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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Contents 1998

Volume 45 Issue No.6
Volume 45 Issue No.5
Volume 45 Issue No.4
Volume 45 Issue No.3
Volume 45 Issue No.2
Volume 45 Issue No.1

Volume 45 Issue No.6 1998


Allen C M, Williams I S, Stephens C J & Fielding C R
Granite genesis and basin formation in an extensional setting: the magmatic history of the northernmost New England Orogen*. 45, 875-888.
Supplementary Papers

Black L P, Gregory P, Withnall I W & Bain J H C
U–Pb zircon age for the Etheridge Group, Georgetown region, north Queensland: implications for relationship with the Broken Hill and Mt Isa sequences*. 45, 925-935.
Supplementary Papers

Calver C R
Isotope stratigraphy of the Neoproterozoic Togari Group, Tasmania*. 45, 865-874.
Supplementary Papers

Cartwright I & Harper S
Oxygen isotope geochemistry of the Omeo Metamorphic Complex, Victoria: implications for metamorphic fluid flow, mineralisation and anatexis. 45, 963-969.

Davis B K, Henderson R A & Bultitude R J
Evidence for a major crustal dislocation in the Hodgkinson Province, north Queensland. 45, 937-942.

Findlay D
Boudinage on radial fractures: an alternative to magmatic models for the emplacement of nickel ores, Lunnon Shoot, Kambalda, Western Australia. 45, 943-954.

Green T J, Fergusson C L & Withnall I W
Refolding and strain in the Neoproterozoic – Early Palaeozoic Anakie Metamorphic Group, central Queensland*. 45, 915-924.
Supplementary Papers

Lennox P G, Fowler T & Foster D
Barry Granodiorite and Sunset Hills Granite: Wyangala-style intrusion at the margin of a regional ductile shear zone, northern Lachlan Fold Belt, New South Wales. 45, 849-863.

Lukasik J J & James N P
Lithostratigraphic revision and correlation of the Oligo-Miocene Murray Supergroup, western Murray Basin, South Australia. 45, 889-902.

Miles I N & Brooker M R
Endeavour 42 deposit, Lake Cowal, New South Wales: a structurally controlled gold deposit. 45, 837-847.

Pepper M A & Ashley P M
Volcanic textures in quartzo-feldspathic gneiss of the Willyama Supergroup, Olary Domain, South Australia. 45, 971-978.

Pole M S
Early Eocene estuary at Strahan, Tasmania. 45, 979-985.

Smith J V, Miyake M & Houston E C
Mesozoic age for volcanic rocks at Evans Head, northeastern New South Wales. 45, 955-961.

Twidale C R & Bourne J A
Origin and age of bornhardts, southwest Western Australia. 45, 903-914.

Waight T E, Weaver S D, Maas R & Eby G N
French Creek Granite and Hohonu Dyke Swarm, South Island, New Zealand: Late Cretaceous alkaline magmatism and the opening of the Tasman Sea*. 45, 823-835.
Supplementary Papers

Volume 45 Issue No.5 1998


Fergusson C L
Thick-skinned folding in the eastern Lachlan Fold Belt, Shoalhaven River Gorge, New South Wales. 45, 677-686.

Finlayson D M, Lukaszyk I, Collins C D N & Chudyk E C
Otway Continental Margin Transect: crustal architecture from wide-angle seismic profiling across Australia's southern margin. 45, 717-732.

Mark G
Albitite formation by selective pervasive sodic alteration of tonalite plutons in the Cloncurry district. Queensland. 45, 765-774.

Nemchin A A & Pidgeon R T
Precise conventional and SHRIMP baddeleyite U–Pb age for the Binneringie Dyke, near Narrogin, Western Australia. 45, 673-675.

Nutman A P & Ehlers K
Archaean crust near Broken Hill? 45, 687-694.

O'Reilly S Y, Griffin W L & Gaul O
Reply. Paleogeothermal gradients in Australia: key to 4-D lithosphere mapping. 45, 820-821.

