

L Bagas
Early tectonic history of the Marymia Inlier and correlatin with the Archaean Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

R A Glen and J J Watkins
Implications of Middle Devonian deformation of the eastern part of the Hill End Trough, Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales

J F Lindsay
Heavitree Quartzite, a Neoproterozoic (ca 800-760 Ma), high-energy, tidally influenced, ramp association, Armadeus Basin, Central Australia

B A Wakelin-King
Banded mosaic ('tiger bush') and sheetflow plains: a regional mapping approach

P Larcombe and K J Woolfe
Terrigenous sediments as influences upon Holocene nearshore coral reefs, central Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Supplementary Papers

B J Cock, M A J Williams and D A Adamson
Pleistocene Lake Brachina: a preliminary stratigraphy and chronology of lacustrine sediments from the central Flinders Ranges, South Australia

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