Rickards R B & Sandford A C
Llandovery–Ludlow graptolites from central Victoria: new correlation perspectives of the major formations. 45, 743-763.

Smith J V
Morphology and kinematics of boudinage vein systems, Great Keppel Island, Queensland. 45, 807-815.

Squire R J, Cas R A F, Clout J M F & Behets R
Volcanology of the Archaean Lunnon Basalt and its relevance to nickel sulfide-bearing trough structures at Kambalda, Western Australia. 45, 695-715.

Sutherland F L, Pogson R E & Barron B J
Discussion. Paleogeothermal gradients in Australia: key to 4-D lithosphere mapping. 45, 817-820.

Thalhammer O A R, Stevens B P J, Gibson J H & Grum W
Tibooburra Granodiorite, western New South Wales: emplacement history and geochemistry. 45, 775-787.

Tonkin P C
Lorne Basin, New South Wales: evidence for a possible impact origin? 45, 669-671.

Turner N J, Black L P & Kamperman M
Dating of Neoproterozoic and Cambrian orogenies in Tasmania*. 45, 789-806.
Supplementary Papers

Twidale C R
Antiquity of landforms: an 'extremely unlikely' concept vindicated. 45, 657-668.

Williams G E
Late Neoproterozoic periglacial aeolian sand sheet, Stuart Shelf, South Australia*. 45, 733-741.
Supplementary Papers

Volume 45 Issue No.4 1998


Blewett R S & Black L P
Structural and temporal framework of the Coen Region, north Queensland: implications for major tectonothermal events in east and north Australia. 45, 597-609.

Calver C R & Lindsay J F
Ediacarian sequence and isotope stratigraphy of the Officer Basin, South Australia. 45, 513-532.

Carson L J & Rickard M J
Early recumbent fold hinge in the Bradleys Creek Metamorphic Complex, near Canberra, Australia. 45, 501-507.

Collins W J
Evaluation of petrogenetic models for Lachlan Fold Belt granitoids: implications for crustal architecture and tectonic models. 45, 483-500.

Fergusson C L
Cambrian–Silurian oceanic rocks, upper Howqua River, eastern Victoria: tectonic implications. 45, 633-644.

Flöttmann T, Haines P W, Cockshell C D & Preiss W V
Reassessment of the seismic stratigraphy of the Early Palaeozoic Stansbury Basin, Gulf St Vincent, South Australia. 45, 547-557.

Haines P W & Flöttmann T
Delamerian Orogeny and potential foreland sedimentation: a review of age and stratigraphic constraints. 45, 559-570.

Henderson R A, Davis B K & Fanning C M
Stratigraphy, age relationships and tectonic setting of rift-phase infill in the Drummond Basin, central Queensland*. 45, 579-595.
Supplementary Papers

Herbert C
Reply. Sequence stratigraphic analysis of Early and Middle Triassic alluvial and estuarine facies in the Sydney Basin, Australia. 45, 653-655.

Libby W G & De Laeter J R
Biotite Rb–Sr age evidence for Early Palaeozoic tectonism along the cratonic margin in southwestern Australia.* 45, 623-632.
Supplementary Papers

McMinn A, Bloxham J J & Whitehead J
Modern surface sediments and non-deposition in Ellis Fjord, eastern Antarctica*. 45, 645-652.
Supplementary Papers

O'Brien P E, Lindsay J F, Knauer K & Sexton M J
Sequence stratigraphy of a sandstone-rich Permian glacial succession, Fitzroy Trough, Canning Basin, Western Australia. 45, 533-545.

Occhipinti S A, Sheppard S, Nelson D R, Myers J S & Tyler I M
Syntectonic granite in the southern margin of the Palaeoproterozoic Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia. 45, 509-512. [Corrigendum: 45, 822].

Retallack G J
Discussion. Sequence stratigraphic analysis of Early and Middle Triassic alluvial and estuarine facies in the Sydney Basin, Australia. 45, 653.

Wang Q, Schiøtte L & Campbell I H
Geochronology of supracrustal rocks from the Golden Grove area, Murchison Province, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia*. 45, 571-577.
Supplementary Papers

Woolfe K J, Larcombe P, Orpin A R, Purdon R G, Michaelsen P, McIntyre C M & Amjad N
Controls upon inner-shelf sedimentation, Cape York Peninsula, in the region of 12°S. 45, 611-621.

Volume 45 Issue No.3 1998


Baker T & Laing W P
Eloise Cu–Au deposit, East Mt Isa Block: structural environment and structural controls on ore. 45, 429–444.

Davidson G J
Variation in copper–gold styles through time in the Proterozoic Cloncurry goldfield, Mt Isa Inlier: a reconnaissance view. 45, 445-462.

Krcmarov R L & Stewart J I
Geology and mineralisation of the Greenmount Cu–Au–Co deposit, southeastern Marimo Basin, Queensland. 45, 463-482.

Laing W P
Structural–metasomatic environment of the East Mt Isa Block base-metal–gold province. 45, 413-428.

Mares V M
Structural development of the Soldiers Cap Group in the Eastern Fold Belt of the Mt Isa Inlier: a succession of horizontal and vertical deformation events and large-scale shearing. 45, 373-387.

Page R W & Sun S-S
Aspects of geochronology and crustal evolution in the Eastern Fold Belt, Mt Isa Inlier*. 45, 343-361.
Supplementary Papers

Pollard P J
Geological framework and mineralisation in the Mt Isa Eastern Succession, northwest Queensland. Introduction. 45, 327.

Rubenach M J & Barker A J
Metamorphic and metasomatic evolution of the Snake Creek Anticline, Eastern Succession, Mt Isa Inlier. 45, 363-372.

Williams P J
Metalliferous economic geology of the Mt Isa Eastern Succession, Queensland. 45, 329-341.

Williams P J
Magmatic iron enrichment in high-iron metatholeiites associated with 'Broken Hill-type' Pb–Zn–Ag deposits, Mt Isa Eastern Succession*. 45, 389-396.
Supplementary Papers

Wyborn L
Younger ca 1500 Ma granites of the Williams and Naraku Batholiths, Cloncurry district, eastern Mt Isa Inlier: geochemistry, origin, metallogenic significance and exploration indicators*. 45, 397-411.
Supplementary Papers

Volume 45 Issue No.2 1998


Bain J H C, Withnall I W, Black L P, Etminan H, Golding S D & Sun S-S
Towards an understanding of the age and origin of mesothermal gold mineralisation in the Etheridge Goldfield, Georgetown region, north Queensland. 45, 247-263.

Bishop P & Li S
Reply. Sub-basaltic deep-lead systems and gold exploration at Ballarat, Australia. 45, 324-325.

Campbell I H, Compston D M, Richards J P, Johnson J P & Kent A J R
Review of the application of isotope studies to the genesis of Cu–Au mineralisation at Olympic Dam and Au mineralisation at Porgera, the Tennant Creek district and Yilgarn Craton. 45, 201-218.

Dadd K A
Origin and significance of megabreccia blocks in the Silurian Goobarragandra Volcanics, southeastern New South Wales. 45, 315-321.

**Gray D R, Foster D A & Bucher M - (1997)
Recognition and definition of orogenic events in the Lachlan Fold Belt. 44, 489-501. [Corrigendum: 45, 326]

Hoek J D & Schaefer B F
Palaeoproterozoic Kimban mobile belt, Eyre Peninsula: timing and significance of felsic and mafic magmatism and deformation. 45, 305-313.

Irvine I & Birch G F
Distribution of heavy metals in surficial sediments of Port Jackson, Sydney, New South Wales. 45, 297-304.

Lambert D D, Foster J G, Frick L R, Hoatson D M & Purvis A C
Application of the Re–Os isotopic system to the study of Precambrian magmatic sulfide deposits of Western Australia. 45, 265-284.

McNaughton N J, Campbell I H & Groves D I
Application of radiogenic isotopes to the study of Australian ore deposits. Introduction. 45, 183.

Napier R W, Guise P G & Rex D C
40Ar/39Ar constraints on the timing and history of amphibolite facies gold mineralisation in the Southern Cross area, Western Australia.* 45, 285-296.
Supplementary Papers

Page R W & Sweet I P
Geochronology of basin phases in the western Mt Isa Inlier, and correlation with the McArthur Basin*. 45, 219-232.
Supplementary Papers

Perkins C & Kennedy A K
Permo-Carboniferous gold epoch of northeast Queensland*. 45, 185-200.
Supplementary Papers

Perkins C & Wyborn L A I
Age of Cu–Au mineralisation, Cloncurry district, eastern Mt Isa Inlier, Queensland, as determined by 40Ar/39Ar dating*. 45, 233-246.
Supplementary Papers

Taylor D H & Gentle L V
Discussion: Sub-basaltic deep-lead systems and gold exploration at Ballarat, Australia. 45, 323-324.

Volume 45 Issue No.1 1998


Anand R R, Phang C, Wildman J E & Lintern M J
Reply: Genesis of some calcretes in the southern Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: implications for mineral exploration. 45, 179-181.

Baxter K, Hill K C & Cooper G T
Quantitative modelling of the Jurassic–Holocene subsidence history of the Vulcan Sub-basin, North West Shelf: constraints on lithosphere evolution during continental breakup. 45, 143-154.

Bottrill R S & Neef G
Mid-Devonian ultrabasic sill near White Cliffs, New South Wales. 45, 93-96.

Bourne J A & Twidale C R
Pediments and alluvial fans: genesis and relationships in the western piedmont of the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. 45, 123-135.

Bull S W
Sedimentology of the Palaeoproterozoic Barney Creek Formation in DDH BMR McArthur 2, southern McArthur Basin, Northern Territory. 45, 21-31.

Dadd K A
Incipient backarc magmatism in the Silurian Tumut Trough, New South Wales: an ancient analogue of the early Lau Basin. 45, 109-121.

Davidson G J
Alkali alteration styles and mechanisms, and their implications for a 'brine factory' source of base metals in the rift-related McArthur Group, Australia. 45, 33-49.

Dunster J N & McConachie B A
Tectono-sedimentary setting of the Lady Loretta Formation: synrift, sag or passive margin? 45, 89-92.

Hill S M, Taylor G & McQueen K G
Discussion: Genesis of some calcretes in the southern Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: implications for mineral exploration. 45, 177-178.

Keele R A & Wright J V
Analysis of some fault striations in the Proterozoic southern McArthur Basin, Northern Territory, with reference to pre- and post-Roper Group stress fields. 45, 51-61.

Leaman D E
Structure, contents and setting of Pb–Zn mineralisation in the McArthur Basin, northern Australia. 45, 3-20.

Mann A W
Oxidised gold deposits: relationships between oxidation and relative position of the water-table. 45, 97-108.

Mark G, Phillips G N & Pollard P J
Highly selective partial melting of pelitic gneiss at Cannington, Cloncurry district, Queensland. 45, 169-176.

McConachie B A & Dunster J N
Regional stratigraphic correlations and stratiform sediment-hosted base-metal mineralisation in the northern Mt Isa Basin. 45, 83-88.

McGoldrick P J & Large R R
Geology and mineralisation in the Proterozoic 'Carpentaria Zinc Belt' of northern Australia. Introduction. 45, 1-2.

Morand V J
Structure of the Broome Head Metamorphics and related rocks in the Shoalwater Bay area, northern New England Fold Belt. 45, 155-167.

Rohrlach B D, Fu M & Clarke J D A
Geological setting, paragenesis and fluid history of the Walford Creek Zn–Pb–Cu–Ag prospect, Mt Isa Basin, Australia*. 45, 63-81.
Supplementary Papers

Trendall A F, Nelson D R, De Laeter J R & Hassler S W
Precise U–Pb ages from the Marra Mamba Iron Formation and Wittenoom Formation, Hamersley Group, Western Australia. 45, 137-142.

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